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Everest Group Launches PEAK Matrix® Assessment for Providers of People Analytics Platforms

Everest Group names Crunchr, Dayforce, One Model, SplashBI, Visier, and Workday as Leaders in helping enterprises use people and business data to improve decision-making across the employee hire-to-retire cycle.


DALLAS, May 6, 2024 — According to Everest Group, a growing number of enterprises are prioritizing investment in resources to capture and analyze employee data to make better and more informed decisions rather than relying solely on intuition. To identify leading technology providers in this market segment, Everest Group has published its first PEAK Matrix® assessment for providers of people analytics platforms.


Announcing the Market Leaders

Providers of people analytics platforms play a vital role in helping enterprise leaders, human resource professionals, and line managers make decisions using data-based insights. People analytics platforms aggregate data from various people and business data sources, process it, and provide actionable insights for strategic and operational decisions. The tools are applied in use cases such as turnover; recruitment; compensation; Learning and Development (L&D); workforce planning; employee engagement; performance management; organizational design; and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I).

In “People Analytics Platforms PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2024”, Everest Group explores the market impact, vision and capability of 18 technology providers and identifies the following Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants (listed in alphabetical order within each category):

  • Leaders: Crunchr, Dayforce, One Model, SplashBI, Visier, and Workday. Visier leads the people analytics platform market with the highest market share.
  • Major Contenders: eqtble, HCMI, HiBob, isolved, Nakisa, Orgnostic, Sapience Analytics, Vemo Workforce, and Zeroedin
  • Aspirants: Gemini People Analytics, Panalyt, and Praisidio

As this is the first PEAK Matrix® assessment that Everest Group has published for this sector, no Star Performers were named. (Star Performers are determined by movement on the PEAK Matrix® from one year to another)

The report includes a profile on each technology provider, including an assessment of each providers’ key strengths and limitations. The assessment also takes into account each firm’s vision and roadmap, breadth and depth of product functionalities, innovations, partnerships, market performance, client reviews, perspectives of system integrators and more.

***Download Complimentary PEAK Matrix® Preview Here***

“With advancements in technology it is easier than ever before for organizations to capture data from people and business data sources and use analytics as a crucial lever in their human resource decision-making process,” said Sharath Hari N, vice president at Everest Group. “The leaders in the people analytics platforms market have a strong vision and capability to act as a single source of truth for all workforce-related decisions. They also have strong partnership ecosystems, are leveraging technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, and serve multiple use cases across the employee hire-to-retire cycle. We congratulate these providers for being at the forefront of their industry.”


About the PEAK Matrix®

The Everest Group PEAK Matrix® is a proprietary framework for assessing the relative market success and overall capability of technology providers based on Performance, Experiences, Ability, and Knowledge. Each technology provider is comparatively assessed on two dimensions: market success and delivery capabilities. The resulting matrix categorizes technology providers as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants. Companies that demonstrate strong upward movement in successive reports are recognized as Star Performers.


About Everest Group

Everest Group is a leading research firm helping business leaders make confident decisions. We guide clients through today’s market challenges and strengthen their strategies by applying contextualized problem-solving to their unique situations. This drives maximized operational and financial performance and transformative experiences. Our deep expertise and tenacious research focused on technology, business processes, and engineering through the lenses of talent, sustainability, and sourcing delivers precise and action-oriented guidance. Find further details and in-depth content at www.everestgrp.com.

Generation 2.0 of Digital Assets – Modernization Themes Driving the Revolution | Blog

While the future of digital assets was once uncertain, the recent surge in investments, partnerships, and pilot use cases spearheaded by banks and technology giants has laid the doubts to rest. This holds particularly true for cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). Our latest research provides valuable insights into the latest trends and the key players shaping the digital asset industry landscape. Read on to learn more.

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Over the past decade, the digital asset industry has undergone a dramatic transformation, evolving beyond its initial cryptocurrency buzz to becoming a diverse ecosystem teeming with innovation and new players. This evolution can be understood by looking at the following two distinct generations:

Generation 1: Laying the foundation (2010s)

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology were born in this era, establishing the core infrastructure and sparking public awareness of this nascent space.

Generation 2: Entering the mainstream (2020s)

The current phase is characterized by the growing legitimacy of digital assets fostered by regulatory frameworks and compliance measures aimed at protecting investors. This has attracted financial institutions and corporations and propelled the rise of tokenization as a powerful tool for asset representation.

