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April 2017

Global IT Services Market Key Geographies | Market Insights™

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Share of global IT services market by region:

  • The U.S. contributed over 90% of IT services engagements in North America
  • Within the major markets of Europe, the UK dominates the deals landscape, contributing ~30% of the signed agreements, followed by the Nordics (~20%), and Germany (~8%)
  • In major APAC markets, Australia / New Zealand leads with ~23% of deal volume, followed by India (~15%), the UAE (~9%), Japan (~7%), and China (~4%)

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The Disruption and Promise of Artificial Intelligence | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

By | Automation/RPA/AI, Blog

There’s no shortage of books, news articles and comments in social media about how artificial intelligence (A.I.) is shaping our future. Although it’s still blazing a trail, we’re on the brink of A.I. disruption that will change all industries and society at a very deep and fundamental level. I believe it will be one of the next great wealth generators.

My optimism about A.I.’s growing potential arises from many successful use case examples as clear evidence that A.I. is now getting the scale, maturity and the ecosystem in which it can be effective. Although A.I. has been developing for 20 to 30 years, it’s gaining enough elements necessary for a supporting ecosystem.

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Trump’s H-1B Reform Resolves Few Questions | In the News

By | In The News

“It is clear that there is building bipartisan support for some of these changes, and it is likely that a merit-based system could get broad support,” says Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of outsourcing research and advisory firm Everest Group. “However, visa reform is likely to be complicated by broader immigration reform where there is not consensus.”

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NASSCOM GIC Conclave — April 20-21 | Event

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Everest Group leaders and analysts will attend and speak at the April GIC Conclave hosted by NASSCOM on April 20-21 in Hyderabad, India.  Everest Group Managing Partner Eric Simonson will lead a presentation titled, Digital for Efficiency vs Digital for Growth: Enterprise Priorities and Implications for GICs A summary of the discussion follows:

Enterprises are adopting digital technologies like Social, Mobility, Analytics, Cloud (SMAC) and IOT, not only to engage customers or create new business models, but to also streamline internal processes, drive efficiencies, or simply to make IT more agile and efficient. However, the nature and extent of adoption varies significantly across enterprises and industries depending on the enterprise priorities. This session aims to bring forth global enterprise trends on the digital adoption behavior of enterprises across segments and their priorities (efficiency vs growth) when allocating spends as well as the implications for GICs in the future.

April 20-21, 2017

Hyderabad, India

Everest Group speakers:
Eric Simonson
Managing Partner, Research, Everest Group

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Remedy for Threat to US Pharmaceutical Industry’s Profitability | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

By | Blog, Healthcare & Life Sciences

US pharmaceutical companies may be counting their lucky stars now that healthcare reform is a dead issue for the time being. But they shouldn’t. They are still very vulnerable to increasing political pressure from the Trump Administration. The good news is there are actions these companies can take in the face of this pressure, and these actions are equally applicable by companies in other industries.

Pharma’s Vulnerability

The pharmaceutical industry is an attractive target for the new Administration to attack. The Administration may not be able to get all its legislation passed, but it still has substantial ability to affect public opinion and utilize substantial power over many industries, healthcare being primary at this time. Pharmaceutical companies are a case in point. Here’s why:

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Trump Signs Order to Stop Misuse of H1B Visa; Indian IT to Tweak Biz Model | In the News

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“It is clear that there is building bipartisan support for some of these changes, however, Visa reform is likely to be complicated by broader immigration reform where there is no consensus, further complicating this picture is a crowded legislative agenda with health care reform, and tax reform likely to take priority. Keeping this in mind it seems unlikely that any visas legislation will make its way through congress this year, leaving the current system in place for at least another year,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, chief executive officer of Everest Group, the global technology researcher.

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