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Metaverse Trends that Can Redefine the Hybrid Work Model | Blog

The metaverse offers promise to reinvent hybrid models by balancing remote work with social connections formed between avatar versions of employees in a virtual world. This emerging model holds the potential to enhance team collaboration, accelerate learning, and spark creativity. Learn the latest metaverse trends to watch in this blog.

Hybrid work environments – the answer to many of the issues of remote working experienced during the pandemic – have increasingly been adopted by global enterprises in all industries to offer work flexibility along with in-person collaboration employees desire.

Now the metaverse can take hybrid work into its next evolution – bringing together the advantages of the work-from-home environment with the social connections, teamwork, and fun of the virtual world.

In this exciting next phase, employees will work in a persistent immersive mega virtual smart space akin to a universe where people have seamless digital experiences that can extend to the real world.

Employees with 3D avatars of themselves will inhabit virtual office spaces to meet and collaborate with their teams remotely without feeling distant. Many metaverse solutions for the workplace, like Microsoft Mesh, NextMeet, and Meta’s Horizon Workrooms are already gaining popularity for work meetings.

Metaverse advantages in a hybrid work model

When operating in the metaverse, organizations reap all the benefits of remote work, including reduced operational costs for real estate and facility maintenance. Here are some of the other key benefits:

  • Enhanced learning and development – Through virtual learning, the metaverse can enable better collaboration, enhance learning outcomes, and improve employee training
  • Improved attrition and talent – The metaverse can reverse the rising attrition rates many companies experience when returning to in-office work by employees who leave because they prefer remote work. With metaverse, companies can differentiate their employee value proposition around collaboration and relaxation activities, resulting in better retention.

Organizations can deploy metaverse applications throughout the employee lifecycle, including attracting talent by distinguishing themselves, developing skills through virtual training, and engaging employees so they stay with the company

  • Better collaboration across geographies – As metaverse adoption increases, organizations will be able to further distribute employees geographically. Tasks like design work, planning, and strategizing that require teamwork and are difficult to perform in regular virtual modes can be done more effectively with creative virtual tools within the metaverse. This will enable increased talent sourcing for strategic roles from tier-2 and tier-3 cities as the metaverse diminishes the barriers to effective collaboration across geographies
  • Greater work-life boundaries – Metaverse can overcome remote workers’ top concerns of feeling isolated, having limited social interactions with coworkers, and lacking boundaries between work and personal time.

 A fully immersive metaverse environment functions exactly like an office space where employees can have the impromptu interactions needed to build a shared organizational culture. When working in the metaverse, employees work in different environments than their homes, providing a barrier between jobs and leisure

Challenges to the metaverse in hybrid work

The metaverse will have some challenges to overcome and these include:

  • Higher initial investment – Operating within the metaverse requires a high initial investment for developing metaverse platforms and procuring hardware. The low maturity of technology and hardware required is an obstacle to large-scale commercial adoption
  • Employee stress – Working in the metaverse for long hours is strenuous for employees who can feel fatigued and lose their sense of reality. Another employee concern is digital privacy and security
  • Graphic limitations – The metaverse technology available today only supports cartoonish avatars that do not look realistic or show human emotions, significantly limiting the effective expression of thoughts and non-verbal cues

Metaverse outlook

Most organizations are following a wait-and-watch approach when formulating internal and external metaverse strategies as most metaverse solutions offered today are in their initial development stages.

Widespread metaverse platform adoption is likely to take a few years because the infrastructure, applications, and computing power requirements for a very immersive metaverse experience are not yet available on a deployable scale. However, the metaverse offers an enticing value proposition that should be closely watched.

To discuss metaverse trends and their impact on the hybrid work model, contact [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected].

You can also view our LinkedIn Live event, Trust and Safety (T&S) in the Metaverse | With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

The Top GBS Employers™ in India, The Philippines, and Poland – Discover Why They Are the Top Global Business Services Companies for Talent | Blog

Everest Group’s Top GBS Employers™ across India, Poland, and the Philippines report illustrates the top global business services companies selected for best work environment and job satisfaction rating by employees. Read on to discover what the workforce looks for when choosing an employer and view the complete list.

