Everest Group Price Genius™  

Quote confidently. Win decisively. With Price Genius™.

Our web-based platform provides you with data-driven commercial estimates to price better and remain competitive in the marketplace.


Make data-driven commercial decisions with Price Genius™

Price Genius is a web-based platform that provides service providers with an outside-in perspective on key commercials and solution sizing elements.

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Improve win rates at sustainable margins

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Stay ahead of the curve with accurate estimates for new or ongoing deals

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Gain bandwidth to focus on creating and honing your value proposition, financial engineering, and overall deal messaging

What does Price Genius currently cover?

Price Genius provides robust insights across five key application management services (AMS) pricing models and forty locations. 

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Currently supported AMS pricing models:

  • Fixed fee
  • Build-to-run
  • Per user
  • Per ticket
  • Per application 

Who is Price Genius for?

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As a service provider, gain the competitive intelligence to uncover and preempt your competitors’ strategies, so you can craft uniquely positioned, profit-maximizing proposals that improve win rates against any competitor.

Ready to see Price Genius in action?

How is Price Genius unique?

Price Genius analyzes your unique parameters to deliver a custom-fit solution you can trust.

Commitment to helping you get it right

Price Genius provides more than just a software solution. At Everest Group, Price Genius clients are just that: clients, not subscribers. We partner Price Genius clients with expert analysts they can count on for enhanced decision support, to engage in discussions, and to answer questions.

Staying competitive in the marketplace

Price Genius provides unique pricing data that is specifically designed to help you win more deals at sustainable prices, keep engagements sole-sourced, and improve deal profitability.

Built on years of proprietary data based on contracted deals

Price Genius clients can make data-driven commercial decisions with confidence, knowing they are equipped with the most comprehensive, reliable, and current pricing data that is uniquely tailored for their AMS deal. 

Why do clients choose Everest Group?

“With actionable competitive intelligence at our fingertips, we can craft targeted, value-focused proposals and swiftly pivot to stay ahead in a dynamic outsourcing landscape.”

– Indian Service Provider

“Everest Group supported us in avoiding losses without leaving money on the table. This was critical for us.”

– Consulting Service Provider​

“We were able to keep our pricing and solution sizing models fine-tuned with the support of Everest Group.”

–  Global Service Provider

Client Spotlight

The Price Genius tool enabled detailed solution pricing and total contract value modeling with adjusted scenarios to help a global service provider competitively bid at sustainable margins. Combined with ongoing analyst support, insights from the tool enabled sharper pursuit strategy and more effective buyer presentations, freeing focus for compelling proposal narratives.


“Everest Group’s actionable insights helped us to swiftly adapt in a changing outsourcing market.”

Quote confidently. Win decisively. With Price Genius.

Ready to see Price Genius in action?

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