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CVS Health CTO Tries to Smooth over Complexity to Propel His Company’s Big Bet on Healthcare | In the News

As CIOs continue to move their generative AI projects out of test and piloting and into wider adoption, they remain vexed about how to measure success and ensure their investments pay off.

A report by CalypsoAI and research firm Everest Group found that nearly three-quarters of enterprise leaders say a lack of clarity on success metrics was the top challenge CIOs face when adopting generative AI, followed by budget and cost concerns (68%), a fast-evolving tech landscape (64%), data security and privacy concerns (55%), and finally, a talent shortage (41%).

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AITech Interview with Rishabh Poddar, CEO and Co-founder of Opaque Systems | In the News

In an interview with AITech Park, Rishabh Poddar, CEO and Co-founder of Opaque Systems, said that with data privacy regulations becoming more stringent, securing confidential and sensitive data is an urgent priority for organizations globally. Confidential computing — projected to be a US$54 billion market by 2026 by Everest Group — provides a solution using TEEs or “enclaves” that encrypt data during computation, isolating it from access, exposure, and threats.

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The Role of Strategic Partnership Management and Rebadging in Transformation and Enhanced CX | In the News

While a significant number of companies and industries continue to consolidate business processes and services into captives or global in-house centers (GIC), analyst reports show the retail industry saw a 4% drop in new GIC setups last year.

Everest Group notes in a recent study that fast-tracking this transformation requires organizations and BPS providers to engage together in a more deliberate level of strategic partnership management – one in which providers are focused on outcomes and meeting organizations’ current and future needs to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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Planning for Gen AI Disillusionment | In the News

The capabilities of a new wave of generative AI (gen AI) tools have spurred massive investment. But even as the investment dollars keep pouring in and companies build business strategies around this emerging technology, fears of risk remain.

Vishal Gupta, Partner at Everest Group, said that maximizing the results of gen AI requires a thoughtful approach. He emphasized the need to ensure digital readiness by establishing the necessary technical maturity by streamlining processes and fostering a data-driven culture within the organization.

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Prepare Employees for Gen AI Implementation with a Strategic Road Map | In the News

Across industries, the adoption of generative AI (gen AI) has been a game changer for how we work. It has helped create efficiencies, streamline programs, and boost employee engagement and productivity.

According to an Everest Group study (which was supported by TELUS International), 55% of customer experience leaders said they planned to spend at least US$1 million implementing AI in the next 12 to 18 months. With this growth, organizations need a measured approach to adopting the technology responsibly.

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10 of the Top Carbon Accounting Software for 2024 | In the News

As business and IT leaders embark on a sustainability journey, the need to understand the organization’s effect on the environment is critical, especially the carbon dioxide it emits.

A starting point in an enterprise’s net-zero journey requires understanding carbon data management, said Ambika Kini, a Senior Analyst with research firm Everest Group. What constitutes effective management varies by industry and even specific business models. “Enterprises can benefit tremendously by investing in the carbon accounting software best suited for their needs,” Kini said.

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Mid-tier IT Loses More Ground than Larger Ones as Vendor Consolidation Gains Steam | In the News

Mid-tier information technology (IT) companies lost more ground than their larger peers in the financial year 2023-24 as vendor consolidation deals by clients have led to a decline in revenue growth, as well as on a smaller base.

Yugal Joshi, Partner at Everest Group, said that “mid-tier companies are reliant on key clients as they form a large part of their business. And if anything happens to those clients, it impacts these smaller firms.”

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