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Data Strategy: The Missing Link in Artificial Intelligence-enabled Transformation | In the News

Thanks to an explosion of data, exponential increases in computing power and storage capacity, and better algorithms, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities are poised to revolutionize business processes.

“There is a lot of long-term momentum in the AI market,” says Nitish Mittal, Partner in the digital transformation practice at global research firm Everest Group, noting that AI/ML adoption is expected to accelerate through 2024.


Persistent Announces a Dedicated Payments Business Unit and Expands Cloud Capabilities through Strategic Acquisitions | In the News

Persistent Systems today announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire Charlotte, North Carolina-based Software Corporation International (SCI) and its affiliate, Fusion360, and the business of East Brunswick, New Jersey-based Shree Partners including its subsidiary in India.

Payments deliver foundational functionality not only for Financial Services, but across all industries, as they accelerate the adoption of digital to improve customer experience. SCI enhances Persistent’s capabilities and will serve as the foundation of a dedicated Payments business unit. According to Everest Group, the Payments IT services market is expected to grow by 12.5% in 2021 to reach $16.8 billion.

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Cloud Convergence – Biased Simplicity? | In the News

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past decade or so, you’re acutely aware that a mass migration to the cloud is well underway. In fact, of the 200 CXO’s surveyed in 2019 by Everest Group in companies with $1B USD of revenue or more, 90% of them indicated they’ve already adopted some form of cloud computing. However, more and more organizations are now paring down their complex data ecosystems to far more simplistic, unified data platforms.

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Trust: Are You Being Served? | In the News

It’s important to never underestimate the trusted bond between business and supplier. Given the majority (73%) of digital transformation projects fail, according to a 2020 Everest Group study, good decisions and successful work elsewhere could be undermined by selecting the wrong partner or putting your trust in a supplier that doesn’t deserve it.

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Procurement Experts Outlook 2021 and Beyond | In the News

Everest Group Vice President, Amy Fong, shares her views along with ten experts from the procurement industry in Zycus’ flagship e-book, Procurement Experts Outlook. Explore the e-book and discover:

  • Key focus areas and top priorities for CPOs for the coming next 12 months
  • Tactics to prepare a fertile ground for AI and getting the best out of it
  • Strategies and advice for procurement practitioners from experts in the procurement domain

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CFOs Look To Build “Future Ready” Organizations in the Wake of COVID-19 | In the News

WNS (Holdings) Limited, a leading provider of global Business Process Management (BPM) announced the release of the Global CFO Survey report by Everest Group, a leading consulting and research firm. The survey polled 300 CFOs and their direct reports from large enterprises across 20 different industries globally to better understand how they are navigating uncertainty associated with a global pandemic and changing their longer-term strategic business imperatives.

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Facebook Has Hired a Former Uber Executive to Fill Its Trickiest Job in India | In the News

Facebook’s public policy head post was vacant for nearly a year. But today (Sept. 20), the tech giant appointed Rajiv Aggarwal to what’s billed as a key role.

“Any public policy experience is a multi-edge sword. It can help, but can harm as well. Especially because Uber and Facebook are very different companies,” says Yugal Joshi, a Vice President at consultancy firm Everest Group. “Facebook’s platforms have a significant role in shaping people’s thinking.

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Can Rajesh Gopinathan Transform TCS and Shed Its Outsourcing Legacy? | In the News

Tata Consultancy Services, one of the world’s top IT companies, is ready to shed the outsourcing legacy and embrace symbiotic transformational journeys with its biggest customers, participating in complex problems at a much more big-picture, abstract level and therefore competing even more directly with its two biggest IT services rivals, Accenture and IBM.

“I can remember discussing the differences between Accenture and TCS with a CIO from a large insurance company,” Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder of Everest Group, which advises businesses on their IT strategy, tells Forbes India via email. “The CIO’s comment was revealing. He said ‘I think both are great firms, however, I use Accenture for white board projects and TCS for key board projects. Every time I try each of them at the other… I am sorry’.” The CIO was saying that TCS was great at projects in which execution was key, but frustrating when it came to big-picture transformation. This observation aligns well with many other customers’ experience, Bendor-Samuel says.

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The Pandemic Broke the Old Model of Customer Care. Here’s the New Landscape | In the News

The global pandemic pushed business relationships to the brink — consumer hypersensitivity left shelves bare, our supply chains were disrupted, and we sent our employees to work from home. Within the contact center industry, the downstream impacts directly affected businesses’ customer care models.

The industry, however, is not back to where it was pre-pandemic, and it might never be. In their Customer Experience Management State of the Market Report (2021), Everest Group reported that the percentage of agents working at home grew from less than 10% in 2019 to as much as 80% during the height of the health crisis.

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Why Digital Transformation Needs a ‘Think Different’ Approach | In the News

A review of the disruptive forces unleashed by digital technologies on businesses, large and small, over the last two decades paints a stark picture of what can happen with frightening speed to those who stick their heads in the sand.

The commitment to digital transformation is to embark on an evolutionary journey, creating a shared vision of where it can take a business this year, next, in five years or a decade. However, as Everest Group notes, 78% of digital transformations fail to meet their business objectives, and 73% fail to provide any value at all.

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