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Negotiating a Successful UKG Workforce Dimensions Contract: Top Five Questions to Ask to Get a Better Deal | Blog

Cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) tool, UKG Workforce Dimensions, uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to offer enhanced workforce management capabilities over the current product version. But understanding the financial terms, pricing structures for various modules, and the benefits can be confusing. Continue reading to equip your organization for successful UKG Workforce Dimensions contract negotiations.

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Enterprises benefit by using different HCM software tools and platforms to manage and optimize various aspects of the employee lifecycle, ranging from recruitment and onboarding to performance management and offboarding. These tools help enterprises transform traditional HR administrative functions into opportunities to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

The cloud-based HCM tool, Workforce Dimensions, developed by Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), provides advanced capabilities compared to the company’s widely used Workforce Central tool. Some of Workforce Dimensions’ key features and capabilities include time and attendance management, absence management, workforce scheduling, payroll and HR administration, analytics, and reporting.

By leveraging AI, UKG Workforce Dimensions provides more comprehensive analytics, forecasting, scheduling, and reporting. Many existing UKG Central customers have already started migrating to UKG Workforce Dimensions.

However, many enterprises are still trying to understand the financial implications of migrating, the right price for various UKG Workforce Dimensions modules, and the benefits of the new functionalities.

Top questions to ask in negotiations

To get the best possible deal from UKG, enterprises should seek to get answers to the following five important questions:

  • What is the cost increase from UKG Workforce Central to UKG Workforce Dimensions?
  • What other aspects should be negotiated in addition to the per employee per month (PEPM) price of the UKG Dimensions bundle?
  • Does UKG support existing customers in migrating to Workforce Dimensions by investing in implementation or professional services?
  • What is the best time to negotiate with UKG?
  • Are there giveaways or other incentives that enterprises can leverage during negotiations?

In addition to these questions, we recommend enterprises also focus on the following factors:

  • Consider future demand projections – When negotiating with UKG, businesses should take into account their future demand projections. This is because the PEPM price for the UKG Workforce Dimensions bundle decreases as the number of employees increases. By assessing their near-term demand projections, enterprises can identify the optimal volume and negotiate prices accordingly
  • Seek enhanced capabilities in the base bundle – To maximize their investment in UKG, enterprises should not focus on cost alone. Instead, they also should strive to get the most feature-rich base bundle that meets their requirements. Enterprises should push for the inclusion of additional modules, like Data Hub, Analytics, etc., in the base bundle with zero or very minimal increase in the base rate

While each relationship with UKG is unique, we firmly believe these recommendations can put your enterprise in a better negotiating position. To discuss software contract negotiation and for a detailed analysis, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Explore Everest Group’s contract benchmarking offerings to learn more.

The Pricing Index: Pivotal Themes and What to Expect in the Next Year | LinkedIn Live


The Pricing Index: Pivotal Themes and What to Expect in the Next Year

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Thursday, July 13, 2023. 

Everest Group will soon launch the highly anticipated Pricing Index, providing a biannual overview of current and expected outsourcing pricing trends across various service types and delivery locations. 🌍

📣Join this interactive LinkedIn Live session as our experts unveil the key elements from the Pricing Index report. Participants will get the opportunity to learn valuable pricing insights and discover the major contemporary commercial themes influencing the market. 📊

What questions will the event answer for the participants?

💡 How has pricing changed across key functions and delivery locations in the past twelve months? 🗓️💲
💡 How is pricing expected to shift across key functions and delivery locations in the next twelve months?
💡 What resources will Everest Group make available every six months to help answer these questions?

Download the Pricing Index report

Meet The Presenters

Barwe Rahul
Vice President
Gehani Rahul
Sharma Abhishek 1
Abhishek Sharma

Cyber Resiliency Strategy: Key Themes and Pricing Trends for 2023 | Webinar

on-demand Webinar

Cyber Resiliency Strategy: Key Themes and Pricing Trends for 2023

Gone are the days when cybersecurity was solely the concern of IT departments. Today, the C-suite recognizes the criticality of cyber resiliency programs, which prioritize comprehensive threat advisory, holistic monitoring, and swift response mechanisms.

In this webinar, our experts will explain the differences in cyber resiliency and cybersecurity, outline key enterprise investment themes for cyber resiliency, explore opportunities and associated challenges for service providers, and cover the pricing and solution themes underlying the cybersecurity and cyber resiliency market.

What questions will the webinar answer for the participants?

  • What is cyber resiliency, and what is the enterprise adoption roadmap?
  • Why are service providers so gung-ho about cyber resiliency?
  • How should a cyber resiliency deal be structured commercially? 

Who should attend?

  • CIOs, CISOs, CTOs, and CDOs
  • IT and BPO department heads
  • Sourcing leaders
  • Strategy leaders
  • GBS leaders managing IT and BPO outsourcing contracts
  • Security product heads
  • Cybersecurity offering leads
  • Cybersecurity service line heads
Kumar Avijit Light Grey
Practice Director
Shukla Vinamra
Practice Director
Sundrani Ricky

Pricing and Outsourcing Trends: Navigating Uncertainties in Services Sourcing from APAC | Webinar

on-demand WEBINAR

Pricing and Outsourcing Trends: Navigating Uncertainties in Services Sourcing from APAC

Persisting economic uncertainty and increasing geopolitical pressures continue defining the macroeconomic environment this year. Because outsourcing service providers are unable to pivot to meet changing demands, buyer satisfaction with providers is hitting a record low, and the Asia Pacific (APAC) region is no exception.

In this webinar, our analysts will discuss shifting buyer expectations and the defining characteristics of the outsourcing climate in 2023 from an APAC-focused lens.

We will also explore what sourcing leaders are doing to navigate uncertainties across a range of levers, including service provider portfolio shifts, location and talent strategies, pricing and contracting tactics, and engagement models.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • What are the macroeconomic trends shaping the APAC outsourcing market?
  • What are the top focus areas in APAC for buyers of outsourced services?
  • What location and talent strategies are sourcing leaders adopting to overcome increasing uncertainties?
  • What are the pricing trends and forecasts in APAC? Which skillsets are facing more demand?
  • How should APAC-focused procurement leaders shape their contracting and negotiation strategies?

Who should attend?

  • CPOs, CIOs, and CTOs
  • Category managers
  • Indirect sourcing leaders
  • Buyers of outsourced services
  • Strategic sourcing leaders
  • IT and BPO department leaders
  • Supplier management leaders
  • GBS leaders managing IT and BPO outsourcing contracts
  • Price-to-win teams from service providers
  • Service providers’ sales leaders
  • Service providers’ country heads
Prateek Gupta
Bhanushee Malhotra
Abhishek Sharma

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