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Analyst Relations Newsletter | Key Highlights from Custom Research

Developed a risk management sourcing profile for a top UK bank Client overview and background: A leading UK bank was looking for advice on the “art of the possible” within risk management BPO. Our approach: Everest Group helped them assess market maturity of sourcing of risk processes (Including Credit, Market, Liquidity, Regulatory, and Operational). Global Top 20 banks were analyzed for their approach to risk management to paint this picture. Beyond that, the project involved mapping this perspective to the client’s current situation, and deciding the optimal mix of in-house vs GIC vs 3rd party vendor mix. The findings were presented to bank’s Chief Risk Officer (CRO), and currently the client is implementing the recommended strategy Client benefits: Everest Group presented the findings to bank’s Chief Risk Officer (CRO), and CRO is now following the recommendations provided for sourcing model decision for each of the individual risk processes.

Developed a North American insurance industry infrastructure maturity model for a leading IT services provider Client overview and background: A leading global IT services provider engaged Everest Group to develop a consultative sales tool to target insurance prospects in North America. Client wanted to use this tool to run effective sales conversations with clients, help them understand the competitive landscape and aid decision making to drive adoption of next generation infrastructure outsourcing. Our approach: Everest Group conducted primary outreach with leading insurance firms to understand business priorities and spend areas. We then developed an infrastructure maturity model and a companion diagnostic tool to help firms understand the current state of their infrastructure environment and provide a roadmap for adoption of next generation technologies to improve business outcomes. Benefits to the client: Client is using the maturity model and diagnostic tool to target priority accounts in the market place.

Enterprise Cloud Services – Annual Report 2016: “Cloud the Bedrock of Digital Business” | Market Insights™

As cloud adoption becomes mainstream, enterprises are demanding different value from their cloud deployments – some are driving transformation, others to support digital development, and others for other purposes.

Digital adoption, in particular, is pushing cloud services boundaries in terms of their role in the broader ecosystem. However, different enterprises continue to adopt cloud services uniquely, based on their requirements. Not all consider it to be in their top-3 investment priorities, despite believing that cloud is of strategic importance. This disconnect stems from the fact that enterprises are at different maturity levels from cloud-adoption perspective, especially to drive digital transformation.
This report analyses the key trends in cloud services market, how cloud fits into the broader digital agenda of enterprises, which industries lead cloud adoption, and what are the major cloud services deal trends.

Below are some of the compelling insights from this research.

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cloud mkt snapshot

cloud in dgtl

infra not apps

cloud aug infra

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Analytics Business Process Services (BPS) – Analytics Goes Mainstream | Market Insights™

Tremendous interest in analytics has set the global analytics Business Process Services (BPS) market on fire, propelling analytics BPS market growth rates to 35 to 40 percent, and total market size to approximately US$4.5 billion.

Everest Group research indicates that descriptive analytics is fast becoming the new baseline offering, as most buyers tend to have some sort of descriptive analytics program in place. In particular, 2015 saw explosive growth as buyers experimented with advanced analytics solutions and technologies, and the demand for predictive and prescriptive solutions is expected to rise in the future. Buyer demand – and service provider response – are driving significant ongoing change in the BPS analytics market.

Below are some of the compelling insights from this research.

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Anltx BPS 2016 - 5 things
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Anltx BPS 2016 - growth
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Anltx BPS 2016 - mrkt mtrty
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Anltx BPS 2016 - mchn lrnng
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Anltx BPS 2016 - IoT
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Market Vista: 2015 Year in Review | Market Insights™

Everest Group research indicates that the nature of the global services industry is shifting as the market matures, resulting in substantial change for service providers, buyers, and Global In-house Centers (GICs). Technology, in particular, is having significant impact on the market, disrupting everything about how, when, and where services are being delivered.

Our most recent Market Vista report, Market Vista™: Global Services 2015 Year in Review – A Maturing Market Facing Disruption, offers an overview of the developments that took place in the industry in 2015, highlighting key trends and drivers pertaining to GICs, offshore/nearshore locations, service providers, and outsourcing transactions. We looked ahead to 2016, as well, analyzing the implications of current trends for market participants in the coming year.

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Below are some of the most intriguing insights from this research.

VMYIR16 - GS heatmap

VMYIR16 - GS oppts 2016

VMYIR16 - GS shifting nature

VMYIR16 - SP inorg grow

VMYIR16 - GS loc act

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Future Proofing Your IT Services Model | Executive Point of View

With the emergence of digitization, the Internet-of-Things, cloud, and other technology disruptors, IT’s role in and value proposition for the business units it supports have become integral to how competitiveness is established and maintained. Business that are incapable or unwilling to leverage the full power of the technology advances or resist adapting to the new business models that are being enabled, will, in relatively short order, become laggards in their industry and, in some cases, cease to remain in business.

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Analyst Relations Newsletter | Talent Spotlight

Sarah_Burnett_Photo-ColorBased in London, Sarah serves European clients across our global services research areas. Her key areas of expertise include Service Optimization Technology, including Service Delivery Automation (SDA), Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence; Analytics; IT infrastructure management; and cloud. Sarah offers more than 20 years of experience in global services in a variety of capacities. She is popular speaker at industry venues, a frequent blogger, and has an active Twitter following. Please take a moment to learn more about Sarah’s background and her work. Follow her on Twitter at @SarahBurnett.

Published studies



Upcoming research highlights

  • The Market for Artificial Intelligence Technology in Service Delivery Automation – A Market Report
  • The Impact of Automation on Contract Pricing
  • FIT Matrix™ of Testing Automation Tools

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Analyst Relations Newsletter | Key Highlights from Custom Research

Major European oil and gas technology provider needed benchmarking support in working with its service provider

A major European provider of technology to the oil and gas industry engaged Everest Group to provide end-to-end benchmarking for cost and efficiency across IT and BPS. This work resulted in a complete reset of the working relationship with roadmap to assist both organisations to achieve best-in-class cost and performance.

Major European technology player engaged Everest Group to help optimize their global locations and delivery operations for its procure-to-pay processes

A major European technology player engaged Everest Group research to conduct a global locations optimization project, assessing the current efficiency and flexibility of its existing global procure-to-pay process delivery against 15 similar GIC global organizations. This project was to highlight key areas of the process that could be improved to meet best-in-class global standards in P2P and to push the organization to be classed as a world leader.

Global auto manufacturer required support in location identification and staffing models

Everest Group research conducted a major locations project around this client’s engineering delivery optimization. Through a detailed assessment of potential locations in India, we identified a major hub for engineering talent and, subsequently, recommended an exact location within the city as the best fit. We built a comprehensive matrix of costs associated with the center itself, ongoing operational costs, and FTE costs at all levels. Through our extensive shortlisting capability and work with an engineering talent firm, we then assisted the organization in the identification of 1,500 potential candidates of which 500+ have now been hired. A second project utilizing the same approach and has resulted in a new center being built for a separate engineering skill set addressing the company’s second largest specialty.

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