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Impact Sourcing: Discovering Key Talent and Revitalizing Business Outcomes | Virtual Roundtable

Virtual Roundtable

Impact Sourcing: Discovering Key Talent and Revitalizing Business Outcomes

March 28, 2024 |
9:00 AM EDT | 6:30 PM IST

For the IT/BPS/GBS sectors, impact sourcing has become a key talent strategy, emerging from a niche pilot program to a transformative process for improved business results. This socially responsible process of outsourcing allows for greater inclusivity, with intentional hiring processes enabling those with more limited employment but great talent to develop their careers. From a corporate perspective, impact sourcing can surface the best talent and yield significant business value.

Join our virtual roundtable along with expert analysts and your peers and take part in a lively discussion about how to leverage impact sourcing as a secret spend weapon. In this open discussion, industry leaders will cover how to create a strong impact sourcing program with long-term sourcing ecosystem planning and success.

Participants will discuss:

  • Leveraging impact sourcing for innovation and business success with a well-defined roadmap
  • Key considerations to keep in mind while designing or scaling their impact sourcing program
  • Approaches for strategic integration of impact sourcing
  • Best practices to keep in mind
  • Measuring impact/success of impact sourcing programs with key metrics and reporting strategies 

Who should attend? 

  • Procurement and sustainability leaders
  • Category Managers
  • Sourcing managers
  • Supplier diversity program managers
  • Responsible and sustainable procurement teams 

Virtual Roundtable Guidelines 

The only price of admission is participation. Attendees should be prepared to share their experiences and be willing to engage in discourse. 

Participation is limited to enterprise leaders (no service providers). Everest Group will approve each attendance request to ensure an appropriate group size and mix of participants. The sessions are 90 minutes in duration and include introductions, a short presentation, and a facilitated discussion. 

Devisetty Susmitha
Senior Analyst
Everest Group
Hanjura Khushboo
Senior Analyst
Everest Group
Soni Rita B
Principal Analyst
Everest Group
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Impact Sourcing: Empowering Communities, Transforming Business, and Creating Long-term Impact | Webinar

oN-demand webinar

Impact Sourcing: Empowering Communities, Transforming Business, and Creating Long-term Impact

With the talent demand-supply gap continuing to persist globally, providers and enterprises are increasingly leaning on alternate talent acquisition channels and models to address their resourcing needs. Impact sourcing has emerged as a strong and effective option in the global services segment and has become a model of choice for many leading service providers globally.

Watch this webinar as our impact sourcing experts shed light on the successes and trends developing in the impact sourcing space. Participants got a view into the ecosystem of impact sourcing, how providers, buyers, industry bodies, governments, and NGOs are undertaking several of their own initiatives, and the results they are seeing.

What questions did the webinar answer for the participants?

  • How is the impact sourcing model continuously evolving the business case?
  • What are service providers doing to enhance the adoption of this model?
  • How are buyers responding to services delivered by impact workers?
  • What are the emerging trends in impact sourcing and what is the outlook?

Who should attend?

  • Impact sourcing providers
  • Talent and DE&I leaders
  • Sustainability leaders
  • Sourcing and procurement leaders
  • CPOs
  • Category managers
  • Supplier management leaders
Barjatya Aishwarya 1
Practice Director
Hota Sailesh
Practice Director
Soni Rita B
Principal Analyst, Impact Sourcing & Sustainability Research
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Pressing Global Issues and Solutions in Tech: Reflections on WEF Davos ’24 | LinkedIn Live


Pressing Global Issues and Solutions in Tech: Reflections on WEF Davos '24

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Wednesday, February 6, 2024.

Heads of state and governments, top business leaders, global institutions, and civil society convened at the World Economic Forum (WEF 2024) in Davos, Switzerland, on January 15-19, 2024, and discussed pressing global issues and how to act on them. 🌍

Climate change and economic inequity have been critical themes for Davos over the years, and this year’s event was expected to underscore sustainability themes, as well as the proactive role of emerging technologies, such as generative AI, in shaping a responsible future built on trust, collaboration, and sustainable development. 🌱🤝🔍

During this LinkedIn Live, we helped enterprises understand the key takeaways from the WEF annual meeting and the major trends in the climate and sustainability tech and services industry that are changing the marketplace in 2024.

