About Us

We’re the analysts and consultants hardwired to guide ambitious clients in making important decisions and taking transformative actions related to technology, business process, and alternative delivery models

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Leading Clients from Insight to Action

Building on a legacy of innovation, we help our clients learn how to drive and adopt global services strategies, navigate complex business transformation, harness emerging technologies and develop effective approaches for disruptive business models as new sources of growth and competitive differentiation.

How do our clients benefit? They achieve their goals of performance improvement, cost reduction, agility, and sustainable progress.



Every member of the Everest Group leadership team is a rare combination of broad conceptual thinker and roll-up-your-sleeves collaborator. To our clients, we are trusted analysts and consultants. To the industry, we are thought leaders. For all, we are committed to leading from insight to action

Get To Know Us

Our History

For over a quarter century, Everest Group has been an innovator in global services, supporting leading enterprises and services providers and driving value in their business through the use of next-generation IT, business processes, engineering services, and alternative delivery models.

As the marketplace has evolved, we have continued to adapt to meet the needs of our clients, with critical expertise in sourcing advisory services; strategic consulting capabilities; and deep research in global services models, locations, and talent.

How We’re Different

Problem Solving

Our depth of experience makes us adept at helping to solve the most difficult challenges facing enterprises today. As a result, we work as trusted partners alongside the largest and most complex organizations in the world.

Holistic View

Objective, Unbiased Guidance

We approach each industry situation with an open mind without presumptions, preconceptions, or predetermined agendas.

Holistic View

Holistic View

We bring enterprises, service providers, and private equity firms a comprehensive view of the market, including trends, opportunities and risks. In addition, we conduct original research on a range of IT, business processes, engineering services, locations and service delivery model topics.


We are the central source for fact-based insights based on in-depth research on a range of IT, business processes, engineering services, locations, and service delivery models topics.

Depth of Sourcing Knowledge

We have been advising industry leaders on delivery model transformation since 1991. As a result, we can share what we have learned while working alongside organizations tackling their own challenging transformation agendas across the decades.

Partnerships & Affiliations

By maintaining relationships with key industry organizations, Everest Group is able to meet our commitment to educate the global services industry and support the continual growth and evolution of the market