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Supporting Investors with Buy and Sell-side Due Diligence, Acquisition Target Identification, and Growth Acceleration of Portfolio Companies

Everest Group provides insights through custom projects that enable investors and private equity firms to make informed business decisions. Our comprehensive services include buy and sell-side due diligence, acquisition target identification, and strategic growth acceleration for portfolio companies. By leveraging our expert insights and strategies, private equity firms can confidently pursue investments and maximize their investment value.

Buy-side due diligence

When private equity firms are interested in a potential investment asset, thorough research into the company’s performance and overall value becomes essential. Everest Group offers in-depth buy-side commercial due diligence insights, providing investors with a detailed analysis to make confident, well-informed investment decisions, including:

  • A thorough understanding of the industry dynamics of the target asset, such as buyer sentiments, digital and other disruption levers, and projected market growth
  • A comprehensive assessment of the target’s capabilities and limitations through qualitative and quantitative analysis, particularly in relation to competition
  • An evaluation of buyer sentiment regarding the target’s capabilities and brand

Sell-side due diligence

Selling an asset can be a lengthy process. It becomes imperative to present the asset in the right way through effective sell-side due diligence to garner the maximum return on investment. This involves essential elements such as financial projections, market analysis, and potential returns on investment for buyers.

We assist investors in their commercial sell-side due diligence by crafting compelling pitch narratives that guarantee their assets are positioned at the right price point and presented to potential buyers with the precise details they need. This process encompasses:

  • Objective positioning of the asset’s industry to ensure it’s in an attractive sector to invest in
  • Clear highlighting of the strengths of the asset through an objective analysis of its capabilities, especially in relation to competition

Acquisition target identification

Private equity firms invest in new industries or sectors for diversification, potential growth opportunities, and to create value by capitalizing on opportunities beyond their core areas of expertise.

Everest Group empowers investors through acquisition target identification. This includes identifying potential sectors or markets to invest in, screening potential investment targets, and shortlisting optimal assets. These efforts simplify the investment process and provide insights to help investors make the best decisions while minimizing risks.

Growth acceleration of portfolio companies

After successfully investing in and acquiring a company, the goal of investors is to ensure the high performance of the company over the coming years, maximizing their return on investment.

Everest Group assists investors by defining success strategies and constructing comprehensive multi-year strategic roadmaps through granular go-to-market design, helping the company experience accelerated growth and paving the way for a successful outcome.


Why clients choose Everest Group

[Everest Group’s] ability to synthesize input from a variety of sources – or even people with different backgrounds and motivations – is really quite extraordinary.

– CIO, leading global mining company

The help was extremely timely and the quality we were looking for – this is what delights us and helps Everest Group to be a trusted partner.

– Executive, Market Development & Insight, global service provider​

Is it too forward to tell you that after only a quick skim of this information, I want to cry tears of joy? Others told us they couldn’t get the information and to go away – this is incredibly valuable information to use with our executives.

– VP of Market Intelligence and Insights, technology company​

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