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Analyst Relations Newsletter Q2 2023: Key Highlights from Custom Research

How Everest Group supported a F100 company in transforming its strategic approach to existing and future IT Services (ITS) Outsourcing engagements by identifying opportunities for productivity and operational improvements | Case Example

  • The client: One of the largest global oil and gas companies
  • Problem statement: Support this F100 company in transforming its strategic approach to existing and future IT Services (ITS) Outsourcing engagements by identifying opportunities for productivity and operational improvements by its ITS partners
  • Key objectives
    • To identify and baseline the client’s ITS partners’ performance indicators along key dimensions such as management culture, service delivery, contract management, project management, and governance model – against best-in-class industry standards
    • To identify and recommend approaches and best practices to drive fundamental and meaningful productivity improvements for the client’s ITS partners
  • Our approach: Everest Group took a three-step approach to help the client
    1. Established enterprise baseline:  Examined the as-is-state of the existing client environment across multiple dimensions such as performance and throughput, project management, and technology used. This was achieved through interaction with multiple client stakeholders across different IT stacks along with their services provider partners
    2. Established market best practices and benchmarked the enterprise’s current state: Developed a robust set of benchmarks comparing the performance indicators of their existing ITS partners with an aggregated best-in-class view across the ITS provider competitive landscape on competitors
    3. Recommended actions to close identified gaps: Provided insights, guidance, and benchmarks that helped the client assess and recommend suggestions to its ITS partners
  • Key findings and impact created​:
    • ​Best-in-class state definition and analysis (qualitative and quantitative insights) along with a benchmarking study allowed the client to reassess its contracts with its ITS partners and implement best practices
    • The study also provided the client with a series of action steps to close identified gaps and enhance the relationship with its ITS partner

Analyst Relations Newsletter Q1 2023: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Global QSR Restaurant​: Review of Oracle financials and HCM implementation solution and fee proposed by a Tier 1 SI​ | Case Example

  • The client: Global quick service restaurant (QSR)​ chain with a presence in multiple countries around the world​
  • The problem statement:
    • Benchmark pricing and effort proposal for an Oracle fusion (financials + procurement) implementation​
    • Fixed fee arrangement b/w the client and the vendor coupled with a complex pricing model​
  • Our approach: Everest Group started with a detailed requirement gathering exercise of the vendor’s proposed solution, including assumptions around the extensions (reports, integrations, conversions, etc.), number of L4 processes that were being configured, client participation, and clear RACI expectations​
  • Solution: Benchmarked configuration effort for individual L4 processes (RTR, O2C, DTS, etc.). Clear assumptions around extensions, including the complexity split, helped us arrive at the market effort for similar sized customers and implementations​
  • Price: Performed price benchmarking for a complex input model that was not based on rate cards but based on the phase (Advisory, blueprinting, coding, and testing) where the resource was expected to be onboarded during the SDLC. Eventually, helped them develop a document that would help them in future similar proposal review situations covering best practices on pricing, solution sizing, and contracting​
  • Key findings/recommendations​:
    • ​Identified opportunities for solution optimization, including effort reductions, shoring optimization, etc.​
    • Advised on introducing a rate card aligned structure to have better transparency on roles and their market pricing​
    • Helped the client right-size and right-price their engagement through a combination of solution and price-related recommendations

Through perseverance and your exceptional insight, we have gotten this deal contract to a much better place than where we were.

– Head of IT Vendor Governance, Leading Global QSR

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