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September 2020 | Agile Applications Development

Our clients are doing multiple things to accelerate their pivot to digital transformation. Agile development is crucial to accelerating the pace of new initiatives to drive differentiation.

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August 2020 | Offshoring Post-COVID

In July we asked about offshoring, and we saw big jumps in intentions across the board (with the exception of contact centers). In August, we dug deeper seeking to understand what’s keeping enterprises from doing even more offshoring.

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July 2020 | Mid-year COVID-19 temperature check

After living with the global pandemic for 5-6 months, personal and business outlooks are shifting. In this quick poll, we took the pulse on how current outlooks are changing.

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June 2020 | Work From Home (WFH) productivity

The global pandemic has changed how we think about the way we do work. In many cases, Work From Home (WFH) has greatly expanded, but not all organizations were ready. In this two-minute quick poll we asked a couple of key questions regarding productivity and security issues along with the key operating practices in a WFH environment.

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May 2020 | Approaches to outsourcing savings

The market situation is very fluid in terms of economic conditions and corresponding business reactions. In this time, we remain committed to providing the most current available market data related to your intentions to drive savings in outsourcing.

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April 2020 | Planning for economic recovery

Even as we deal with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, we must shift our attention to economic survival. Data helps – we’d like to share information to help you think through your recovery plans. how are you planning to weather the economic disruption?

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Early April 2020 | Impact of COVID-19 on service delivery

Things are moving fast! Information – and misinformation – is flying. In times like this, facts are vital. We’d like to help to bring some clarity to the situation in the form of facts. Take a 4-question poll – share your thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on service delivery.

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