During the event, we explored:

✅ What are leading global enterprises and global institutions doing to drive sustainability, and what’s working? 💡
✅ What are the key demand themes in the market that sustainability leaders across the globe are following to accelerate their path to net zero?
✅ What are the key trends shaping technology and the services market for climate and sustainability?

Meet The Presenters

Practice Director
Everest Group
Soni Rita B
Principal Analyst
Everest Group
Marisa Zalabak
Applied AI Lead
The Digital Economist
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Navigating the Summit: Tech’s Role in Achieving the World Economic Forum’s 2024 Vision | Blog

Technology stands at the forefront in realizing Davos 2024’s vision of “Rebuilding Trust.” By providing innovative strategies and solutions, the technology sector can help address cybersecurity, job creation, artificial intelligence, and climate challenges. For a preview of the critical topics that world leaders will address at the annual event, read on.

As we stand on the precipice of a new year, the global community is gearing up for the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting in Davos. This pivotal event from Jan. 15-19 brings together leaders from across industries to collectively address the world’s most pressing challenges.

In 2024, the spotlight is on “Rebuilding Trust,” with a focus on restoring collective agency and reinforcing fundamental principles of transparency, consistency, and accountability among leaders. Let’s take a glimpse into the themes that will shape the conversations at Davos. Also, see this LinkedIn Live, Pressing Global Issues and Solutions in Tech: Reflections on WEF Davos ’24, for key takeaways from the WEF annual meeting and major trends in the climate and sustainability tech and services industry that are changing the marketplace in 2024.

The 2024 theme: Rebuilding trust

The overarching theme for Davos 2024 underscores the critical need to rebuild trust in a world marked by fractures and uncertainties. The summit aims to catalyze actionable solutions that transcend borders and industries, placing businesses at the forefront of global collaboration.

Against this backdrop, the role of the technology and technology services sectors takes center stage, offering innovative strategies and solutions to address the following four subtopics outlined for this year’s summit:

  1. Achieving security and cooperation in a fractured world

In an era of geopolitical complexities, achieving security and cooperation is paramount. The technology sector, with its expertise in cybersecurity and collaborative technologies, has a unique role to play. Beyond safeguarding digital assets, tech can foster global cooperation through secure communication platforms and advanced analytics for early threat detection.

  1. Creating growth and jobs for a new era

For the technology services sector, the second subtopic hits close to home. The emphasis on creating growth and jobs in a new era aligns with impact sourcing, an inclusive talent strategy that empowers marginalized communities by providing them with meaningful employment opportunities. As we navigate an ever-evolving workforce landscape, technology can be a driving force in fostering inclusive economic growth.

  1. Artificial intelligence as a driving force for the economy and society

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has already transformed the technology and technology services sectors, and its impact is only poised to expand further. From personalizing training programs to enhancing productivity and offering expanded service offerings, AI is a linchpin in shaping the future of work. Davos provides an unparalleled platform to discuss responsible AI practices that prioritize ethical considerations and human-centric approaches.

  1. A long-term strategy for climate, nature, and energy

The urgency of addressing climate change has never been more evident. The technology sector is pivotal in developing sustainable solutions and innovative approaches to mitigate climate change’s impact. From energy-efficient technologies to data-driven insights for environmental conservation, tech leaders at Davos can forge a path toward a greener, more sustainable future.

As Everest Group anticipates the discussions at Davos, we recognize the transformative role that the technology and technology services sectors can play. By aligning with the summit’s themes and subtopics, the tech industry has the potential to contribute significantly to rebuilding trust and shaping a more inclusive, sustainable, and prosperous global future. for a LinkedIn Live conversation on Feb. 7 with analysts Arpita Dwivedi and Rita N. Soni, and tech expert Marisa Zalabak as we navigate the summit and bring you insights into the pivotal role of technology in achieving Davos 2024’s vision.

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