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How Enterprises Can Leverage Provider Support to Maximize GIC Potential | Webinar

on-demand webinar

How Enterprises Can Leverage Provider Support to Maximize GIC Potential

The ongoing macroeconomic slowdown has pushed enterprises – that are already bogged down by top and bottom-line challenges – to assess how they can leverage service providers to grow, evolve, and optimize their global in-house center (GIC) networks.

Watch this on-demand webinar as our experts explore key developments in the global sourcing market in 2023, including how enterprises can grow and evolve their GIC networks by collaborating more effectively with service providers and the various enterprise requirements that providers can fulfill in the GIC space.

In addition, the speakers will discuss the evolving approach of providers to the GIC market and present methods for enterprises and service providers to proactively engage with each other in the GIC space for a win-win result.

What questions will the on-demand webinar answer for the participants?

  • How did the global sourcing market evolve in H1 2023?
  • How are third-party providers supporting enterprises on GIC-related needs, including set-up, transformation, and carve-out?
  • What capabilities are service providers building to focus on the GIC segment?

Who should attend?

  • Senior leadership (CEOs and CXOs) of enterprises
  • In-house centers/GICs/shared service centers leadership
  • Global sourcing managers
  • GBS and SOVM professionals
  • Senior leadership
  • Strategy teams of providers
  • Sales teams for providers
  • Business unit leaders leading the GIC segment in providers
Practice Director
Senior Analyst
Vice President

How Technology is Reshaping the Delivery of Care in the Healthcare Industry | LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live

How Technology is Reshaping the Delivery of Care in the Healthcare Industry

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, September 20, 2023.

Technology is revolutionizing patient well-being, cost efficiency, and operations across the healthcare industry. 🏥💻 While payers are leveraging technology to lower costs and make members healthier, providers are experimenting with technology to deliver care to patients in the comfort of their homes, assist in clinical decision-making, and make care more coordinated. 🏠

Watch this LinkedIn Live session to learn how technology adoption in healthcare is redefining how we manage care and paving the path for enhanced patient outcomes as the healthcare industry embraces digital transformation, value-based care, and telehealth in every aspect of care delivery. 🩺📲

What questions does the event answer for participants?

  • ✅ What drivers are leading to increased adoption of technology for care management?
  • ✅Which specific areas are enterprises investing in for the digitization of care?
  • ✅What is the current landscape of care management solutions?🔍
  • ✅How is technology expected to reshape the delivery of care?

Meet The Presenters

Nangia Hanupriya
Senior Analyst
Everest Group
Satija Chunky
Vice President
Everest Group

Navigating the European CXM Outsourcing Market: Trends and Insights | Webinar


Navigating the European CXM Outsourcing Market: Trends and Insights

In today’s fast-evolving business landscape, the demand for exceptional customer experiences in Europe is on the rise. Factors such as language requirements, regulatory considerations, and cultural nuances will be key to getting it right as organizations expand their global reach.

Watch this on-demand webinar as our customer experience management (CXM) experts explore the current landscape, emerging trends, and future prospects in the European CXM outsourcing industry. You will come away with a comprehensive understanding of the market dynamics, key players, and strategies for success in this developing landscape.

What questions will the on-demand webinar answer for the participants?

  • What is the current state of the CXM outsourcing market in Europe in terms of size, growth rate, and regional variations?
  • What are the emerging trends and industry dynamics shaping the CXM outsourcing landscape in Europe?
  • What are the cultural nuances, language requirements, and regulatory considerations that organizations should be aware of when considering CXM outsourcing in Europe?

Who should attend?

  • Customer experience leaders
  • Chief customer officers
  • SVP customer experience
  • Head of outsourcing
  • Procurement managers
  • Contact center leaders
Aishwarya Barjatya
Anubhav Das
David Rickard

Clinton Global Initiative 2023

In-Person event


September 18-19, 2023

Everest Group’s Eric Simonson, Managing Partner, and Rita N. Soni, Principal Analyst for Impact Sourcing and Sustainability, will attend the Clinton Global Initiative 2023 meeting on September 18-19 in New York City. This year’s focus is what it takes to keep going.

Last year, Everest Group pledged to dramatically increase the impact sourcing workforce – connecting hundreds of thousands of marginalized individuals to new jobs – by providing research and enablement tools, sharing best practices, and engaging enterprises, service providers, governments, and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in collaborative efforts. 

Everest Group’s Commitment to Action is to grow the impact sourcing market to half a million in three years. As the CGI community knows, making and keeping commitments isn’t easy. Despite this, we know the antidote is as simple as it is true  we must keep going.

Eric and Rita will join colleagues and global stakeholders at the event to discuss impact sourcing, the potential it provides to companies and underserved communities around the world, and initiatives to help companies incorporate impact sourcing into their business models.

Learn more about Everest Group’s Commitment to Action.

Simonson Eric A
Managing Partner
Soni Rita B
Principal Analyst
Kumar Santhosh

Oracle Health Conference


Oracle health conference

September 18-20, 2023

Everest Group Partner Abhishek Singh will be at the Oracle Health Conference 2023 and will speak in a panel exploring Oracle’s vision for clinical trials.

