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Apple Lets Other Payment Providers into the App Store for the First Time This Weekend | In the News

This weekend, for the first time ever, Apple let outside payment providers in the App Store. For now, the change is happening in a small corner of the tech giant’s mobile platform, but it has major implications and offers lucrative opportunities for a host of companies.

According to Ronak Doshi, Partner at Everest Group, large payments companies, such as Stripe and PayPal and its Braintree unit are well positioned to benefit.

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Data Security for 2022: First Assume Your Company Will Be On the Wrong End of a Cyberattack — Then Stop Worrying | In the News

An emerging technology that vendors should consider is confidential computing, which is already being used in security-sensitive industries such as healthcare to improve clinical AI algorithms and protect the IP as well. In fact, a recent study by research firm Everest Group projects the confidential computing market could grow up to $54 billion in 2026. The study suggests that multi-party computing and security-specific use cases across industries will be the biggest growth drivers for the technology.

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IT Careers: 5 Flourishing and 4 Fading IT Skills for 2022 | In the News

There’s no dispute: An IT talent war is afoot. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of global technology leaders surveyed for IEEE’s Impact of Technology in 2022 and Beyond survey say recruiting technologists and filling open tech positions in the year ahead will be challenging.

This year, creating “micro career paths aligned to individual aspirations will be important,” says Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group.

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Indian IT Firms to Log 20-30% Growth in 2022: Analysts | In the News

India’s IT firms will benefit from an “enormous wave of opportunities” in 2022 as the trends of increasing cloud adoption and digital transformation that dominated 2021 gather momentum and drive 20%-30% growth for the industry, forecast global tech analysts.

“The opportunity is far bigger than just the post-COVID recovery,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO at Everest Group. “It is a mega wave driven by digital transformation at scale… this wave is enormous and big enough to drive double-digit growth in the range of 20%-30%, especially for firms that are equipped to meet the demand for talent,” he added.

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Whatfix 2022 Predictions: The Most Important Cloud Trends for 2022 | In the News

Over the last two years, the ways in which we work have fundamentally changed. Huge sections of the workforce started to work from home within a massively condensed timeframe. Ever since, organizations of all types have been scrambling to adjust.

A recent survey of IT executives from Everest Group revealed that 72% of respondents had already invested in a digital adoption platform to help support their workforces in using essential new technologies.

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Wavestone Aims to Hit 750 Million Revenue Mark by 2025 | In the News

International consulting firm Wavestone has unveiled the details of its new strategic plan, including the aim to hit 750 million in revenues by 2025.

Second, beyond the targeted acquisitions that the company typically pursues, Wavestone will also consider more fundamental purchases, if the right opportunities arise. Wavestone already acquired a number of firms in the past half-year, including why innovation! in Singapore, Everest Group in the US, and is presently in exclusive negotiations for the acquisition of NewVantage Partners, an advisory firm based in the US.


Cloud Solutions Will Drive IT Solutions for the Foreseeable Future | In the News

An increasing number of businesses-scale digital transformations and cloud delivery solutions will continue to drive growth for IT and technology services. On public cloud (hyperscaler) services, TCS and Infosys are leading the global leader-board among the major Indian service providers, but there is scope for more.

“On public cloud (hyperscaler) services, TCS and Infosys are clear winners on market share among the major Indian service providers. Infosys has been among early movers on hyperscaler-specific focus with strong vertical and engineering assets and accelerators,” said Prashant Shukla, Vice President at Everest Group.

Expert Offers a Detailed Insight into Conversational AI and Its Providers | In the News

Companies in a variety of industries are using conversational artificial intelligence to better serve their customers and support their employees. Some healthcare provider organizations use conversational AI to help caregivers and patients.

Healthcare IT News recently sat down with Manu Aggarwal, Partner at Everest Group. Everest Group recently assessed 20 Conversational AI vendors and positioned them as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants within the company’s PEAK Matrix® framework.

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Become a Cloud-agnostic Ready Business | In the News

Many organizations have jumped on the cloud adoption bandwagon to leverage the benefits of cloud computing for their business. According to an Everest Group study, the vast majority of enterprises are moving towards a hybrid cloud approach, with 67% of enterprises having a hybrid-first or private-first cloud strategy and almost half (46%) of enterprise workloads are on, or expected to be on, hybrid/private cloud.

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