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Avoid Over-paying for Services as the Talent Crisis Stabilises | Event


Avoid Over-paying for Services as the Talent Crisis Stabilises

February 28, 2023

The past few years have witnessed a huge talent crunch, leading to high wage inflation, attrition, and upward pressure on pricing. As we enter 2023, attrition has started to cool off, and there are indicators pointing to a likely economic slowdown.

Join Everest Group at the eWorld Procurement & Supply Summit on February 28 as Julian Herbert, VP, Information Products, and Ricky Sundrani, Partner, Pricing Assurance, discuss how to avoid overpaying for outsourcing services in 2023.

Participants will learn:

  • How the economic environment is expected to impact outsourced deal pricing through 2023
  • What enterprises can do to ensure their contracts remain competitive in the current environment
  • How to pre-emptively plan for risks, and what to watch for

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eWorld Procurement & Supply
Grand Connaught Rooms, London


Herbert Julian
Julian Herbert
Vice President, Information Products
Sundrani Ricky
Ricky Sundrani
Partner, Pricing Assurance

Everest Group Survey Points to a Resilient Year for Outsourcing in 2023 as Global Enterprises Prioritize Cost Savings, Talent Management

Global leaders share their chief concerns and strategy adjustments for outsourcing in 2023 in Everest Group’s annual Key Issues survey.


DALLAS, January 5, 2023 — In the face of macroeconomic uncertainty, the majority of enterprises feel cautiously optimistic about 2023 and expect to tap outsourcing resources to control costs and meet the demand for talent, according to the results of Everest Group’s annual Key Issues survey. In fact, more than 80% of respondents expect their investments in outsourcing for IT services (ITS) and business process services (BPS) to stay the same or increase in 2023 over 2022, and more than 40% are optimistic about growth in their global services budgets in the coming year.

Everest Group’s 2023 Key Issues Study comprises the input of 200 global leaders across enterprises, Global Business Services (GBS) centers and service providers. Everest Group delivered the key findings from this research in a December 13 webinar, “Rise Above Economic Uncertainty and Succeed.” The webinar deck and recording are available for complimentary download.

Asked to rank their top-of-mind issues for 2023, enterprises cited “price and cost pressures” as number one this year, moving into the top position from second place last year. “Talent/skills shortage,” which held the number one spot in 2022, dropped to third. “Slowdown in demand,” which ranked tenth in 2022, has moved into the No. 4 position.


***Top of Mind Issues for Enterprises in 2023***

  1. Price/cost pressures
  2. Adapting to evolving customer needs and business models
  3. Talent/skills shortage
  4. Slowdown in demand
  5. Slowdown in customer decision making

As a result of these concerns, enterprises have identified cost optimization, digital transformation, and productivity improvement as their top three priorities going into 2023.

In light of these results and its corporate body of research, Everest Group has forecast five trends for the new year:

  1. A significant service provider portfolio rebalancing by enterprises is in the cards. The percentage of enterprises expecting to rebalance their workload across providers has increased from 25% last year to 36% heading into 2023. Those expecting to consolidate or rationalize the service provider portfolio in the next 12 months has increased from 20% last year to 34%.
  2. The talent demand-supply mismatch will continue. Enterprises will shift their focus to internal talent management (upskilling and employee experience/engagement) as higher priorities than recruiting.
  3. Service provider bill rates will increase, albeit slower than in 2022. To manage the impact of inflation, service providers will increase price/rate cards and optimize costs by employing automation and adjusting locations mix, scopes and roles.
  4. The service delivery model will continue to evolve. Organizations will leverage alternative delivery strategies to optimize cost and gain access to talent. Examples include remote and hybrid workers, tier-2/3 locations, center setups in offshore-nearshore countries, and setup of small, satellite centers.
  5. Pragmatic digital investments will be prioritized over moonshot investments. Proven investments such as cloud solutions, cybersecurity, analytics, advanced automation (AI, cognitive) and automation (RPA) will remain high priorities for enterprises in 2023. Other technologies (such as Internet of Things, UX/CX design, blockchain, mobility, edge computing, Web 3/metaverse, 5G/6G and extended reality/ AR/VR) will receive relatively lower focus.

During the webinar, Everest Group experts recommended ways organizations can address this new reality, including strategies for pricing, sourcing, ESG, and potential technology solutions.

“Our advice to enterprises is not to obsess about the uncertainty of their external environment but instead focus on creating the agility to respond with speed as the situation unfolds,” said Rajesh Ranjan, partner at Everest Group. “This will require them to strategically leverage global services, human capital, technology initiatives, and delivery models to not only address the upcoming challenges but position the organization to capture upsides as we come out of it. Put another way, don’t miss the forest for the trees.”

Register here to watch the webinar on demand and receive a complimentary copy of the deck.


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Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

Top Outplacement and Career Transition Services

The outplacement and career transition services industry is undergoing a fundamental shift after experiencing a turbulent year in 2021. Providers have had to respond quickly and adapt to changing enterprise needs. Those that were able to navigate the market upheaval emerged as forerunners and fortified their positions in the market.

This report examines the market dynamics of the global outplacement and career transitions industry in 2022. It maps 16 providers on Everest Group’s Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® and categorizes them as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants based on their offerings and capabilities. The report will assist buyers in choosing the right-fit provider to address their needs, while providers will be able to benchmark themselves against their competitors.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023

What is in this PEAK Matrix® Report:

The report features:

  • An overview of the outplacement and career transition service provider landscape
  • The Outplacement and Career Transition PEAK Matrix® Assessment for 2023
    Based on the YoY movement of providers on the PEAK Matrix®, the 2023 Star Performers
  • Everest Group’s critical analysis of the providers across seven dimensions: market adoption, portfolio mix, value delivered, scope of services offered, innovation & investments, delivery footprint, and vision & strategy


  • All industries and geographies

LEARN MORE ABOUT Outplacement and Career Transition Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2023


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Overall Monthly IT Services Talent Demand Trends Across India H2 2022
Market Insights™

Overall Monthly IT Services Talent Demand Trends Across India

Talent Demand in India for Top Industries H2 2022
Market Insights™

Talent Demand in India for Top Industries

What is the PEAK Matrix®?

The PEAK Matrix® provides an objective, data-driven assessment of service and technology providers based on their overall capability and market impact across different global services markets, classifying them into three categories: Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants.

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Alert on Engineering and IT Hiring Dilemmas for 2023 | Blog

The most dangerous words regarding investing are, “This time, it will be different.” The same words often occur when planning for a recession. But, quite possibly, this time, it will be different. Why do we at Everest Group believe it may be different for the looming recession we now face? Because there is a confluence of trends that are different from past recessions.

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Building Effective Product Management Teams in a Talent Constrained Market | LinkedIn Live


Building Effective Product Management Teams in a Talent Constrained Market

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Thursday, November 17, 2022.

Effectively building and scaling product management teams is a critical challenge most organizations face. While product management skills and roles are in high demand, they are also in limited supply. This requires significant change management and a shift to a product-based focus.

Enterprises are increasingly looking to successful technology companies and start-ups for best practices in product management. In this LinkedIn Live, Everest Group welcomes Diana Jouard, Product Manager at software company Ping Identity. Along with Everest Group’s analysts, Diana will provide insights into the emerging skills, roles, and challenges associated with best-in-class product management teams.

Our speakers will explore:

  • Which emerging skills and roles are required to build and operate best-in-class product management teams
  • Which challenges organizations face when building best-in-class product management teams
  • How to design product management teams across regions and/or business units to drive collaboration
  • How to utilize service providers for consulting and change management support and staffing firms for talent

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