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Sustainability 360 Looks to Ease ESG Data Reporting | In the News

Deloitte Digital is collaborating with Salesforce and AT&T to provide an offering designed to make collecting and managing environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) data easier.

Sustainability 360 is a unique partnership between three parties, but one where the telecom service provider makes a difference, according to Nitish Mittal, Partner and technology practice leader at Everest Group. “The role AT&T can play here is crucial,” Mittal said. “Through its telecom and IoT capabilities, it can help enable more real-time collection of data, since much of the emission data can be in the field, like assets in a factory or out in the service operations.”

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IT Service Providers: Hiring Down, Attrition (Back) Up: Says ISG | In the News

Attrition in the global information technology (IT) sector rose in the June quarter for the first time in over a year. This, combined with the industry-wide slowdown in hiring, means that companies can expect some challenges in finding in-demand skills for their engagements, according to global IT research firm, ISG.

Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group, says the talent and attrition issue is not hidden from anyone. Providers can still offer the right skills if given the right price. Therefore, this has to be seen from a pricing perspective as well.

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Sluggish Demand Hitting BPM Firms’ Bottom Line | In the News

BPM (business process management) services providers are likely to see increased pricing pressures like their IT services peers over the next year as demand dives down due to the recessionary environment.

“Similar to IT services, pricing for BPO services in the previous 12-month period has risen across locations largely due to higher enterprise demand, talent shortages, and inflationary market situations.” Global IT consulting firm Everest Group stated.

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Deal Wins for IT Firms May Hit Their Margins: Analysts | In the News

The large deals that IT firms like HCLTech and Infosys have recently bagged from companies like Verizon, State Farm, Liberty Global, and Danske Bank, respectively, are unlikely to be margin accretive for them.

According to Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group, rebadging often delays margins and carries risk, so margins are likely to be hit. However, he added that rebadging deals are often linked to cost-cutting initiatives, so more of such deals may come through in the days to come.

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Infosys Bags US$1.6 Billion Deal from Liberty Global | In the News

Infosys recently announced that it has bagged a US$1.64 billion deal from Liberty Global to build and scale the entertainment and connectivity platforms of the digital communications firm.

With the growing number of such mega business deals, our CEO of Everest Group, Peter Bendor-Samuel, asserted, “The increasing cost pressures that the telcos face is going to open the door to large deals like the one HCLTech recently signed.”

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Freshworks and the Age of Efficiency for India’s SAAS Sector | In the News

Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group, commented on Freshwork’s ability to effectively expand beyond IT service management and CRM (customer resource management) into various other business functions.

An improvement in the macro sentiment, whenever it comes, can only help. While the market has been pulling back hard in the first half of the year on technology spend, “over the last two weeks, we have seen an uptick in customer sentiment,” Peter said in an email. This “looks like it is signaling that the market has bottomed out, and we have a modest increase in spending,” he added.

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What Is Digital Transformation? A Necessary Disruption | In the News

Digital transformation is a foundational change in how an organization delivers value to its customers. While emerging tech and revamped processes are crucial, having the right skills on staff is essential to any digital transformation.

From software engineers to data scientists, UX designers to DevOps leaders, the talent landscape is evolving. Nitish Mittal, Partner at Everest Group, coins them “orchestrators” and further highlights that technology is not the main goal but a means to an end — whether the end is driving more productivity or creating more customer engagement.

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