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Building a business model for ESG and sustainability impact

Everest Group connects enterprises to Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) and sustainability opportunities

Over 90% of large global enterprises are reporting on sustainability in some way, which is a significant jump from just a decade ago. This boost in ESG and sustainability programs is demanding businesses across virtually every industry to get involved.

Social, economic, and environmental initiatives can add benefits across the business, affecting everyone from customers and employees to third-party services providers, investors, and stakeholders. And enterprises are discovering that, in doing good, not only are they giving back, but they are achieving business value and competitive advantage.

Finding ways to make an impact has never been more advantageous. But creating good does not come from charities and non-profits alone. Forward-looking companies are now taking their sustainability efforts to the next level and realizing the business gains it brings.

Everest Group provides enterprises with the knowledge to find ESG and sustainability opportunities within the services industry, partners in reaching sustainability goals. From net-zero targets to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) integration, we empower enterprises to achieve their purpose-driven goals with the breadth and reach of our industry knowledge

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The evolution of environmental, social, governance ESG and sustainability practices

ESG and sustainability initiatives are being adopted at a rapid pace and at a variety of levels. But how do enterprises get started? One of the initial challenges of becoming purpose-driven is putting a description and goal behind what an enterprise wants to achieve. It could be in the early phases of philanthropic efforts and business ethics or moving toward more advanced stages like sustainability reporting and stakeholder engagement.


Enterprise executives are initiating forward-looking governance strategies, keeping their eye on the long-term payoffs and impacts, and staying ahead of the pace of change, whether regulatory, risk-related, or new business opportunities. Sustainability investments are increasing as enterprises plan for the future and transition from maximizing return for shareholders and toward overall stakeholder engagement, creating purpose-driven enterprises.

Everest Group’s data-driven insights and continuous guidance serve as the resources that enterprises need to find ESG and sustainability opportunities in the services industry. We steer enterprises toward better performance results throughout their entire ESG and sustainability journeys.


The #EGresponsible Series

ESG initiatives in services sourcing

Everest Group opens the door for procurement teams to find business value through ESG and sustainability opportunities in the services industry. The expanding sustainability vendor ecosystem offers the external expertise, tools, and offerings that can help enterprises succeed in their sustainability agendas.

Technology innovation for sustainable development

How enterprises scale sustainability across their technology landscape can have major downstream implications. Enterprises should learn about the technology vendor landscape and how who they partner with significantly impacts the way they collect data and achieve ESG targets.

Adding impact sourcing into your service provider philosophy

Discover what impact sourcing is and how it helps companies access skilled yet under-utilized talent and contribute towards sustainability goals while making improvements to communities with limited economic options.

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