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Tech provider leaders face various challenges in today’s rapidly evolving and competitive business landscape. Addressing these challenges requires a proactive approach, continuous learning, strategic planning, and a focus on innovation.

Everest Group assists tech provider leaders in making timely, confident decisions to proactively navigate shifting market dynamics. Tech providers are turning to us for guidance in critical areas such as product strategy, market strategy, alliance and partnership strategy, and product marketing strategy.

Here are some key challenges we are currently helping tech providers solve.

Product strategy

When it comes to product strategy, we’re helping tech providers through questions like:

  • How does our product stack up against our peers? And is it differentiated enough?
  • What are the latest technology trends? And is our product strategy aligned with current and future market requirements?
  • How can we design a product within specific verticals or functions?
  • How can we validate our product strategy against specific industries and functions?

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Market strategy

To make better decisions and accelerate business growth, tech providers are asking:

  • What are the emerging demand trends and market outlook?
  • What should our target market segments (geographies, industries, functions, buyer sizes) be for accelerated business growth?
  • Who should our target buyer stakeholder groups be?
  • What should our optimal pricing strategy be for the current economic conditions?


Alliance and partnership strategy

With years of client collaboration and developing comprehensive alliance and partnership strategies, Everest Group has unparalleled insights to navigate the service provider alliance and partnership ecosystem. Some questions we’ve addressed are:

  • What is the current and future market opportunity through the service provider partner channel?
  • Who are the key service providers that we should develop more strategic partnerships with?
  • What are the key go-to-market segments with the service provider partners?
  • How can we better enable our service provider partners to accelerate end-client adoption?


Product marketing strategy

Technology providers need a deliberate and consistent approach to product marketing. Everest Group is helping tech provider leaders with questions like:

  • How do we create market awareness and establish thought leadership?
  • How can we position our product effectively in the market and differentiate it from our peers and competitors?
  • How can we validate our value proposition and messaging against our target market segments?


Why clients choose Everest Group

[Everest Group’s] ability to synthesize input from a variety of sources – or even people with different backgrounds and motivations – is really quite extraordinary.

– CIO, leading global mining company

The help was extremely timely and the quality we were looking for – this is what delights us and helps Everest Group to be a trusted partner.

– Executive, Market Development & Insight, global service provider​

Is it too forward to tell you that after only a quick skim of this information, I want to cry tears of joy? Others told us they couldn’t get the information and to go away – this is incredibly valuable information to use with our executives.

– VP of Market Intelligence and Insights, technology company​

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