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Talent Access Drives Nearshore Site Location | In the News

Location remains at the core of Nearshore operations. Nevertheless, in their search for the best points of delivery in a region, outsourcing companies are showing more and more interest in people over places.

“The more important thing right now, given the shortage, is to attract talent,” said Sakshi Garg, VP at research firm Everest Group, during the Nexus 2022 panel A Matter of Site: Finding Value Across a Shifting Geo-Location Landscape. “We’re seeing a lot of interest to make sure that the workforce strategy and the location strategy go hand in hand.”

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5 Intelligent Process Automation Trends to Watch | In the News

Financial services organizations are digitizing and automating more processes to keep up with competition, and intelligent process automation (IPA) — which has been growing in use about 20% across all fields — is now becoming ubiquitous. Market research firm Everest Group in a recent report ranked IPA technology vendors and looked at the market for process automation.

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Hybrid Work: Closing the Gap Between Customer Expectations and Delivery | In the News

The Covid-19 pandemic accelerated the workplace forward by several years, giving employees a taste of remote working and proving to employers that work-from-anywhere can and does work. With Accenture finding that 83% of employees are opting for a hybrid remote office working model, businesses are heeding the call with 92% evaluating or planning to move to the hybrid model according to research finding from Everest Group.

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KPMG Plans 3,500 UK Hires as Big Four Accountancy Firms Grow Their Tech Focus | In the News

KPMG says it plans to hire 3,500 technologists in the UK over the next three years as it creates a new business unit to deliver digital transformation projects. The news coincides with reports that EY plans to spin off its audit division to form a separate company focused on consultancy, highlighting the changing role of accountancy’s traditional “Big Four” – Deloitte, EY, KPMG, and PwC – and the importance of IT services to their future prospects.

The Products launch by KPMG brings it into line with other services being offered by rival businesses, says Nitish Mittal, Partner at Everest Group. “This specific investment by KPMG is similar to what Deloitte did with its Converge Business, which is a desire to invest in data-centric re-purposable products/platforms to help accelerate client outcomes,” he says. “This is an increasing area of focus by consulting and system integration peers.”

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Three Ways Companies Can Cope with the AI and Analytics Talent Crunch | In the News

With inflation in the United States at a 40-year high and unemployment near a 50-year low, these are tough times to attract and retain employees in just about every sector. When you add the growing demand for talent in high tech sectors like big data and AI, you get a job market that’s great for these workers, but tough for companies.

David Rickard of Everest Group, a respected provider of insight for the global BPO industry, says that while countries like India have a lot to offer now, there are some other locales that should be on your radar, including Africa.

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Why a Data Strategy Is Key as Businesses Implement AI | In the News

Nitish Mittal, Partner in the digital transformation practice at Everest Group, commented on this, he said: “I can’t stress this enough: data or the lack of the right data strategy is the number one bottleneck to scaling or doing anything with AI. When clients come to us with what they think is an AI problem, it is almost always a data problem. AI depends on viable data to prosper. That’s why it’s important to think about the data first.”

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What You Need to Know in Europe’s Next Wave of Technology Regulation | In the News

Europe technology and data sovereignty are back in the spotlight because of two recent events, the war in Ukraine and its cyberwarfare implications and EU lawmakers agreeing to new rules to limit the market power of Big Tech platforms through the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and Digital Services Act (DSA). Everest Group Partner, Nitish Mittal, discusses this topic in his article, What You Need to Know in Europe’s Next Wave of Technology Regulation.

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Don’t Fear Shadow IT: Embrace It | In the News

While shadow IT may sound like a thing of the past, it is very much still with us today. In fact, it’s growing. The number of SaaS apps running on corporate networks averaged three times the number IT departments were aware of. Compelling statistics from analysts bear this out. Gartner reports that in large enterprises, 30% to 40% of IT spending goes to shadow IT. Everest Group found it to be 50% or more.

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