Enterprise Platform Services (EPS)

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Enterprise Platform Services (EPS)

Our research on Enterprise Platform Services (EPS) delves into the most recent advancements in technology vendors' platform solutions and associated IT services. We explore areas such as CRM, ERP, HCM, digital platforms, data platforms, and related services, including consulting, implementation, and management.

Our analysis delivers data-driven and forward-looking insights into EPS market trends across various technologies and IT services, enriched by qualitative perspectives from our EPS experts.

EPS Market

The EPS market is undergoing a transformative shift, propelled by the emergence of cloud-based, AI-powered, and data-driven solutions, and this evolution is generating an increased need for inventive and industry-tailored offerings.

Within the EPS Market, enterprises have faced difficulties establishing a future-proof platform architecture and efficiently integrating solutions. Although service providers have boosted satisfaction levels for SMB enterprises through their expertise, customer satisfaction for larger enterprises is declining, especially in talent management and innovative solution development. In the last year, providers witnessed a 5% decrease in the percentage of satisfied customers, grappling to meet the expectations of large enterprises for customized solutions.

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