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Innovation for Sustainable Development

Innovation for sustainable development, or driving sustainability within business processes, enables enterprises to be forward-thinking. Enterprises that integrate innovation for sustainable development remain compliant with emerging mandates and drive long-term value by increasing efficiency, identifying new business opportunities, and enhancing brand reputation.

Sustainability is now a business priority, and innovation for sustainable development is pivotal in fostering sustainable and responsible business models. Adopting advancing technologies for sustainability initiatives, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, data integration, cloud, and blockchain, help uncover areas of inefficiency, streamline processes, and reduce resource consumption – improving overall organizational performance and driving sustainability objectives forward.

Everest Group’s sustainability technology and services membership

Through the lenses of planet, people, and business case, Everest Group’s sustainability technology and services membership delivers cohesive support to enterprises as they implement and activate sustainable business models. Our research examines the most relevant issues and provides deep analyses, so business leaders make confident sustainability decisions.

Forward-looking enterprises are taking steps toward innovation for sustainable development with practices like sustainable product development and circular economies – the process of designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of assets with sustainability in mind – and investing in Green IT, including green data centers, green cloud environments, green infrastructures, and more.

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Sustainable product development

Embed sustainability in the process of designing, creating, and manufacturing products.

Circular economy

Implement a sustainable and holistic approach to the production, consumption, and waste management of assets.

Green information technology

Learn the benefits of investing in Green IT and how it can cultivate innovation and competitive advantage.

Everest Group guides businesses toward the innovative technologies that enable solutions to sustainability challenges, powering inclusive social impact, making industries more efficient, and transforming the way business is done. Our insights and sustainability technology and services membership help business leaders make the best decisions to support their sustainability journeys.

Leaders and decision makers need to be as confident about their decisions as they were in the last era of technology-led productivity. Everest Group’s provides guidance and practical approaches that accelerate collective sustainability outcomes.

If you could see what we can see, you would feel positive about the future and confident about sustainability decision making.

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