Analyst Relations Newsletter Q2 2022: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Client Success Story #1: A leading global systems integrator engaged Everest Group to conduct a deep-dive study and workshop on the current competitive landscape for sustainability technology enablement services in the European market.

This custom study investigated:

  • Who the market leaders and niche players were across ESG programs
  • How these players were evolving their own internal ESG initiatives and what offerings they brought to the market
  • What was the strength of these offerings and alignment with market needs
  • What were the market engagement strategies

The study gave the client a clear understanding of the maturity of the sustainability technology enablement services market landscape, a sense of their own positioning in that landscape, and guidance on growth opportunities and how best to capitalize on them.

Client Success Story #2: Amy Fong and Rita Soni spoke at SIG’s 2022 Procurement Technology Summit on April 5, 2022, in the session titled, “ESG in Services: What Sourcing Teams Must Know to Do More.”

As a prequel to the event, Rita did a podcast with SIG CEO Dawn Tiura where they discussed:

  • An in-depth view of Everest Group’s “purpose framework” and Rita’s focus area – impact sourcing
  • Avoiding “greenwashing” by focusing on the business case for sustainability
  • ESG’s role in the business services industry and what companies can do to incorporate and live by these goals

Rita and Amy built upon the message by presenting:

  • Current trends in the global services industry across all three aspects of E, S, and G
  • Guidance to conference participants on ways to better use their services spend to reach organization diversity and sustainability goals
  • A deep dive into the potential of impact sourcing

Also, during the Summit, Eric Simonson launched a new robust procurement and service provider tool developed to address sustainability –  RFP Questionnaire: ESG Attributes.

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