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Why Socially Responsible Sourcing May be Your Ticket to Talent Success | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

“In our view, underutilized talent pools are an essential ingredient for optimizing the talent models for service delivery.” This sentence, from the foreword I wrote for the new book, “Socially Responsible Outsourcing,” speaks to the very essence of social impact sourcing. As the global sourcing industry has matured and evolved over the last two decades, […]

The Digital Trough | Blue Sherpas in Blue Shirts

The hottest thing out there is digital, and a lot of projects are being spun up in an attempt to start moving companies into digital. The problem is that many of these initiatives quickly lose momentum, then lose funding, and end up with less work for the service providers than they anticipated. Hence, the term […]

Technology Disruption: Is This the History of the Future and a Bankruptcy of Innovation? | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

The “technology disruption” euphoria is everywhere. Though cynics say the technology industry comes up with something every five years and something big every ten, this time it could be different. Not everyone, however, buys the concept of dramatic disruptive change and supports “incremental innovation.” The incremental innovation supporters say that many things “appear” similar to […]

A Fully Government-owned Standard EHR: Killing Oligopoly for Interoperability | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

Epic Systems, Cerner, AllScripts, McKesson, and AthenaHealth…if you have heard these names, you likely know what EHR stands for. I don’t mean the non-acronym form, Electronic Health Records, but what it actually stands for – oligopoly, sunk billion dollar investments, platforms that don’t speak to each other, and that look on physicians’ faces when their […]

How Providers Can Up their RFP Wins in an Automation Offering | Sherpas in Blue Shirts

I’ve blogged before about the trap for service providers that listen to their salespeople and where that purchasing-oriented perspective takes a provider – to undifferentiated offerings, lower pricing, lower margins, standard offerings and low value. But there is a significant part of the market that is dictated by procurement/purchasing departments and, as a provider, you […]

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