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Analyst Relations Newsletter Q4 2022: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Case #1: Everest Group Creates Six-year Strategy Roadmap for the Philippines IT-BP Industry

The roadmap establishes the vision, goals, and strategic priorities along with the necessary interventions required to enable the industry to remain competitive and ensure continued growth.

    • The client, IT-BP Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), is the primary trade body and advocacy group of the Philippines’ IT and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) sector
    • As the world’s second-largest IT-BP service delivery destination, IBPAP, together with its partner sub-sector associations (contact center and business process, IT, healthcare, global in-house centers, animation, and game development), commissioned Everest Group for the development of the Philippines IT-BPM Industry Roadmap 2028. The roadmap is envisioned to serve as the industry’s six-year blueprint in solidifying the country’s position as a global leader for IT-BPM services
    • Everest Group leveraged its proprietary 5A framework to Assess the current global and Philippines IT-BPM landscape, Aspire for a future-ready vision to succeed in the future of work, Activate the necessary actions to capitalize on key enablers, Amplify the Philippines’ value proposition, and Actualize the desired outcomes from the roadmap
    • Everest Group worked closely with IBPAP, sub-sector associations, IT-BP companies in the Philippines, and other ecosystem partners over a period of six months to evaluate the current industry landscape, challenges, and future priorities. Everest Group leveraged its market understanding and connected with leaders in the global IT-BP market and Philippines industry to identify the strength, gaps, and potential opportunity areas
    • The 2028 Roadmap has helped key stakeholders in the Philippines to:
      • Establish the IT-BP industry vision along with six sub-sectors, for the next wave of growth till 2028
      • Align on potential growth areas and strategy to differentiate
      • Identify priority investment areas for the IT-BP industry, especially across talent attraction & development, legislative & policy shaping, and digital transformation, among others
      • Obtain buy-in for industry requirements from ecosystem partners (e.g., Government, telecom players, real-estate companies)
      • Establish a differentiated market position for the Philippines IT-BPM industry and six sub-sectors, including opportunities to attract global investment
      • Amplify the Philippines IT-BPM value proposition across global buyers
    • The overall IT-BP industry was released in September at IBPAP’s annual industry conference – International Innovation Summit 2022. This was followed by the release of six sub-sector roadmaps at their respective annual conferences/industry events
    • IBPAP has already started implementing the Roadmap recommendations and has realized early success across multiple areas. For example, it:
      • Received approval for unrestricted work from home from the Government
      • Obtained clarity on incentives availability for the IT-BP industry
      • Aligned with real-estate and telecom companies to invest in infrastructure development across metro and non-metro areas
      • Launched a targeted marketing program to promote the Philippines IT-BPM industry
      • Initiated processes to create an industry skill development program
    • Click here to access a complimentary copy of the Executive Summary of the Philippine IT-BPM Industry Roadmap 2028

Case #2: Everest Group Supports a Multinational Cyclical Commodities Major in Its Future Location and Workforce Strategy

    • Everest Group was engaged by the Vice President of Global Talent Acquisition of one of the top 10 global cyclical commodities majors to create a future location and talent strategy for IT services delivery
    • Everest Group worked closely with the client’s global IT leadership and HR teams and helped the client via a two-phased engagement covering:
      • Location intelligence: Everest Group provided deep location intelligence for 14 locations and 13 IT skills covering talent availability, talent scalability, trends and insights impacting talent sustainability (e.g., growth trends, entry-level talent, re-skillability, talent migration pattern, diversity), financial attractiveness, and operating & business environment
      • Talent fulfillment strategy: Everest Group provided market intelligence on best practices adopted by peers to build a sustainable talent model and enhance talent management (acquisitions, retention, and development) practices across the firm
    • Talent sourcing strategy (permanent vs. contingent workforce/contract to hire)
    • Key sources of talent and channel mix (e.g., recruitment agencies, campus programs, job portals, incubator/accelerator programs, employee referrals, career fairs)
    • Innovative ways to improve the effectiveness of the talent acquisition model (hiring process, use of external partners, round-the-year hiring, improving quality of talent pipeline, approaches to improve candidate engagement, TA team structure)
    • Measures to improve brand positioning in the talent market (e.g., social media marketing, creating brand ambassadors)
    • Over the subsequent two quarters, the client utilized the intelligence for:
      • Re-alignment with business on hiring goals
      • Prioritization of skills for recruitment and trigger work on substituting or changing the skills mix in certain profiles
      • Agreement on the need for a new location for talent sourcing
      • Changes in the operating model for recruitment operations

Analyst Relations Newsletter Q3 2022: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Case #1: How Everest Group advised a leading engineering services provider on growth strategy in the embedded engineering market 

