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Microsoft Boosts Conversational AI with $19.7 Billion Nuance Deal | In the News

Microsoft will boost its conversational AI capabilities considerably by acquiring Nuance Communications for $19.7 billion. Both companies agreed to the deal, announced Monday. It brings Nuance’s widely regarded natural-language processing assets to the Microsoft stack.

Nitish Mittal, VP of technology at Everest Group, shares that view.

“The acquisition of Nuance represents the next move for Microsoft in its journey toward industry-based cloud solutions,” Mittal said.

Kaspersky Says Egypt’s Malware Infections Rise 21% | In the News

As information technology service players look at a strong deal pipeline, the industry is facing a shortage of a skilled workforce. Experts are of the opinion that attrition levels could touch 17 per cent.

Cloud computing and cybersecurity services, meanwhile, are expected to top the digital businesses in the coming period, according to an Everest Group report.

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Bike Taxi Startup Rapido Bounces Back to 75% Of Pre-COVID Levels; Taps Into EV Space with New Service

“Unlike cars, bikes are open and from the Covid perspective, indoor is more risky than outdoor. Also, bikes are meant for a shorter duration. So, the chances of contraction are lesser than in cabs. In terms of cabs, a lot of customers may have gone back to their hometown and may not return until offices resume. This would impact the recovery of four-wheeler booking,” said Yugal Joshi, Vice President at Texas-based consultancy Everest Group had told Financial Express Online.

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How to Proactively Manage Shadow IT | In the News

Shadow IT, the practice of using applications and systems without the explicit approval or knowledge of IT staff, is a growing challenge in higher education. The pandemic has accelerated cloud adoption not only at the enterprise level but also at the user level, increasing the likelihood that shadow IT will proliferate.

The Everest Group reported in 2019 that the cost of dismantling shadow IT accounted for 50 percent or more of IT spending in large enterprises. And shadow IT is as much a problem in higher education as in other industries — perhaps even more so, given the diversity of higher education user groups and its relatively open IT environment.

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Celonis Claims the Low-Code Movement Will Push Process Mining past RPA | In the News

Process mining technology provider Celonis says its revenues have more than doubled over the last year, and CEO Alexander Rinke says the low-code movement is set to help process mining overtake the more hyped robotic process automation (RPA) market.

A 2020 report from the Everest Group technology advisory firm estimated that Celonis currently has about 60% of the process mining market and has seen a 400% growth in its year-over-year customer base.

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Accenture’s Investment in Cloud-Based Technology Pays Off, Say Analysts | In the News

Accenture’s second quarter results are an indicator of what looks to be a good year for the IT and consulting firm, say analysts. However, it may not be a good year for the broader technology services sector, especially for firms that do not have a clear road map on digital and cloud, the experts added.

“These were solid results (for Accenture) but only the first down payment on what is looking to be a great year. They have a stacked pipeline, the market is growing fast and we are moving into a critical skills shortage, which will allow them to keep margins high. I think they are successfully keeping expectations below what they are likely going to achieve,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO at research firm Everest Group.

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Over 1 Million Job Vacancy Postings In Computer Occupations In U.S. | In the News

The number of job vacancy postings in computer occupations in America now exceeds one million. The national unemployment rate in computer occupations remains low. Still, a proclamation blocking the entry of H-1B visa holders remains in effect, and new immigration restrictions may be on the horizon.

Technology experts such as Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of Everest Group, argue that access to talent is crucial for IT services companies to conduct work for U.S. companies attempting to build digital platforms.

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Edge Computing: 5 Examples of How Enterprises Are Using It Now | In the News

Where and how are enterprises using edge computing? Experts share common examples of the problems edge solves – from predicting equipment failure to improving remote work

Unlike some other enterprise technology areas where demand drives the market, edge computing use cases thus far are largely supplier-led, says Yugal Joshi, vice president at management consultancy and research firm Everest Group. “Edge computing use cases continue to evolve as technology vendors up their innovation,” Joshi says. “As more suitable, sustainable, and reliable edge capabilities are built by hardware, software, and cloud vendors, newer use cases are emerging.”

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Insurers Unable to Fill a Quarter of Tech Roles | In the News

Insurance companies need to fill tech skills gaps if they are going to prosper in the age of insurtech.

Organisations in the sector are re-evaluating their traditional IT to help them out of the current downturn. This includes increasing IT outsourcing, consolidating IT supplier portfolios and expanding agile methodologies, according to Everest Group.

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