Analyst Relations Newsletter Q1 2020: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Case #1: Strategic Business Review: Talent Acquisition Services (RPO, MSP, and TTA) market opportunity assessment and detailed recommendations for capturing those opportunities

The client, a leading global MSP & RPO provider, wanted to understand the MSP and RPO landscape – specifically, the MSP and RPO market characteristics and competitor scenario – in 20 countries and strategize its investment priorities. The client asked us to perform a detailed assessment of its capabilities across the countries and help formulate a future plan of action.

We employed a comprehensive and structured approach to perform a detailed outside-in market analysis and assist the client in formulating its strategic plan to expand in the prioritized segments. We created detailed country profiles that included market characteristics (such as size, growth, potential, and penetration, adoption drivers, and competitor scenario. We also looked at our client’s capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses across each of the 20 countries and prioritized segments based on that understanding as well as the market segment’s general attractiveness.

We provided recommendations on the suggested approach – including service offerings, delivery locations, and technology-related issues – for expanding in the prioritized countries. The client used the analysis and recommendations to strategize its investment priorities.

Case #2: Price benchmarking and SLA & KPI analysis for a major MSP & RPO provider

The client, a large North America-focused provider of MSP & RPO services, wanted to benchmark its prices for professional and hourly hires in the US, segregated by volumes and job types. It also wanted to understand commonly used SLAs/KPIs and service levels in the market.

We provided detailed price benchmarks, highlighting the 20th, median, and 80th percentile benchmarks for multiple hire types, across both professional and hourly hire categories and varying volume scenarios across healthcare (clinicians), IT, engineering, financial services, retail, manufacturing, and call center, among others. The client used the benchmark data to validate and adjust its pricing to reflect market rates.

We also provided information on critical SLAs & KPIs used in the market and highlighted the typical service levels used in different deal situations.

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