  • This client is a leader in the engineering services market with a strong presence across all key industry verticals. As part of its strategic planning for growth, it identified embedded engineering as a key area of focus and capability building
  • The company sought support from Everest Group to gather deep insights on the market segments, use cases, and any associated opportunities across verticals that can help drive future growth
  • To support the customer, Everest Group implemented the 3C framework to develop: a rich understanding of the Customer’s engineering imperatives, a profiling of the Competitor landscape and visible whitespaces, and the client’s Context around existing capabilities, investments, and market presence
  • Everest Group’s guidance enhanced the client’s strategic roadmap by:
    • Incorporating key industry sub-segments and priority use cases to target areas with high spending propensity and growth outlook
    • Providing a target delivery footprint to align with outsourcing priorities of customers
    • Delivering recommendations on which partner ecosystem to tap into
    • Offering direction on technology investments

Case #2: Everest Group supports a leading global engineering services provider in accelerating growth within key accounts

  • The client, one of the top 10 global engineering services providers, was looking to consolidate its standing within its key accounts. It wanted to gather deeper insights into outsourcing themes, investment priorities, and its competitive positioning within named accounts to deliver a sole-sourced pitch to win business against identified opportunities
  • After being engaged by the client’s Global Head of the ER&D Services business, Everest Group delivered separate reports covering account intelligence and opportunity profile. The reports were delivered in sessions to the client’s global engineering leadership and separately to relevant sales leadership
  • Everest Group helped the client with a two-phased engagement, by:
    • Account intelligence: providing deep account intelligence for identified priority accounts, covering the company overview, org charts, focus areas by BU, investment priorities, strategic and technology priorities, and the sourcing landscape and competitive relationships
    • Opportunity identification: highlighting over 20 opportunities across the accounts which were aligned to the agreed capability themes. The opportunity profiles included details on the nature of work, drivers of outsourcing, incumbents, key leaders, indicators of deal size and timelines
    • Pitch deck support: supporting the client in developing impactful pitch decks against the highlighted opportunities
  • Over the subsequent two quarters, the client utilized the intelligence, opportunity profiles, and pitch decks to create engagement with key leaders and achieve commercial success

Analyst Relations Newsletter Q1 2022: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Client Success Story #1: Top 10 service provider effectively targets and engages Global Business Services acquisition prospects armed with research insights and account intelligence

  • A leading global IT/BPO service provider engaged Everest Group to assess the Global Business Service (GBS) market in offshore and nearshore locations (APAC, Central and Eastern Europe) and identify opportunities for business growth through GBS carve-outs, acquisitions, and high value engagements such as digital transformation
  • Everest Group took a structured approach to support the client over a six-month period through various types of support:
    • Stakeholder education workshops for client teams to provide insights and trends specific to GBS industry and help understand broad areas of interest
    • Identify top-10 high-potential GBS targets through a multi-stage filtration and shortlisting assessment process. This entailed prioritization based on dimensions such as challenges related to GBS growth, health and performance, and pressures on the enterprise that may lead to a potential decision to divest / carve-out
    • Create detailed account intelligence for target GBS with details of scope of work delivered, evolution, sourcing strategy, footprint, key personnel, challenges, priority areas, vendor relationships, future priorities etc. This information was used to create customized pitch for the client
  • The client was successful in initiating multiple conversations with target accounts based on the insights provided through the study. So far, the client has been able to win large deals with two of the identified GBS targets, in the form of carve-out along with add-on scope e.g., assisting enterprise with cloud and automation initiatives. Everest Group’s research armed the client’s sales team with detailed fact packs and right conversation tracks by identifying the exact nature of opportunity and framing customized pitch

Client Success Story #2: Global IT-BPO service provider confidently creates a robust European service delivery locations strategy as a result of workshops and deep-dive assessments, and research-informed recommendations

  • Everest Group advised a leading IT-BPO service provider on its European location strategy revamp. The focus service delivery groups were digital (software engineering, analytics etc.) and operations (European language requirements). The client already has 10+ centers in nearshore Europe and was facing challenges related to increasing costs and difficulty in hiring rapidly. The objective of the engagement was to identify 2-3 new delivery locations which can provide access to high-quality talent at advantageous costs.
  • The engagement was executed over a period of three months and included the following key steps:
    • Demand mapping workshops with the client to understand the demand profile across the functions/technologies and key European languages
    • Accelerated filtering of 40+ locations in Europe to arrive at a prioritized list of 10 locations for a detailed deep-dive assessment based on client requirements such as availability of skills, scalability potential, cost profile, and synergies with their existing delivery portfolio
    • Detailed deep-dive assessment for the prioritized 10 locations to understand the supply side dynamics and a demand-supply mapping exercise to develop multiple demand-supply mapping scenarios including business case estimates. This included understanding the number of new sites, roles of sites in the portfolio, target ramp-up requirements for the next 3-year period, etc.
    • Recommendations on best-fit locations and desired role for new locations
  • The engagement helped the client create a robust service delivery location strategy for its European digital and operations support teams. The client is in process to set-up two new centers in locations identified by Everest Group.