CBDCs have emerged as a significant focus, driven by their potential to enhance financial inclusion, improve transaction traceability, and streamline cross-border payments. Central banks worldwide are actively exploring CBDCs through pilots, partnerships, and infrastructure development. Similarly, tech giants are focusing on stablecoins, with prominent projects like Diem (formerly Libra) backed by Meta and Coinbase.

Exhibit 1 provides a visual overview of this dynamic ecosystem.

MicrosoftTeams image 69

CBDCs and stablecoins

Both CBDCs and stablecoins are vying for prominence in the digital asset industry, but their paths diverge on key points. Central banks wield the reins with CBDCs, ensuring strict regulations and government backing. This, however, makes banks wary of stablecoins outshining their controlled offspring. Conversely, stablecoin adoption could weaken central banks’ monetary policy influence by redirecting deposits from banks to digital wallets, hindering loan disbursement.

Despite this tug-of-war, CBDCs are gaining momentum. Many countries are setting regulatory frameworks, with active projects like Project Dunbar and Project mBridge testing retail and wholesale applications. While retail CBDCs face hurdles in building confidence, wholesale versions are generating more traction due to their potential to streamline interbank settlements through fewer intermediaries.

Collaboration is key in this evolving arena. Central banks are actively partnering with regional banks for pilot programs. ANZ and Commonwealth Bank have joined Australia Central Bank to explore offline “digital cash” models. Technology providers like Soramitsu are also lending their expertise, facilitating initiatives like a Pan-Asian payment system built on Cambodia’s CBDC.

Crypto ETFs

Crypto ETFs are making digital assets as accessible as buying stocks. This digital asset trend isn’t lost on global giants like HSBC, who are actively expanding into “crypto-friendly” regions. Take Hong Kong, where they’ve launched Bitcoin and Ether ETFs, allowing everyday customers to buy and sell these digital goldmines through familiar channels. Similar initiatives are brewing in South Korea, with KB Kookmin Bank joining the fray and hinting at potential crypto ETFs alongside their CBDC efforts.

The validation doesn’t stop there. BlackRock, the world’s investment behemoth, recently tweaked its proposed spot Bitcoin ETF, potentially cracking open the door for broader Wall Street participation. This move sent ripples of optimism through the cryptoverse, especially after a rough patch triggered by industry meltdowns.

However, the road to crypto nirvana isn’t paved with pure optimism. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has historically been skeptical, rejecting numerous spot Bitcoin ETF applications, including one from Fidelity. Their concerns? Potential market manipulation and the threat that cheaper ETF access could undermine major exchanges.

Payment capabilities

The digital asset industry landscape is buzzing with innovations aimed at propelling crypto beyond speculation and into everyday use. Revolutionizing payment capabilities and transaction mechanisms is a key focus area. From fintechs to card giants, everyone’s in the game, forging partnerships and rolling out solutions to boost crypto acceptance, scale cross-border transactions, and enhance liquidity management. Let’s look at some examples:

FinTechs – Alchemy Pay, a crypto payments provider, is bridging the gap between crypto and fiat by partnering with domestic payment systems in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), making crypto purchases a breeze. Imagine buying groceries with Bitcoin – Alchemy Pay makes it possible. And their reach extends far beyond this, with millions of transactions processed for users in over 170 countries. They’ve even teamed up with Legend Trading to further extend their global reach and enhance user experience with seamless crypto purchases and fiat support in major currencies.

Big banks – Financial giants like JP Morgan are embracing the blockchain revolution. The JPM Coin, initially used in US dollars, is now available in euros, streamlining fund transfers between their branches and corporate clients, enabling 24/7 payments and smoother liquidity management. MUFG’s Progmat Coin joins the scene as a blockchain-based stablecoin platform, aiming to become a universal digital payment method that is compatible with other digital assets.

Payments platforms – Wirex, a crypto payments platform, has made a strategic move by partnering with Visa. This alliance grants them Visa membership in the Asia Pacific region and the UK, paving the way for them to directly issue crypto-enabled debit and prepaid cards in over 40 countries. Imagine swiping your Bitcoin-loaded card at your local cafe – that’s the future Wirex is building.

Cards – Mastercard enters the mix with its APAC-first digital wallet integration with Stables. This partnership allows users to convert stablecoins to fiat, enabling global spending at Mastercard-accepting merchants. Additionally, Mastercard is actively fostering innovation through its fintech accelerator program, supporting startups in the crypto and blockchain space.