 See the Report

As the battle to find the right talent and skillsets resumes, GBS employers must build an exemplary brand to stand out among their peers to attract and retain top talent. The talent shortage worldwide is here for the foreseeable future and is a constraint against growth goals. Developing and implementing a talent strategy should be at the top of any employer’s priority list. One tactic that many are turning to is closely tracking and honing their brand, or how talent perceives them in their local market.

Developing a solid brand perception will not only address the talent shortage challenge but also help draw in a strong and resilient workforce, so organizations will survive uncertainty and thrive in intensely competitive environments. The top global business services companies are incorporating the key components and top requirements that talent are gravitating towards – work environment, compensation, career development, and diversity – and are critical in building employer brand perceptions and meeting evolving workforce expectations.

The top global business services companies selected across India, The Philippines, and Poland

Everest Group analyzed the employer brand perceptions of 200+ leading GBS organizations across India, Poland, and the Philippines to discover what a top employer brand perception encompasses, view the full report. The study examined multiple dimensions, including compensation, career progression, senior management, work-life balance, culture and values, and diversity.

This first-of-its-kind study also analyzes the performance of each of the top global business services companies in the local talent markets based on attrition rates, joiner-exit ratio, and overall employee satisfaction ratings.

Finally, we assessed what top global business services companies are doing to differentiate themselves in talent markets, targeting the most desired themes from talent: work environment, compensation, career development, and diversity.

Why GBS organizations need this information today

Workforce expectations have transformed dramatically over the past few years, and organizations have to evolve their employer brands to meet those expectations. The pandemic brought about the work-from-home (WFH) era, dispelling many negative notions around WFH, and set a standard of work-life balance, flexibility, and autonomy that employers must deliver. Our research shows that over half of today’s organizations expect over 40% of their employees to continue working from home or in a hybrid style over the next two years or so.

More and more employees today are also choosing to work for companies that not only have sustainability goals and strong culture and values but adhere to diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB) practices, which ensures employees have equal opportunities and ultimately feel more valued.

And at the top of the list, employees want to work for organizations that offer career paths, opportunities for upskilling, and fair compensation.

The Top GBS Employers™ rankings provide an outside-in proxy on how prospective candidates pursuing tech and ops careers perceive employer companies – helping firms baseline their employee value propositions (EVP) effectiveness vs. their immediate peers.

How are the top global business services companies being ranked?

Recent employer perception studies have been too broad, with no specific view capturing tech talent’s concerns. This analysis is based on publicly available information, including Glassdoor, Indeed, and LinkedIn, and the latest feedback capturing prospective employees’ perceptions about top GBS organizations. The rankings from the report provide a comparative snapshot of leading firms’ market perceptions among the tech and ops workforce. We ranked each GBS employer on employee satisfaction grade, compensation and benefits, work environment, career opportunities, and diversity and inclusion focus and investment.

The top ten across India, the Philippines, and Poland

By assessing the ratings and feedback from popular public sites and critical sources for employees conducting employer research, we narrowed down the top ten in India, the Philippines, and Poland:

  • Across India, the overall top GBS employers are Google, Mondelez, Microsoft, Bank of America, SAP, JPMC, P&G, Target, American Express, and Novartis
  • In the Philippines, the overall top GBS employers are Henkel, SAP, JPMC, Telstra, P&G, SunLife, Wells Fargo, American Express, Chevron, and 3M
  • And in Poland, we saw Mondelez, Microsoft, SAP, Standard Chartered, Google, Cisco, Bayer, AstraZeneca, ING Group, and P&G come through as the top GBS employers

See the full report for a complete view into the rankings in the different regions.

Key takeaways from the research

Throughout every market assessed, it’s clear that compensation, work environment, and career development are among the top sought-after aspects when choosing a new employer and have the most impact on employer brand perception.

