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Creating a Future-Ready IT Workforce: What are Enterprises Overlooking?

As an IT leader, you know there is a need to create a future-ready IT talent base, but what is the best approach and what will yield results?


Talent Strategy in Global In-house Centers (GICs) | Pinnacle Model® Analysis 2019

Shared Services Centers (SSCs) / Global In-house Centers (GICs) have evolved as powerful value creators, driving innovation and catalyzing their parent enterprises’ priorities.

We assessed 43 GICs' talent strategies. Pinnacle GICs rated highest in terms of maturity of their capabilities and the impact delivered.

Pinnacle GICs achieved significant impact in three key areas:

Cost optimization

Twice as many Pinnacle GICs have kept their HR costs to less than 5% of overall GIC costs.

Operational impact

The talent programs of Pinnacle GICs have improved their operational metrics to three times greater than other GICs.

Business impact

Pinnacle GICs deliver 1.5 greater satisfaction from their talent programs than other GICs.

Talent strategies of Pinnacle GICs™: superior business outcomes and a “future ready” workforce

Download a complimentary excerpt of our analysis to understand Pinnacle GICs' talent journeys and how they have driven superior outcomes.

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Download a complimentary excerpt of our analysis.
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