Implementing Gen AI for CXM: The Data Challenge

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, April 17, 2024.

🚀 Generative AI (gen AI) has the potential to revolutionize customer support, as well as reduce operational costs. However, to leverage gen AI for its maximum capabilities, it will be vital to base AI learnings on excellent quality data that is well managed and controlled.

📣 Watch this LinkedIn Live session with Everest Group’s David Rickard, Partner, and guest David Ilett, Consulting Director from Davies, to explore practical examples of implementing gen AI for customer experience (CX). Learn about the main challenges organizations face with data provision for AI and understand how to plan adequately to avoid the common pitfalls. 📊

During this engaging LinkedIn Live, we discussed:

⭐ The main challenges facing enterprises when deploying gen AI 🌐
⭐ The scale of the data provision challenge 📈
⭐The practical steps that organizations can take to leverage gen AI


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