Employers with the highest rankings offer relatively high entry-level compensations and robust training, set benchmarks to allow for pay increases, perform salary corrections, and have opportunities for fast-track promotions, especially at lower experience levels. High-ranking companies also offer flexibility and options for remote work and the chance to work across teams for cross-functional exposure. Other perks among the highest ranked employers are opportunities to work on the latest tech stacks and develop techno-functional and behavioral skills, along with good 401K matching and health insurance options, market-competitive benefits, and decent paid time off.

Employers that incorporate these practices will significantly increase their overall employer brand perception and discover more success in finding and retaining talent.

Top global business services companies can also leverage Everest Group’s Talent Performance Framework to optimize their talent management strategies and build future-proof talent models.

Exhibit one: Everest Group’s Talent Performance Framework

Picture1 4

To learn more about Everest Group’s Top GBS Employers or to discuss the Talent Performance Framework, reach out to [email protected] or Contact us.

Also, join us for our Conversations with Leaders LinkedIn Live series, a part of Everest Group’s GBS Leadership Exchange, Episode 3 | Who Are the Top GBS Employers?, featuring GBS executives who have shown significant leadership and innovation in GBS. In this session, Rohitashwa Aggarwal, VP of GBS Research and Advisory at Everest Group, and Shweta Mohanty, VP and Head of HR for SAP, India, will discuss the Top GBS Employers, and what they are doing to set themselves apart.

Everest Group Publishes Inaugural Ranking of Top Global Business Services Employers | Press Release

Mondelez, Microsoft and SAP among Top GBS Employers across India, The Philippines and Poland.


DALLAS, August 30, 2022 — Everest Group today released the results of its inaugural ranking of top Global Business Services (GBS) employers across India, The Philippines and Poland. Everest Group’s Top GBS Employers™ rankings provide an “outside-in proxy” on how prospective candidates perceive employer companies.

In this first-of-its-kind study, Everest Group has analyzed the employer brand perception of more than 200 leading GBS organizations across India, The Philippines and Poland.

Mondelēz International, Microsoft and SAP rank among the Top 3 in two geographies. Google appears twice among the Top 5.

“Talent is the differentiating factor that enables organizations to survive uncertainties and thrive in intense competition,” said Rohitashwa Aggarwal, vice president at Everest Group. “In the ongoing war for talent, maintaining a positive brand image is of quintessential importance. GBS organizations need to understand what components most contribute to employer brand perception in local talent markets and how to strengthen their brand to attract and retain the best and brightest. Leading global GBS organizations can leverage insights from our Top GBS Employers report and our Talent Performance Framework to optimize their talent management strategies and build future-proof talent models.”


Topping the 2022 list of Top GBS Employers in India are these 10 organizations:

  1. Google
  2. Mondelēz International
  3. Microsoft
  4. Bank of America
  5. SAP
  6. JPMC
  7. P&G
  8. Target
  9. American Express
  10. Novartis


Topping the 2022 list of Top GBS Employers in The Philippines are these 10 organizations:

  1. Henkel
  2. SAP
  3. JPMC
  4. Telstra
  5. P&G
  6. SunLife
  7. Wells Fargo
  8. American Express
  9. Chevron
  10. 3M


Topping the 2022 list of Top GBS Employers in Poland are these 10 organizations:

  1. Mondelēz International
  2. Microsoft
  3. SAP
  4. Standard Chartered
  5. Google
  6. Cisco
  7. Bayer
  8. AstraZeneca
  9. ING Group
  10. P&G


***Download a complimentary copy of the 2022 Everest Group Top GBS Employers™ list and analysis***


***LinkedIn Live Event: “Who Are the Top GBS Employers?”***

Thursday, September 15, 6:30 AM CDT: Join the Conversation

Rohitashwa Aggarwal, vice president of GBS Research and Advisory at Everest Group, and Shweta Mohanty, vice president and head of HR for SAP, India, will discuss Everest Group’s inaugural analysis of the Top GBS Employers across leading GBS markets, including India, the Philippines, and Poland, and what the top GBS employers are doing to set themselves apart.


***On-Demand Webinar: “Elevate Your GBS Employer Brand: Lessons from Top Employers***

Everest Group presents the results of its Top GBS Employers study and shares what top GBS employers are doing to set themselves apart. Watch this webinar to learn what factors impact brand perception as a GBS employer, how brand perception varies for GBS talent and technology talent, and what organizations can do to address employee grievances and enhance their overall brand perception among potential employees.

