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We cover the BFS industry across sourcing models and geographies, providing a holistic view of industry-specific processes and technologies as well as functions common to other industries

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Our Banking & Financial Services (BFS) Coverage

Our data and analysis of the BFS industry spans all geographies and sub-segments within BFS (e.g., retail banking, lending, asset management, custody & fund administration). We analyze both the processes and technologies unique to BFS, as well as include BFS in all services markets that are not unique to BFS, such as contact center, finance & accounting, human resources, applications testing and others

Download our Complimentary Abstract | Digital Effectiveness in Retail Banking | Pinnacle Model™ Assessment 2018

In this research, we analyse the customer-facing digital investments for 30 large North American retail banks. These banks have been mapped on Everest Group’s Pinnacle Model™, which is a composite index of a range of distinct metrics related to each bank’s capability maturity and the resultant business outcomes.

Everest Group's fact-based reports

Banking & Financial Services BPO Published Reports

Our fact-based and easy-to-digest reports on the Banking & Financial Services BPO markets include processes such as lending, mortgages, and asset management. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual membership




Everest Group's fact-based reports

Banking & Financial Services ITS Published Reports

Our BFS IT Services (ITS) research helps Banking & Financial Services enterprises understand how they can leverage technology to address key business priorities at a sub-vertical level. The annual membership includes access to reports and our analysts



Selection, sustainability, portfolio balancing and more

Location Optimization

Whether you are seeking to set up a BFSI delivery center or evaluating your current service delivery footprint of centers, we provide the data and expertise to help you make an informed investment decision



Fact-based intelligence on peer activity

Peer Intelligence

Learning from the experiences and approaches of other organizations can help avoid costly mistakes and uncover new opportunities. Our peer intelligence capabilities help you validate and improve your strategies




Global In-house Centers (GICs)

The Global In-house Center (GIC) model continues to grow rapidly and is evolving in multiple ways. GICs are playing a broader role (beyond the delivery mandates) in the global sourcing models of their respective organizations, bringing more power and accountability to them



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