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Everest Group Launches ‘Talent Genius,’ an AI-powered Platform to Guide Workforce, Location Decisions for IT, Business Process Services

With Talent Genius from Everest Group, global organizations can build, monitor and optimize their location portfolio and talent hubs by staying on top of talent market dynamics.


DALLAS, Texas—April 3, 2023—Global organizations are constantly searching for talent locations that offer the right balance of cost savings, skills and risk profile, but they lack the credible, easily accessible data they need to make confident location and talent decisions. Everest Group is addressing that challenge today with the launch of Talent Genius™, its AI-powered cloud platform purpose-built to deliver critical location and talent insights for IT and business process (BP) services.

With Talent Genius, global organizations can build, monitor and optimize their location portfolio and talent hubs by staying on top of talent market dynamics. Talent Genius allows decision makers to interact with intuitive dashboards and visualizations to evaluate location attractiveness across economic and geopolitical risk, wage inflation, attrition, and talent supply and demand. Clients can monitor demand trends, talent hotspots, competitive intensity, and salary benchmarks for various roles and skills in the IT-BPS space.

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“The global services market runs on the power of talent, so it’s critical that organizations make the right decisions when it comes to creating and optimizing their location and workforce strategies,” said Sakshi Garg, vice president at Everest Group. “That is why we are excited to expand our services portfolio with a new cutting-edge location and talent intelligence tool. With Talent Genius, at the click of a button our clients will have the highly contextualized, expert-vetted information they need to make those decisions—confidently. With our commitment to innovation and excellence, we are confident that this new offering will provide unparalleled value to our clients.”

Everest Group is the leading research firm in the global services space, with decades of experience in partnering with global IT-BP service organizations to provide location and talent insights to enable confident decisions. Talent Genius combines Everest Group’s proprietary datasets from years of research with ongoing talent market data to equip global services and IT-BP services industry leaders with powerful insights in an interactive, on-demand platform.

Talent Genius is a comprehensive membership that delivers on-demand insights through access to the Talent Genius platform, as well as guided expertise through access to Everest Group analysts. It also includes other deliverables, such as research reports. This unique combination of on-demand data and expert insights ensures organizations have the right level of support to make confident decisions in any scenario.

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About Everest Group
Everest Group is a leading research firm helping business leaders make confident decisions. We guide clients through today’s market challenges and strengthen their strategies by applying contextualized problem-solving to their unique situations. This drives maximized operational and financial performance and transformative experiences. Our deep expertise and tenacious research focused on technology, business processes, and engineering through the lenses of talent, sustainability, and sourcing delivers precise and action-oriented guidance. Find further details and in-depth content at www.everestgrp.com.

Experience Reigns Supreme in the Talent War | In the News

Multi-process human resource outsourcing (MPHRO) deals are on the rise again in 2022 as enterprises seek end-to-end services that include talent acquisition and development and that keep employee experience at the core.

Everest Group projects that this focus on employee experience, reskilling, and digital transformation will drive a 7-9% growth in the MPHRO market by 2026.

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Double-Digit Growth in Managed Service Provider Market May Continue, Driven by Global Demand for Contingent Workforce—Everest Group | Press Relelase

Everest Group report describes rapid evolution of MSP technology model as next-generation digital technologies unlock powerful new avenues of value creation.

The global Managed Service Provider (MSP) market is growing steadily on the back of rising demand for contingent workforce globally. The total annual contingent spend managed by MSP service providers stood at US$127-132 billion in 2017, representing 11 percent growth year on year, and Everest Group predicts growth in 2018 of 10 to 12 percent, with total annual contingent spend reaching US$140-150 billion.

These findings are discussed in more detail in “Managed Service Provider (MSP) – Annual Report 2019: Navigating Through Unchartered Territories: Is the Industry Compass-Ready?.”  This research provides comprehensive coverage of the 2017-2018 MSP market and analyzes it across various dimensions such as market overview, evolving market situation, and buyer adoption trends.

Everest Group research identifies these key themes in the MSP market:

  • Clash of MSP and PO: Procurement outsourcing (PO) and business process outsourcing (BPO) providers hold a significant chunk of the global MSP spend and are increasingly clashing with MSPs as they defend their share of the services procurement space.
  • Services Procurement: While traditional temporary labor services still constitute a major part of the MSP spend, services procurement / Statement of Work (SOW) spend managed by MSPs is slowly capturing an incremental share of the pie, owing to its rapid growth across regions.
  • Total Talent Acquisition: In 2017, the market also witnessed an uptick in the number of Requests for Information (RFIs) for Total Talent Acquisition (TTA). While Europe remains the largest TTA adopter, activity in North America and the Asia Pacific region increased as well.
  • Digital technologies: Application of digital technologies in talent acquisition is advancing rapidly, and as contingent workforce across industries and buyer segments is taking different shapes and forms, the role of technology in MSP is becoming all the more crucial.

“Today, analytics is increasingly becoming an integral part of MSP engagements, with a wide variety of use cases such as spend analytics, supplier analytics, workforce analytics and peer benchmarking, among others,” said Arkadev Basak, vice president at Everest Group. “Other next-generation digital levers are typically still in pilot phases today, but we will soon see digital technologies impacting all aspects of talent acquisition, resulting in the transition from a traditional organizational structure to a digitally-enable one.”

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