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Abhishek Singh, Vice President

“Everest Group is a team of professionals that prides itself on two things – first, subject matter expertise and second, the ability to partner and problem solve for clients in the global services space.”

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Abhishek Singh co-leads the IT Services research team and assists clients globally on topics related to digital & technology services. As Vice President, Abhishek helps clients on services strategy and shapes their thinking on the adoption of next-generation technologies.

Prior to joining Everest Group, Abhishek was a Business Development Manager with NIIT Technologies and has worked with Microsoft and Infosys in the past. He holds an MBA from Indian School of Business Hyderabad and a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from MNNIT Allahabad

Abhishek's recent reports

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Healthcare Provider Digital Services PEAK Matrix® Assessment 2020

Historically, healthcare providers have been impeded by legacy IT estate and regulations that have sought to maintain the status quo.[...]

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Webinar Deck: Coronavirus – Beyond Hand Sanitizer: Mitigating Business Impact and Uncovering the Positive

On March 24, Everest Group hosted a webinar titled, "Coronavirus – Beyond Hand Saniti[...]

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A Platform-based Roadmap for Healthcare Payers

Healthcare, as we know it, is changing rapidly. The key trends defining the industry include a seminal shift to value-based care, rise in consumerism, an[...]

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Effective Value-based Contracting in Life Sciences

Value-based contracts are innovative agreements among life sciences firms, healthcare payers, and healthcare providers in which the cost of a therapy[...]

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Abhishek's blog posts

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Are IT Buyers Pushing for Discounts Due to the Pandemic?

Not surprisingly, we’ve been flooded with questions about the implications of COVID-19 [...]

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Three Digital Healthcare Takeaways from HIMSS 2019

I experienced three pleasant surprises at last week’s Healthcare Information and Management [...]

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Innovation Tax for Service Providers: Pay Up or Go Belly Up!

“The Times They Are a-Changin” is an appropriate idiom to borrow from [...]

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Reality Check on the Top 5 IT Innovation Myths

How do Amazon, Apple, and Tesla keep innovating? What do they do [...]

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