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Gigcx: Can the Gig Economy Save Customer Service and the Climate? | In the News

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Recently, all eyes and ears were on Prince Charles at the World Economic Forum as he delivered a warning to businesses at the Davos Summit: only a revolution in the way the global economy works can save the planet from climate crisis.

GigCX is different to home working because these gig workers work on a per task and case basis – this work is not scheduled. Gig work is also opening up far more roles than home working has, as is suggested in a recent study by the Everest Group, which states that GigCX will make up 20% of the contact centre outsourcing market in terms of headcount in the next 2 years.

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Outsourcing Subsectors Cut Growth Targets through 2022 Amid Hurdles | In the News

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SEVERAL outsourcing subsectors cut their revenue targets across-the-board after the industry lowered its growth figures under a road map through 2022 due to geopolitical challenges, protectionism and automation.

The industry in November cut its revenue target to a compound annual growth of 3.5-7.5% from 9.2% set in 2016, based on a study conducted by the Everest Group.

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Contact Centers to Continue Leading ITBPM Sector’s $32 B Revenue by 2022 | In the News

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The contact center, software, global in-house centers, and health information management subsectors will continue to propel growth of the IT-business process management (ITBPM) industry, which second recalibrated roadmap 2019-2022 targets annual revenue growth rate of 3.7-7.5 percent.

IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) and the Everest Group shared the targets, which had been recalibrated for the second time around, where revenues are expected to hit between $29 billion to $32 by 2022 for a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) is at 3.5 percent to 7.5 percent in revenue for 2019 to 2022.

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Gartner: Prepare pandemic planning around 25% absenteeism | In the News

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Gartner is advising its clients to plan for the coronavirus. It recommends a planning assumption of 25% absenteeism, an estimate based on the fallout from other viruses such as SARS and H5N1. Employers should prepare for remote work as well as services and support for employees.

Many firms rely on overseas applications and support services, including HR applications. But China isn’t a major exporter of those services, accounting for about 3% to 5% of service exports globally, said Eric Simonson, managing partner in the research practice at the Everest Group.

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‘Wipro’s Next CEO Must Fit in with Rishad, Company Culture’ | In the News

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It is ‘extremely critical’ for tech firm Wipro to go for a strong leader who can gel well with company chairman Rishad Premji. And, the person will also have to fit in with its ‘strong’ culture, said industry watchers.

Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder and CEO of U.S.-based research and consulting firm, Everest Group, said the challenge for the junior Mr. Premji is to find a strong operator who would work well with him and fit into Wipro’s working culture.

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The Future of Data | In the News

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We live in a world characterized by change, where technology offers unimaginable opportunities and makes existing innovation far more accessible and scalable. At the heart of this change lies a vast amount of data and information – with wide variation in how it is generated, captured, used, and governed. Technology does not provide answers to vital questions such as how businesses, governments, and society at large must adapt to succeed in a data-driven future. Everest Group explains its take on four key aspects of data of the future.

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Your Culture Is Your Brand | In the News

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Social media platforms continue to disrupt traditional media, product advertising, peer-to-peer communication, and even political communication and discourse. But to maintain its promise, social media and other digital content require consistent monitoring and moderation – a function that’s grown into a multi-billion dollar industry in itself. Indeed, content moderation is no longer solely for social media giants. In today’s digital, mobile-first era, all brands must have a monitored online presence in order to compete in the marketplace while ensuring the safety of their customers.

Moreover, the valuable work carried out by our exceptionally dedicated and capable ‘digital-first responders’ complements our efforts to empower customers to stay safe in a digital world through TELUS Wise and our #EndBullying initiative. Additionally, content moderation services will bundle well with the cybersecurity, privacy and managed information technology solutions that we provide to businesses, governments and non-profit companies. From a purely business perspective, the content moderation space already accounts for about US$2 billion, and that number is expected to more than double by 2021 according to Everest Group. In so many ways – this is a dynamic and exciting place to be!

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Neemuchwala Quits Wipro, Analysts Say It’s Good for Tech Giant | In the News

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Abidali Neemuchwala is exiting as CEO and MD of Wipro after a turbulent period during which the company saw its business growth slide and stock value move at a slow pace compared to those of its peers in the Indian tech services market.

Peter Bendor-Samuel, founder & CEO of consultancy Everest Group said, “Abid was handed a big task to turn Wipro around. In many ways he succeeded and has laid a strong foundation of good business and strong digital assets. The next CEO must focus on getting growth back…”

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