Rethinking Outsourced Application Development and Testing | Gaining Altitude in the Cloud

The cloud revolution is breaking down walls surrounding existing outsourcing arrangements. In fact, the business case for some outsourced workloads crumbles in light of opportunities in the cloud. In a traditional data center or IT outsourced infrastructure model, you pay for the capacity 24/7; but in a cloud environment, you pay only for what you […]

HP’s Most Difficult Challenge Has Yet to Hit | Gaining Altitude in the Cloud

To date the cloud has not been a major disruption in the traditional outsourcing market. Rather, cloud has attacked the rogue IT or departmental processing market. But we believe that this tide will now turn inward onto the enterprise space, where HP and other infrastructure players live. How will HP take on cloud disruption? We […]

An Event-full Week…And What I Learned | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

Just wrapped up a week of two sister events – Shared Services & Outsourcing in Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance – with one in Atlanta and the other in New York. After four days of debate and discussion with a cross-section of industry leaders, I offer a few observations. In Atlanta, a gentle snowfall is […]

Accenture Takes Over from CGI to Salvage | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

Obamacare’s “My Bad” moment You could hardly be surprised when news came out earlier this month that the Obama administration was considering replacing the incumbent vendor – CGI Group – with Accenture. By now, the rollout of Obamacare’s (or the Affordable Care Act) much-touted flagship health insurance exchange website,, has entrenched itself as […]

Assessing the Cloud’s Clout to Disrupt the Outsourcing World | Gaining Altitude in the Cloud

You’ve heard it … read it in the news … and probably even participated in the discussions about it. “It” is the impact of the cloud model on the third-party service provider marketplace. What are the cloud’s potential disruptive effects? As the cloud and outsourcing meet head on, will the cloud make hiccups or ripples, […]

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