Beyond the usual players – Deep tech ventures are also pushing boundaries. Crunchfish, a company developing a Digital Cash platform for banks and CBDC implementations, has partnered with LISNR, a proximity verification specialist. Together, they’re offering a groundbreaking proximity-based payment solution for merchants and banks. Envision paying for your coffee just by being near the counter – that’s the futuristic vision Crunchfish and LISNR are bringing to life.

Digital and green bonds

Tokenization, the process of converting traditional assets into digital tokens, is rapidly changing the financial landscape, with digital bonds and green bonds taking the lead. This has spurred enterprises to explore and invest in these innovative assets, attracted by their potential to streamline processes, enhance transparency, and unlock new opportunities.

Financial giants like Goldman Sachs and UBS are already revving their engines. Goldman Sachs’ Digital Asset Platform (GS DAP™) powered the European Investment Bank (EIB) in issuing the world’s first fully digital bond on a private blockchain. Similarly, UBS launched a three-year senior bond on Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) through SIX Digital Exchange, showcasing the potential for efficient and secure bond issuance.

Green bonds, with their focus on financing environmentally beneficial projects, also are finding their tokenized groove. Project Genesis, a collaboration between the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), developed a prototype platform to tokenize retail green bonds and track their environmental impact. This initiative, along with others from ABN Amro, the Japanese Exchange Group (JPX), and the BIS Innovation Hub, demonstrates the growing interest in tokenizing sustainable investments.

Digital assets custody

The digital asset landscape thrives on partnerships and innovation, and nowhere is this more evident than in custody solutions. While other areas remain entrenched, custody is forging a path forward, laying the groundwork for a robust future built on trust and security. These developments, fueled by partnerships and even the entry of insurers, are poised to propel digital asset adoption.

Let’s look at some key partnerships shaping the landscape:

BNP Paribas – The banking giant plans to offer custody services for Bitcoin and other digital assets, teaming up with fintech heavyweights Metaco and Fireblocks to build a secure and reliable offering.

Zodia – Recognized for its institutional focus, Zodia Custody has set foot in Singapore, aiming to meet the rising demand for bank-grade custody services across Asia-Pacific. Backed by industry stalwarts like Standard Chartered, SBI Holdings, and Northern Trust, Zodia leverages cutting-edge technology and stringent compliance to fuel digital asset adoption in the region.

Canopius – This leading (re)insurer has made its mark by underwriting a groundbreaking digital asset custody product in Singapore. This first-of-its-kind offering establishes Canopius as the pioneer on Lloyd’s Asia platform to provide local coverage for digital asset custody.

These partnerships and developments signify a critical shift. Custody solutions are no longer an afterthought but a cornerstone for building a secure and trusted digital asset ecosystem. With renowned institutions and insurers stepping in, the foundation for mass adoption is getting stronger, brick by brick.

Fueled by technology providers, the current digital asset generation is expected to dominate the market for the next two to three years. However, the true revolution lies on the horizon with the imminent arrival of Generation 3.0. This era will witness a surge in meaningful collaborations across communities, bringing forth a wave of tangible use cases for the public. Tokenization will shift from being a niche concept to a readily accessible tool for everyone.

In this dynamic landscape, competition will be fierce. To thrive, service providers must embrace partnerships and actively build their capabilities. The stark reality they face is either to join the ecosystem or get left behind.

If you would like to share your observations or have questions about the evolving digital asset industry and digital asset trends, please reach out to [email protected] or [email protected].

Discover what changes are likely to occur in sourcing spend, sourcing strategy, and locations, and which digital services and next-generation capabilities are expected to be in demand in our webinar, Key Issues 2024: Creating Accelerated Value in a Dynamic World.

Everest Group Unveils Inaugural ‘Artificial Intelligence Top 50’ Recognizing Global Market-Leading AI-first Technology Providers

Collectively, these AI technology providers have raised over US$50 billion in total lifetime private funding, showcasing huge investor trust and growing importance of the technology.


DALLAS, November 16, 2023 — Everest Group today released the inaugural edition of the “Everest Group Artificial Intelligence Top 50™” (AI Top 50), a list of the world’s largest AI technology providers. AI technology providers are those that develop and integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a central component in their products and solutions.

“As AI technology rapidly advances, it is redefining human-machine interactions and reshaping industries, if not our way of life,” said Vishal Gupta, vice president at Everest Group. “The remarkable growth in AI innovation has given rise to more than 5000 AI technology providers in the past decade alone, by our estimates. The Everest Group AI Top 50 will help enterprises identify the 50 largest, most well-funded, and relatively scaled-up AI-first companies amongst this sea of AI technology providers. The list also helps AI technology providers to compare themselves against others in the industry.”

