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What is the Everest Group AI Top 50™?

The Everest Group AI Top 50™ is a global list of the largest AI-first technology providers based on multiple objective parameters including their Artificial Intelligence (AI) revenues, cumulative funding, share of funding received in the past two years, and valuation. We are proud to present the inaugural release of this list – the first of what will become an annual event.

Why the Everest Group AI Top 50™?

In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, it is increasingly vital to understand the dynamic AI landscape. With its groundbreaking innovation, AI continues to reshape industries, optimize processes, and redefine human-machine interactions. The technology itself has garnered substantial interest, giving rise to more than 5,000 AI technology providers in the past decade alone, according to our estimates. Some are focused on a particular domain or geography, while others are broad-based. Some are listed; others are privately held. 

This list helps enterprises to identify technology providers in this space that have reached significant scale. It also helps AI-first technology providers to compare themselves against others in the industry.


How is the Everest Group AI Top 50™ determined?

The Everest Group AI Top 50™ list represents AI providers that fulfill the following criteria:

AI-first: Companies that develop and integrate AI as a central component in their products and solutions to a degree that – without it – their offerings would be fundamentally incomplete. The listing excludes, for example, providers that have AI as a feature that helps them improve their current offerings, such as automation-first vendors. 

Software-first: Providers that develop and provide software-based AI solutions as their primary offering. The list excludes pure-play hardware and service-based AI providers.

B2B focus/offerings: Those on the list that offer software products and solutions to meet other businesses’ technology needs. The list excludes providers that exclusively offer AI solutions for B2C purposes.

The technology providers are ranked based on their overall AI revenue, total funding received, growth in funding over the past two years, and market valuation.


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