Everest Group Partner Ronak Doshi will also be onsite representing Everest Group’s financial services coverage.

Learn more and register

Singh Abhishek B
Abhishek Singh
Partner, Everest Group
Doshi Ronak
Ronak Doshi
Partner, Everest Group

Climate Week NYC with Capgemini | Data & AI for Climate: Biodiversity Buzz | Conference


Climate week nyc with capgemini

September 17-24, 2023

Everest Group’s Principal Analyst for Impact Sourcing and Sustainability, Rita N. Soni, will join a panel of industry experts at Climate Week in New York City in a session titled, Data & AI for Climate: Biodiversity Buzz. They will discuss how we can help protect insect ecosystems with data and AI.

Learn more

Elaine Van Ommen Kloeke
Dr & Program Manager, ARISE, Naturalis; Biodiversity Center
Niraj Parihar
CEO, Insight & Data, Capgemini
Vincent de Montalivet
Data for Net Zero offer leader, Capgemini

Gamification: Unleashing the Full Potential of Your Contact Center Agents | Webinar


Gamification: Unleashing the full potential of your contact center agents

September 14, 2023
12:00 PM EST | 9:00 PM ISTST

Everest Group’s Chhandak Biswas will join a webinar to discuss how gamification can transform the customer experience management (CXM) landscape and create a motivated, high-performing workforce.  


The panel will discuss: 

  • How gamification works 
  • How gamification benefits contact centers 
  • The key aspects of a gamified experience ecosystem 
  • The path to successful implementation and how to overcome challeneges 
  • The future of gamification in CXM

The Trailblazers in the Ecosystem: Levers of Innovation, Growth, and Resilience | LinkedIn Live


The Trailblazers in the Ecosystem: Levers of Innovation, Growth, and Resilience

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Thursday, September 14, 2023. 

Everest Group and nasscom will host a dynamic LinkedIn Live event spotlighting 💡 the achievements, best practices, and success stories from a few of the 2023 nasscom GCC award winners in the Rising Star and Innovation with Impact categories.

This event will illustrate the transformative path of these GCCs and how they have elevated 💹 themselves by strategically integrating innovation, effectively addressing business needs, and successfully delivering significant business impact. 📢 📢Join us as we uncover learnings from their journeys and hear valuable insights from the best in the industry.

The presenters will discuss:
✅ Strategies to drive innovation to solve challenges and pave the way for sustainable and quantifiable impact
✅ Approaches to accelerate value for the global 🌎 enterprise with a high degree of ownership and accountability
✅   Methods to implement seamless integration within the larger enterprise framework
✅  Ways to enhance brand presence and elevate the employee value proposition

Advancing with Neurodiversity at Work: Inclusion and Expansion | Webinar


Advancing with neurodiversity at work: Inclusion and expansion

September 12, 2023
8:00 AM PT | 11 AM ET

Rita Soni, Principal Analyst, Impact Sourcing and Sustainability, Everest Group will join a panel of experts to share knowledge and expertise on topics such as:

  • What comes next for neurodiversity employment programs
  • The advancement of neuroinclusive ecosystems
  • Expanding roles for employment opportunities and the impact on the neurodiverse community
  • How we measure success with neurodiversity initiatives
  • Employment in the public sector and potential barriers to entry
Rita Soni
Principal Analyst, Impact Sourcing and Sustainability, Everest Group
Hala Annabi
Associate Professor, Information School, University of Washington
Anthony Pacilio
Vice President, Neurodiverse Solutions at CAI

Expanding Horizons: India GCCs Propelling the Next Wave of Growth for Life Sciences Organizations | In-person Roundtable

Invite Only

Expanding Horizons: India GCCs Propelling the Next Wave of Growth for Life Sciences Organizations

September 12, 2023 |
8:00 AM IST - 11:00 AM IST

Facilitated by Everest Group

The life sciences industry is undergoing significant evolution and growth driven by advancements in technology, changing demographics, shifting regulatory landscapes, and emerging healthcare challenges.

India has emerged as a key location for life sciences organizations due to its vast talent pool of skilled professionals, cost-effectiveness, robust research infrastructure, supportive regulatory environment, and thriving innovation ecosystem.

Join this roundtable on September 12 in Bangalore to participate in conversations with our expert analysts and your peers. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the future potential for the industry, and how India as a leading global delivery location can play an instrumental role in the growth of life sciences organizations.

We’ll uncover key themes in this discussion, such as:

  • How India has emerged as a key talent hub for life sciences organizations 
  • How to leverage the diverse talent/capabilities to enable delivery of services across the life sciences value chain (and the opportunity to leverage talent beyond R&D in areas such as commercial analytics, F&A, and SCM)
  • How there is an increasing focus on innovation, digital, and data analytics in life sciences GCCs, and how it is backed by India’s vibrant innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem 

Who should attend? 

  • Life sciences leaders and site heads

Roundtable guidelines 

The only price of admission is participation. Attendees should be prepared to share their experiences and be willing to engage in discourse. Participation is limited to enterprise leaders (no service providers).

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