Realize business impact with industry-specific BPS strategies

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We have the data-derived insights and research to guide the optimization of your BPO strategy, including price benchmarking and sourcing models.

Our data and analysis of Banking & Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare & Life Sciences processes focus on the business processes unique to those industries. We cover all geographies and disruptions created by new regulations and changing technologies.

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Published Research

Build a case, substantiate, and validate.
Companies across industries rely on our high-value reports informed by industry-leading analytics and analysts to guide their strategies.


Our member clients benefit from a combination of published research, data sets, assessments, insights, and analyst inquiries. Through this access, our clients become some of the most sophisticated leaders in the world.

Custom Decision Support

Move forward with clear action.
When you need a light-touch engagement designed to give you insights to solve your problem or capitilize on an opportunity – we have your back.


You need to transform your service delivery to drive broad adoption and create sustainable value – we're the organization to help you on that journey.

Recent industry-specific Business Process Services reports

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Life and Pensions (L&P) Insurance BPS – Service Provider Compendium 2021

Life and Pensions (L&P) Insurance BPS – Service Provider Compendium 2021 provides accurate, comprehensive, and fact-bas[...]

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Analytics Casebook – A Hitchhiker's Guide to BFS Analytics

With the advent of technology and the data revolution over the last decade, advanced analytics has gained significant ground in the Banking[...]

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Are Enterprise Business Continuity Plans “REDI” for the Next Disruption

With millions of people infected and billions confined to their homes, the COVID-19 pandemic turned out to be a global crisi[...]

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The Pandemic Pandemonium – Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 and the Path to Success for Banking and Financial Services (BFS) in the Next Normal

In this study, we analyse the impact of COVID-19 on th[...]

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