Analyst Relations Newsletter Q4 2021: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Custom Engagement 1: Trust and Safety (T&S) market assessment – focus on the gaming industry for leading IT/BPO player

Our client, a well-known IT/BPO service provider with significant presence in the trust and safety services space, engaged us to study the T&S services market for the gaming industry. The assignment involved in-depth account and competitive intelligence research and the development of a view of the T&S pricing landscape and pricing intelligence and benchmarking.

We took the following approach to the project:

  • We completed a comprehensive market study and determined the T&S BPS gaming market size, its growth drivers, and vendor landscape
  • We conducted an in-depth study of the different content types and created a picture of the technology landscape in the T&S gaming space, helping the client make crucial talent and technological offering decisions
  • In the next phase, we helped the client to segment gaming enterprise customers and conducted an extensive study of the buyer adoption trends, after which we mapped out of the T&S gaming BPS service provider landscape and developed a view on talent strategy in the space
  • We also provided crucial account and competitive intelligence insights

The client is using the analysis to develop its strategy to enter the T&S gaming space, and it has leveraged our analysis to increase the probability of pitch success.

Custom Engagement 2: Content moderation market overview and key competitor analysis for leading IT/BPO player

Our client, a leading IT/BPO provider with well-established T&S BPO offerings, engaged us to assess the T&S BPO market and provide competitive intelligence on two leading T&S service providers.

We took a structured approach to deliver deep insights and analysis:

  • Conducted extensive client requirement analysis and jointly determined the competitors the client should be tracking
  • Evaluated the T&S market and estimated the growth and growth drivers for the coming years
  • Segmented the service providers in the T&S space and determined characteristics of each segment
  • Determined the key areas of investments for the T&S service providers
  • Conducting in-depth competitive study of the two selected providers, including the competitors’ overall T&S strategies, capabilities, and relative advantages/disadvantages versus our client

Given our deep understanding of the T&S market and its players, we successfully provided high-value insights to the client, which became core to its T&S services strategy.

Analyst Relations Newsletter Q3 2021: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Case #1: Assisted a top-5 global financial institution with an ambitious cross-shore consolidation exercise

We helped a top-5 global financial institution with an ambitious cross-shore consolidation exercise by evaluating locations in its existing portfolio for their ability to support evolving skills needs. We established design principles for a locations portfolio, the definition of progressive end states, a roadmap to achieve those end states, and related business plans. Our work served as the blueprint for the client in shaping and implementing its 2030 locations strategy.

Case #2: Advised a leading global service provider to shape its expansion strategy

We supported a leading global service provider’s growth initiative by evaluating multiple locations for the delivery of a mix of traditional skills, data analytics, and next-generation IT skills. We assessed the locations at both the function and skills levels across key dimensions including talent pool and skills availability, financial attractiveness, and overall sustainability to prioritize and highlight related tradeoffs. The study helped our client understand 3- to 5-year talent sustainability across locations to shape its expansion strategy.

Analyst Relations Newsletter Q2 2021: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Case #1: Advised an RPO and MSP service provider in the development of its Asia Pacific and Europe expansion strategy

A service provider client asked us to evaluate the attractiveness a wide variety of locations for two different service areas. We analyzed 60 market segments, two service areas in 30 countries, assessing their attractiveness across multiple parameters including market size and growth, market potential and penetration, the nature of enterprises’ ask, local vs. multinational corporate demand, and competitive intensity. As part of the project, we also the client’s existing capabilities in those countries in terms of people, process, technology, value proposition, sales and marketing capability.

We recommended a priority list of segments and associated investments based on which the client implanted a multi-million dollar investment initiative.

Case #2: Assisted a service provider and Fortune 500 company to review an existing CWM/MSP engagement

Our service provider client had a CWM/MSP engagement with a Fortune 500 company that was nearing the end of its term. The service provider and its client were happy with the overall engagement, but wanted to benchmark performance before starting renewal discussions, in part to attempt to renew the contract without having to engage in competitive bidding. We reviewed the solution, assessed the contract, aligned the SLAs/KPIs and benchmarked the price points.

Based on our recommendations, the contract was renewed at mutually acceptable and market-based price points SLAs/KPIs without the need to enter into a competitive RFP process.

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