Topping the 2023 AI Top 50 list are these 10 technology providers:

  1. Open AI
  2. Palantir
  3. Anthropic
  4. Databricks
  5. Dataiku
  6. SenseTime
  7. 4Paradigm
  8. DataRobot
  9. Gong
  10. C3 AI


*** Download a complimentary copy of the 2023 Everest Group AI Top 50 list and analysis ***


Key Highlights of the Everest Group AI Top 50 Report

The Everest Group AI Top 50 includes numerous additional research findings, including:

  • The U.S. hosts the most AI technology providers (72%); however, innovative companies are emerging globally. China follows with 12%, showcasing its rapid ascent in the global tech arena driven by its booming domestic market.
  • Almost 50% of the technology providers in this list offer applied AI solutions. Applied AI includes applications and solutions that solve real-world problems and address specific business needs of enterprises in specific industries.
  • Privately held companies (82%) dominate the Everest Group AI Top 50 distribution in comparison to public companies (18%). Collectively, the AI technology providers in this list have raised over US$50 billion in total lifetime private funding, showcasing huge investor trust and growing importance of the technology.
  • Everest Group has documented a noticeable trend of decreasing time to unicorn status for AI providers in various industries worldwide.

“While we’ve recently seen a surge of AI innovation over the past year, Dataiku has been at the forefront long before the AI hype,” said Krish Venkataraman, President of Dataiku. “Our inclusion in Everest Group’s inaugural AI Top 50 list is a testament to our AI-first approach for customers worldwide – making Everyday AI a possibility for all.”


About the Everest Group AI Top 50™

The Everest Group AI Top 50™ is a global list of the Top 50 AI-first providers. To qualify for the list, providers must meet three criteria:

  • AI-first: These providers develop and integrate AI as a central component in their products and solutions to a degree that without it, their offerings would be fundamentally incomplete. Providers that have AI as a feature which helps in improving their current offering, such as automation-first vendors, are excluded from this assessment.
  • Software-first: These providers develop and provide software-based AI solutions as their primary offering. The list excludes providers offering pure play hardware and service-based AI offerings.
  • B2B focus/offerings: These providers offer software products and solutions to meet the technological needs of other businesses. The list excludes providers that exclusively offer AI solutions for consumer (B2C) purposes.

Technology providers are ranked based on their overall AI revenue (40%), total funding received (30%), growth in funding during last two years (15%), and market valuation (15%).


About Everest Group

Everest Group is a leading research firm helping business leaders make confident decisions. We guide clients through today’s market challenges and strengthen their strategies by applying contextualized problem-solving to their unique situations. This drives maximized operational and financial performance and transformative experiences. Our deep expertise and tenacious research focused on technology, business processes, and engineering through the lenses of talent, sustainability, and sourcing delivers precise and action-oriented guidance. Find further details and in-depth content at www.everestgrp.com.

Task Mining – Technology Provider Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

Top Task Mining – Technology Providers

Task mining plays a key role in improving operational excellence, filling the automation pipeline, and accelerating organizations’ digital transformation journeys by providing a data-based approach to process optimization and automation. It is rapidly gaining traction across geographies and finding a wide range of use cases across business functions and verticals, as it helps achieve cost savings, improve operational efficiencies, and enhance employee experience. Technology providers are also evolving rapidly in terms of their product capabilities, features, and functionalities. However, to achieve success, it is critical for enterprises to select the right-fit task mining technology partners.

DOWNLOAD THE FULL REPORT Task Mining – Technology Provider Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

Task Mining – Technology Provider Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix®: What is the Scope?

  • Task mining software products that are available independent of professional services
  • All industries and geographies
  • Assessment based on Everest Group’s annual RFI process for the calendar year 2021, interactions with leading task mining technology providers, client reference checks, and ongoing analysis of the task mining market

What is in this PEAK Matrix® Report:

In this PEAK Matrix® report, we look at:

  • Everest Group’s PEAK Matrix® evaluation of 17 task mining technology providers and their categorization as Leaders, Major Contenders, and Aspirants
  • Process intelligence products
  • Competitive landscape of the task mining technology provider market
  • Key task mining technology trends
  • Strengths and limitations of each task mining technology provider studied

The research in this report will help buyers select right-fit technology providers for their needs and enable providers to benchmark themselves against each other.

LEARN MORE ABOUT Task Mining – Technology Provider Landscape with Products PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2022

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What is the PEAK Matrix®?

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