“It’s great to be recognized among the world’s Top GBS Employers across regions,” said Sindhu Gangadharan, SVP & MD, SAP Labs India, Head, SAP User Enablement. “SAP’s innovations for half a million customers are fueled by its talent powerhouse. As a leading product organization that doesn’t have a public-facing product, a unique and attractive talent branding strategy is imperative to onboard the best minds and elevate our innovation quotient to help the world run better and improve people’s lives.”

“It is truly a proud moment to be identified as a top GBS employer in India,” said Shweta Mohanty, VP – Head of HR, SAP, India. “We place immense importance on providing best-in-class experiences for our employees, built around empathy. The last two years have reinforced the value of being truly inclusive and focusing on ‘moments that matter.’ And this includes providing the best candidate experience to all our prospective employees. What differentiates us is that we constantly personalize our practices and processes by consciously using technology for a diverse 12K+ employees in India.”


Key Takeaways:

  • Across all markets assessed (India, the Philippines and Poland), employees place a strong emphasis on compensation, work-environment, and career development, and these factors have the most impact on employer brand perception.
  • The influence of work flexibility (e.g., the option to choose one’s working model, work schedule flexibility, etc.) on job satisfaction ratings is increasing across geographies. Diversity & Inclusion, while important, are creating limited impact on the overall employer brand perception of GBS organizations as of now.
  • Both fresh and experienced technology professionals exhibit a strong preference for TMT (technology, media and telecom), HLS (healthcare and life sciences), and BFS (banking and financial services) GBS organizations, mainly driven by a perception of better career opportunities (e.g., robust training programs, opportunities to work on latest IT stacks) in those segments.
  • The workforce employed by Philippines-based GBS organizations reports relatively higher levels of satisfaction across all parameters as compared to their Polish and Indian counterparts.
  • No significant correlation exists between the age and/or size of a GBS organization and its employee satisfaction ratings across geographies.


Everest Group’s analysis spans multiple brand dimensions, including compensation, career progression, senior management, work-life balance, diversity, culture and values. The study also analyzes the performance of each of these GBS organizations in the local talent markets based on the prevailing attrition rates, joiner-exit ratio and the overall employee satisfaction ratings. By design, this analysis is based on publicly available information only, with an intent to capture the perception of prospective employees about top GBS organizations.

About Everest Group
Everest Group is a research firm focused on strategic IT, business services, engineering services, and sourcing. Our research also covers the technologies that power those processes and functions and the related talent trends and strategies. Our clients include leading global companies, service and technology providers, and investors. Clients use our services to guide their journeys to maximize operational and financial performance, transform experiences, and realize high-impact business outcomes. Details and in-depth content are available at www.everestgrp.com.

Call Center Industry Urges Gov’t to Improve Ease of Doing Business | In the News

The government needs to improve the ease of doing business to allow the business process outsourcing industry to hit its export revenue and job generation targets, the Contact Center Association of the Philippines (CCAP) said.

The CCAP said the industry’s headcount rose in 2021 by up to 10%, or over 120,000 jobs. It was citing data from global research firm Everest Group.

Read more in Business World


Elevate Your GBS Employer Brand: Lessons from Top Employers | Webinar


Elevate Your GBS Employer Brand: Lessons from Top Employers

Access the on-demand webinar, which was delivered live on August 23, 2022.

Who are the top GBS employers? To find out, we launched a first-of-its-kind study analyzing the employer brand perception of 200+ leading GBS organizations in India, the Philippines, and Poland across multiple dimensions.

For this study, we evaluated the performance of the GBS organizations in their local talent markets, spotlighting attrition rates, growth trends, and overall employee satisfaction ratings. In addition, we correlated the success achieved by GBS organizations in each talent market with the perception of their GBS brand as a preferred employer. The study was conducted for GBS organizations at an overall level and specifically for technology talent.

Join this on-demand webinar as we dive into the results of the study and shed light on what top GBS employers are doing to set themselves apart from the rest.

