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New Year’s Sustainable Resolution

Make your New Year’s Resolutions Sustainable for 2023

Sustainability initiatives and investments are quickly becoming business priorities and have begun to influence the marketplace significantly.

Organizations are adapting as regulatory agencies begin to drive compliance with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) and sustainability standards, and consumers and employees overwhelmingly choose companies with social and environmental values embedded in the business as well as the products and services they offer.

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Improving Employee Experience

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Talent Productivity Projects

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Twelve Days of Insights 

Instead of the December quick poll, we released Twelve Days of Insights to help you with your 2022 planning process. We revealed twelve key insights from our 2022 Key Issues Study. Twelve Days of Insights

Will You Stay or Will You Go?

In November we stuck with our recent quick poll theme around the talent shortage but changed it up by asking a few questions related to how you, personally, are feeling about the current talent situation. Will you stay or will you go? 

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Talent Shortages – Who, Where, & How Much?


It has become quite apparent that the talent war has moved from select pockets of high-end digital skills to a more chronic across-the board-challenge. Our questions this month are designed to understand the breadth and depth of impact on operational teams as we close out 2021.

The most common questions we’re getting are which roles are seeing the biggest challenges for hiring, which geos are you trying to hire in right now, and how much were the increases for 2021?

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Outsourcing Rate Skirmishes Break Out Amid Talent War 2021

The talent wars continue … salaries are rising … budgets are breaking for both internal and external service providers.

Our question to you: are outsourcing service providers asking for higher rates?

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The Attrition War

Talent shortages didn’t go away during the past year and, in fact, may have become more urgent as businesses looked to make sweeping enhancements to their business models. Now that economies are reopening, the pent up/op-tismism has created a new set of labor shortages across the entire talent spectrum. One of the metrics that we watch very closely is talent attrition. We are hearing that attrition rates are on the rise; we want to get a sense from you as to the extent of the challenge and the primary mitigation strategies your organization is deploying.

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IT Talent Scramble

We spoke about talent shortages for years prior to the pandemic. While the impact of COVID resulted in a short respite from that concern, it’s back with a vengeance. We’re hearing all kinds of different impacts, from expectations of significant salary hikes to higher attrition rates, difficulty in finding candidates to service providers considering raising their FTE rates. 

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Business Process Services Trends


The outsourcing industry largely experienced excellent client satisfaction during the dramatic events of the past 12 months.  While service providers did take some initial hits to top-line revenues, they were able to maintain margin…and thus the health of the industry has been remarkably stable. Today, service providers are telling us they are busier than ever.

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GBS Outsourcing/Insourcing Trends


Global Business Services (GBS) / Shared Service organizations continue to grow in both stature and size. Their ability to add value through both demonstrated cost efficiency and process improvements have allowed them to increase their scope and role in their organizations. One trend that we have seen is the propensity for GBS / Shared Services organizations to take on more responsibility over services outsourcing relationships. 

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Services Sourcing


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an increasingly important topic for enterprises, and many are making progress increasing awareness and delivering value from CSR initiatives back to the business and the wider community. However, it is not always clear how organizations are applying CSR principles to services sourcing. In our quick poll we look to understand what CSR elements enterprises are addressing as part of their sourcing of services.

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Outsourcing Pricing Trends


Global events over the past 12 months have created real business challenges for many industries, but services outsourcing has been extremely resilient – both service delivery and the overall health of the industry. Our March Quick Poll explores the kinds of changes that organizations made to pricing and key solution levers. 

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Global Business Services (GBS)


GBS / shared services organizations have seen headcount budgets increase in 2020-21 through the pandemic, as organizations have sought to consolidate resources and generate net savings. Our February Quick Poll explores the value created and what GBS organizations have done to achieve this privileged position.

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Supplier Management Technology

As we found in 2020, our suppliers were key to surviving through the upheaval that disrupted our business and personal lives. Given our clear reliance on our outsourcing services partners, it is essential that we optimize supplier performance management, including measurement techniques and tools.

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Work From Home Productivity

The global pandemic has changed the way we think about the way we do work. We asked a couple of questions about the impact of work from home on productivity back in June; with five more months under out belts, we asked again.

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Automation Update

At the end of 2019, automation was a top priority for many organizations to improve cost. While COVID negatively impacted many projects, automation actually came out stronger.

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Agile Applications Development

Our clients are doing multiple things to accelerate their pivot to digital transformation. Agile development is crucial to accelerating the pace of new initiatives to drive differentiation.

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Offshoring Post-COVID

In July we asked about offshoring, and we saw big jumps in intentions across the board (with the exception of contact centers). In August, we dug deeper seeking to understand what’s keeping enterprises from doing even more offshoring.

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Mid-year COVID-19 temperature check

After living with the global pandemic for 5-6 months, personal and business outlooks are shifting. In this quick poll, we took the pulse on how current outlooks are changing.

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Work From Home (WFH) productivity

The global pandemic has changed how we think about the way we do work. In many cases, Work From Home (WFH) has greatly expanded, but not all organizations were ready. In this two-minute quick poll we asked a couple of key questions regarding productivity and security issues along with the key operating practices in a WFH environment.

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Approaches to outsourcing savings

The market situation is very fluid in terms of economic conditions and corresponding business reactions. In this time, we remain committed to providing the most current available market data related to your intentions to drive savings in outsourcing.

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Planning for economic recovery

Even as we deal with the impact of the COVID-19 crisis, we must shift our attention to economic survival. Data helps – we’d like to share information to help you think through your recovery plans. how are you planning to weather the economic disruption?

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Impact of COVID-19 on service delivery

Things are moving fast! Information – and misinformation – is flying. In times like this, facts are vital. We’d like to help to bring some clarity to the situation in the form of facts. Take a 4-question poll – share your thoughts on the impact of COVID-19 on service delivery.

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