Everest Group Forces & Foresight™

The vision to lead. The data to succeed. With Forces & Foresight™.

Our membership provides strategic leaders with the insights and expertise to drive growth and improve margins across the services industry.

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Forces & Foresight™ enables service providers to sharpen quarterly planning, benchmark growth estimates, and build confident narratives

Forces & Foresight is an annual membership that presents the following data on a quarterly basis:

Account Intelligence 11 23 22

Evolving forces shaping services demand and margins

Practical forward looking research V1 11 21 22

Growth forecasts

Competitive Study V2 11 23 22.svg

Benchmarks of a member firm’s growth profile vs. industry and competition

What industry verticals does Forces & Foresight cover?

Forces & Foresights provides forward looking insights and growth forecasts across key industry verticals and geographies.

Who is Forces & Foresight for?

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This membership provides real-time market intelligence for strategic leaders at professional services firms who need insights to craft growth strategies and identify new opportunities.

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How is Forces & Foresight unique?

Forces & Foresight provides service leaders with tailored, actionable insights for informed strategic planning.

Arming leaders with granular intelligence to stay competitive

Forces & Foresight provides in-depth financial forecasts for the services industry, examining ongoing evolution, growth drivers and obstacles, and margin insights. Unlike high-level industry overviews, we offer original quantitative predictions across segments to support strategic planning.

Commitment to empowering leaders with impartial, actionable insights

Our research takes a balanced, objective view of industry trends, incorporating both positives and negatives. We go beyond enthusiastic evangelism to provide critical analysis and thorough insights. Our goal is to arm leaders with intelligence, not persuasion.

Equipping leaders to make informed decisions

Forces & Foresight is laser-focused on empowering service providers and leaders, rather than investors. We derive unique insights from primary sources and segment experts to deliver tailored intelligence, not broad themes. The end goal is to equip executives to make informed strategic decisions. 

What is included in a Forces & Foresight membership?

Forces & Foresight report and video

Members receive an insightful report and video from a top industry leader providing a comprehensive view of the current state, key developments, and outlook for the industry.

Insights on factors shaping the industry’s growth and margins

These forward-looking industry reports provide actionable insights into growth drivers, headwinds, and margin trends across the industry and its major segments over the next 12 months.

Growth benchmarking models

The membership includes a dynamic model that enables segmented growth and margin benchmarking against competitors and industry standards through customizable charts and comparisons.

Analyst inquiries

Members gain access to leading experts for tailored support of critical business priorities and challenges to ensure confidence in decision-making based on how your peers have navigated similar situations​.

Why do clients choose Everest Group?

“All your forward-looking convictions on the industry, that you shared at the beginning of 2023, turned out to be true.”

– Strategy Head, Indian Service Provider

“Your forward-looking insights and forecasts are very timely and helpful as we think about the adjustments to our model this year.”

– Group President, Global Service Provider

“These are great insights and something our CEO is leveraging within the organization to shape our thinking.”

– Strategy Head, Global Service Provider

Client Spotlight

The support provided through Forces & Foresight enabled a leading service provider to seamlessly integrate verbatims from the quarterly report into its earning presentation, establishing transparency with investors. Utilizing Everest Group’s forecasts for guidance stress-testing, the organization avoided unrealistic expectations, earning praise for presenting the industry’s “real picture” and appreciating Everest Group’s role in delivering impactful insights.

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“Everest Group’s forecasts prevented unrealistic expectations, earning praise for transparency and impactful insights.”

The vision to lead. The data to succeed. With Forces & Foresight.

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