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With its first-ever AI Top 50™ list, Everest Group recognizes the exceptional business performance of AI technology providers globally. This valuable ranking serves as a useful tool for enterprise decision-making and provider comparisons. Continue reading to learn more about the leading AI-first providers featured, as determined by Everest Group’s comprehensive research.

Everest Group has launched its inaugural AI Top 50 list of the most prominent technology providers worldwide that prioritize artificial intelligence (AI) at their core. The list was determined by evaluating rigorous, objective criteria, which include AI revenues, total funding secured, share of funding received in the past two years, and company valuation. This vital report will be released annually.

See Everest Group’s Top AI 50 list.

Why is the Everest Group AI Top 50 important today?

In the past decade alone, over 5,000 AI technology providers have emerged with different specializations across various domains and geographic regions. The remarkable growth underscores AI’s critical role in shaping the future of technology and its enduring impact on daily lives. Recently, the introduction of large language models (LLMs) has further sparked an innovation wave across various industries, shaping interactions and decision-making and revolutionizing everything from chatbots to content creation.

With this rapid progression in the past few years, and even months, businesses across all industries are rushing to gain insight into the technology to stay competitive as it reshapes industries, streamlines processes, and redefines interactions between humans and machines.

The list will assist enterprises in identifying AI technology providers that have achieved notable scale. Businesses, investors, and industry professionals can gauge the providers’ competitive positioning and potential in the ever-evolving AI industry. Additionally, the ranking is a resource for AI-first technology providers to benchmark themselves against industry peers.

How does Everest Group define AI?

To define the terms in the report, we used a multi-faceted approach, drawing on a combination of exclusive proprietary data, including insights gathered directly from AI technology providers. Along with that, the methodology incorporates publicly accessible information such as reported revenue, total funding, and valuation data obtained from publicly accessible sources. This thorough methodology ensures the accuracy and breadth of the data.

How is the Everest Group AI Top 50 list determined?

From a database of 2500-plus AI providers, we narrowed the pool to 250 firms after initial preliminary screening. The selected AI technology providers were then evaluated and positioned based on a set of qualification criteria. The research findings provide a comprehensive snapshot of their standing in the dynamic AI landscape.

The AI Top 50 list represents AI technology providers that meet the following criteria:


All the companies listed develop and integrate AI as a central and indispensable component of their products and solutions. In other words, their offerings would be fundamentally incomplete without AI.


The featured providers develop and offer software-based AI solutions as their primary offering, meaning their core focus revolves around delivering AI through software applications.

Business-to-business (B2B) focus/offerings

The providers on the list tailor their software products and solutions to meet the technology needs of other businesses.

With AI becoming a more essential component of business and individuals’ daily lives, the Everest Group AI Top 50 list empowers organizations to navigate this dynamic field. See the Everest Group AI Top 50 list.

To learn more about the 2023 Everest Group AI Top 50, reach out to Priya Bhalla, [email protected], Vishal Gupta, [email protected], and Niraj Agarwal, [email protected].

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