What questions will the on-demand webinar answer for the participants?

  • Who are the top GBS employers? What are the factors impacting GBS brand perception as an employer in key markets?
  • How can companies evaluate their brand perception from employees’ perspectives? How does it vary for GBS talent and technology talent?
  • What are the top employee grievances?
  • What initiatives do best-in-class organizations employ to enhance overall brand perception?

Who should attend?

  • GBS executives
  • GBS strategy leaders
  • HR leaders
  • Talent acquisition leaders

GBS Leadership Exchange: Shaping Success for Automotive, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Energy & Utilities GBS

GBS Leadership Exchange | Invitation-only event

Shaping Success for Automotive, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Energy & Utilities GBS

July 28, 2022 |
8:30-10 am EDT / 6-7:30 pm IST

Automotive, manufacturing, logistics, and energy & utilities (AMLEU) GBS organizations are evolving enterprises by improving efficiency and effectiveness and enabling new growth. The next wave of evolution for GBS will focus on reaching value beyond arbitrage, growing the enterprise’s top line, and reducing barriers inhibiting GBS-enterprise collaboration.

Join our exclusive GBS Leadership Exchange virtual roundtable, “Shaping Success for Automotive, Manufacturing, Logistics, and Energy & Utilities GBS,” on Thursday, July 28, 2022, 8:30 am – 10:00 am EDT / 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm IST. 

In this collaborative session, our analysts will lead a conversation exploring the transformation needed to position AMLEU GBS organizations for sustained success.

What you will take away

Along with our analyst experts, you and your industry peers will share ideas, successful approaches, and key priorities that will shape the future of AMLEU GBS organizations, including: 

  • The 2025 vision for AMLEU GBS organizations
  • Key areas and enablers for future value creation
  • Futuristic operating and governance models
  • Success-driving actions for AMLEU GBS leaders
  • Success stories from best-in-class peers 

Who should attend?

  • GBS leaders
  • GBS strategy leaders
  • GBS site leaders

Virtual Roundtable Guidelines

This event is available to our GBS Leadership Exchange members only. The only price of admission is participation. Attendees should be prepared to share their experiences and be willing to engage in discourse.

Participation is limited to enterprises (no service providers), and Everest Group must approve each attendance request to ensure an appropriate size and mix of participants. The sessions are 90 minutes in duration and include introductions, a short presentation, and a facilitated discussion.

Aggarwal Rohitashwa gray square
Rohitashwa Aggarwal
Vice President
Agarwal Anish
Anish Agarwal
Practice Director

Snakes & Ladders: Are You Ready for the GBS Game? | LinkedIn Live

linkedin live

Snakes & Ladders: Are You Ready for the GBS Game?

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on July 20, 2022.

Global business services (GBS) is a game. There are opportunities. And there are setbacks. 🐍 

GBS 2022 is a particularly challenging game to play for leaders. Inflation is pressuring costs. Attrition is gathering steam. Supply chains are crazy. Funding for GBS projects is in question. Oh my!

But with another roll of the dice, possibilities abound: Pull for new services. Supply chain improves. Staff driven by purpose. Take that!

It’s all in how you play the game.

In this LinkedIn Live, our GBS experts and practitioners will discuss the strategies you should consider putting in place, including the “just in case” ones, so you win the ultimate goal of becoming a “GBS recognized as a competitive advantage.” As an attendee, we welcome you to share your experiences and ask the speakers and peer attendees questions.

This LinkedIn Live session will provide meaningful takeaways and practical approaches to address the many challenges and opportunities that await in the remainder of the year.

What questions will the event answer for the participants?

  • What opportunities and obstacles should GBS leaders prepare for?
  • What strategies need to be deployed to capitalize on opportunities and overcome obstacles?
  • What is ophidiophobia, and which of the presenters have it?

Meet the Presenters

Kops Deborah
Principal, Sourcing Change
Barbara Hodge
Global Online Editor
Shared Services & Outsourcing Network
SLN Headshot 2018 e1657827886805
Suzanne Leopoldi-Nichols
Chief GBS Officer
WPP, formerly with UPS

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