How AR Teams Use Research to Support Sales and Position for Competitiveness

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Thursday, November 30, 2023.

🔍 Analyst relations (AR) teams of service and tech providers are facing increasing pressure to demonstrate the tangible value and impact of research investments for increased competitiveness and market success.

🚀 Watch this LinkedIn Live with Everest Group experts and Allan Racey, Global Talent Services Lead with Accenture. The speakers explore the strategies and that enable AR teams to bridge the gap between research and growth. This session was designed to equip AR professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to better utilize their existing research investments and identify key opportunities where custom research can effectively strengthen sales initiatives.

🎙️ Participants had  the opportunity to hear about instances where AR teams have achieved alignment with research investments and the objectives of their sales teams.

What questions does the event answer for participants?

  • How can AR teams better utilize their existing research memberships to drive value for their sales organization?
  • How can AR professionals better communicate the link between research and competitiveness and growth initiatives?
  • How can AR teams shape the discussion with their sales organization on how to leverage the value from research?

Meet the Presenters

Menzigian Katrina (1)
Vice President, Analyst Relations Engagement
Everest Group
Norton Molly
Global Client Director
Everest Group

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