2024 Analyst Relations Strategy Planning: Aligning with Market Predictions to Create Impact

Strategic analyst relations (AR) teams are identifying focus areas and building their team’s plans for the upcoming year. One key priority is to align their 2024 AR strategy with their organization’s business objectives. The guiding “north star” is to create impact for internal stakeholders in terms of competitiveness and preparedness.

In this on-demand webinar, our expert analysts first revealed market predictions for 2024, drawing on findings from Everest Group’s Key Issues 2024 survey. Based on those findings, our speakers discussed recommendations and actionable steps intended to help AR teams position themselves as enablers for their organization to navigate market dynamics and the realities stakeholders will face in the coming year.

What questions has the on-demand webinar answered for the participants?

  • What are Everest Group’s key predictions for the technology and global services markets for 2024?
  • How can AR teams position to support their internal stakeholders given the market conditions expected for 2024?
  • What specific plans and preparations should AR teams undertake to maximize their ability to move the needle on the various goals across teams (sales, marketing, lines of business, etc.) in their organization?

AR professionals should attend from:

  • IT service providers
  • Technology providers
  • BPS providers
  • Engineering services providers
  • Consulting service providers
Vice President
Mittal Alisha
Vice President
Ranjan Rajesh

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