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Understand What Drives Outstanding Performance in Pinnacle Enterprises™

Michel Janssen, Chief Research Officer

The Enterprise Intelligent Automation landscape is evolving quickly. IA promises to deliver profound business impact, but it is imperative for enterprises to follow the right adoption approach to unlock maximum benefit.


Introduction to our Pinnacle Model®

What measures do organizations use to determine the impact of their IT, business services, and shared services functions? Two of the most prominent: achievement of strategic business objectives and increased value.

Understand what drives optimal performance in Pinnacle Enterprises™

Our Pinnacle Model research identifies and details what the best, or Pinnacle, enterprises are doing to achieve outstanding outcomes.

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Current and upcoming Pinnacle Model® studies

Strategic Supplier Management

The most successful procurement organizations focus on value optimization - particularly with their most strategic suppliers - maximizing their performance, anticipating and addressing supply base risks, and jointly driving innovative strategies.

Services Sourcing Organizational Maturity

All sourcing organizations aspire to maximize business value while minimizing total cost of ownership when sourcing strategic and outsourced services – but it’s not easy given internal and external stakeholder needs, market disruptions, contract negotiations, and supplier management and governance. A Pinnacle-class sourcing model is efficient, agile, and flexible enough to balance a wide variety of needs and expectations.

Recently completed Pinnacle Model analyses

Contingent Workforce Management

Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) is a relatively mature area, and most enterprises are currently struggling to achieve benefits beyond cost savings from their CWM programs. A few best-in-class Pinnacle Enterprises™ have been able to derive better outcomes – including overall business and strategic impact – by effectively leveraging their contingent workforce programs to achieve desired outcomes. 

Innovation in GBS / Shared Services

Global Business Services (GBS) / shared services are evolving and becoming more integral to enterprise strategy. Their strong understanding of their business’ needs and deep foundation in service delivery uniquely position them to drive innovation, a key competitive differentiator for global enterprises. This assessment explores how a GBS becomes innovative.

Enterprise Intelligent Automation

Automation-led business transformation has been at the top of most organizations’ agendas recently, because an effective strategy to leverage intelligent automation (robotic process automation and artificial intelligence) can build sustainable competitive advantage. How do you maximize ROI and business value from your intelligent automation investments?

Sourcing Innovation

Innovation is an increasingly important capability for procurement and sourcing given evolving business demands, technology disruption, and a focus on outcomes. This analysis explores how the best procurement functions have reduced spend, achieve better operational metrics, and become business partners.

Data & Analytics Maturity in Shared Services / Global In-house Centers

Increasingly, SSCs/GICs are leading efforts to tame data and derive insights. This research identifies how Pinnacle delivery centers have built high-performing D&A capabilities, generating 3X cost savings, improving productivity, increasing revenue growth, and improving customer experience.

Building Shared Services / GIC Talent of the Future

Talent has become a critical differentiator for GICs as enterprises digital adoption rises. This analysis explores how the most successful GICs are transforming while keeping costs down, improving operational metrics, and increasing satisfaction with their talent programs.

Digital Maturity in Shared Services / Global In-house Centers

The rise of next-generation technologies offers SSCs/GICs a unique opportunity to drive their enterprises’ digital agendas. In this analysis, we look at how Pinnacle GICs have generated 53% RoI on their initiatives, improved operational metrics by 46%, and generated significant strategic impact.

Digital Transformation Readiness

The IT organization must be ready to reinvent the enterprise through digital technology that dramatically alters both business processes and customers’ experiences. In this assessment, we look at how IT can reinvent itself to help to serve new markets, support growth, and increase productivity.

Know your position versus other organizations

Our Pinnacle Model analyses help organizations gain deep insights into where they are on the path to realizing strategic objectives and increasing holistic value.

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WWD Published Research Pinnacle Model

Leverage the research findings and analysis to support decision-making and planning

By detailing what the best – Pinnacle Enterprises™ – are doing, these performance studies help you define and customize a journey from your current position to where you want to go. The insights you’ll gain will help you:

  • Prioritize where to invest your time and resources for the greatest speed to impact
  • Accelerate your change journey – whether that means incremental change or broad transformation

Methodology and output

Our Pinnacle Model analyses go far beyond dots plotted on a chart. We believe that executives need relevant context to make informed decisions that result in short- and long-term success.

Our analysis of input from executives from leading Fortune 1000 companies compares outcomes to associated capabilities – detailing implications, priorities, and trade-offs:

  • Insights into the key enablers to achieve success
  • Alignment with business outcomes
  • Guidance on developing a differentiated strategy

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