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Customer Experience Management Research

Everest Group’s Customer Experience Management Research program provides ongoing coverage of the delivery requirements for contact center outsourcing (CCO) and customer experience management (CXM) services. 

Deepen loyalty and grow relationships through customer experience management research

We help those responsible for CX deliver greater business value through CXM strategy optimization. With a focus on evolving requirements and engagement models, our customer experience management solutions research, data, and analysis cover digital contact centers, contact center outsourcing (CCO), and evolving CX issues and thought leadership spanning all geographies and industries.

Customer Experience Management Research: Common CXM Inquiries

Insights into customer experience management market size and adoption trends
  1. What is the current state of the customer experience management market, and which geographies, industries, or processes are driving growth?

  2. What are the key changing market trends, and how are service providers creating solutions in response to these changes?
Details and guidance on service providers around the globe
  1. How is the service provider landscape evolving, and which strategies are being adopted across segments?
  2. What are the dynamics of the customer experience management market in areas around the world, and who are the strongest CXM providers?

Best practices on rapidly evolving customer experience themes
  1. What is the demand for digital CXM solutions, and which industries and geographies are witnessing the highest adoption?

  2. We are hearing a lot about the usage of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in CXM. How is it being leveraged to deliver value to enterprises?

Customer Experience Management Research: Case Studies

Service provider shortlisting

A leading global life insurance provider needed to optimize its current contact center outsourcing (CCO) vendor portfolio for strategic cost benefits. Everest Group delivered a supply-side perspective to assess the CCO market in the geographies the client had operations in and an internal assessment of the client’s current CCO portfolio. With this analysis, the client could shortlist specific service providers for cost savings without losing value.

Pricing analytics

A prominent health care company in the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association needed a better understanding of the pricing structures and SLA stringency levels in the healthcare contact center outsourcing (CCO) market. 

Everest Group helped the client by:

  • Conducting a pricing analytics assessment in leading nearshore delivery locations
  • Offering a comparison of pricing models in the healthcare industry
  • Guiding the client through typical commercial contracting terms and conditions within healthcare CCO outsourcing contracts

Everest Group ultimately uncovered the best rates and strategy forward for the client.

Portfolio rationalization
The largest cab-aggregator company in the India market engaged Everest Group to identify a strategy to lower the overall cost of its contact center operations. To carry this out, Everest Group designed a business case identifying the cost benefits of outsourcing over the next three years, providing the client with a clear view of the market, optimum vendor and location strategies, and a cost analysis to target the best approach forward.

With Everest Group’s guidance, the company was able to identify the most optimum outsourcing strategy to maximize cost savings without impacting its quality of services.

Customer interaction process map

Customer Experience Management CXM Contact Center Outsourcing 1

Our data and analysis of customer experience management services spans all geographies and industries – with a focus on the evolving requirements for digital contact centers and new engagement models in the outsourcing space.

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