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What Are the Benefits and Barriers of Impact Sourcing in CXM? | LinkedIn Live


What Are the Benefits and Barriers of Impact Sourcing in CXM?

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Thursday, March 16, 2023.

Impact sourcing is an ethical outsourcing practice that intentionally focuses on maximizing societal and business outcomes ♻️. Over the years, we’ve witnessed growth in impact sourcing globally, specifically in customer experience management (CXM) by both traditional providers and impact sourcing specialists👥.

Impact sourcing delivers many benefits for workers, the communities around them, and businesses employing them; however, there are also barriers.

📢Watch this LinkedIn Live recording as our analysts and Global Mentorship Initiative CEO, Jon Browning, break down the benefits impact sourcing workers experience and the challenges businesses face when recruiting them.

Any organization interested in learning more about sustainability, environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives, and impact sourcing and is looking to get started with an initiative of their own should attend💻.

What questions does the event address?

✅ What are the key trends and drivers leading to impact sourcing demand?
✅ What are the key benefits of impact sourcing for providers and buyers of outsourcing services?
✅ What are some significant impact sourcing initiatives by traditional service providers and impact sourcing specialists?
✅ What are the recommendations for implementing impact sourcing and challenges faced by buyers and service providers?
✅ What is the future outlook of impact sourcing?Wa

Meet The Presenters

Sharma Nimish
Everest Group

Sustainability in the New Year: Follow Through on Resolutions for People and the Planet | Webinar


Sustainability in the New Year: Follow Through on Resolutions for People and the Planet

Sustainability has moved from the fringes to the center of strategic planning for CEOs worldwide. For this reason, we recently held a survey to learn how organizations are planning for sustainability in 2023 and uncover the top sustainability approaches and roadblocks.

Join this webinar as we deliver the survey results along with strategies and ESG best practices that incentivize and grow sustainability within the organization.

Quick poll results

Our speakers will also introduce Everest Group’s emerging philosophy for sustainability, which helps organizations remain aware of current conversations, opportunities, competitive advantages, and strategic decision-making.

Our speakers will discuss:

  • The newest trends for 2023 on sustainability
  • Sustainability planning challenges and how to address them
  • Our philosophy for sustainability and how organizations can embrace the business benefits and opportunities

Who should attend?

  • Chief sustainability officers
  • Chief diversity officers
  • Responsible supply chain leaders
  • Sustainable supply chain leaders
  • Actually everyone! ESG cuts across every function
Simonson Eric Refresh gray square
Managing Partner
Soni Rita Refresh gray square
Rita N. Soni
Principal Analyst, Impact Sourcing and Sustainability

Storage Vendors Look To Make Case for Sustainability | In The News

Energy costs are rising, and sustainability is all the rage. But storage vendors may struggle to convince customers to combat climate change during an economic downturn.

As one of the main elements of IT, storage often sits on the sidelines; that is its purpose. But it also uses a disproportionate amount of power. “[Vendors must] ensure that the technology is efficient [and] decreases overall power consumption while increasing performance and capacity,” says to Mukesh Ranjan, Analyst at Everest Group.

Read more in TechTarget.

Driving Larger-scale Adoption of Impact Sourcing from the Inside Out | VirtualRoundtable


Driving Larger-scale Adoption of Impact Sourcing from the Inside Out

December 8, 2022 |
9:00 AM EST | 7:30 PM IST

Impact sourcing allows businesses to find highly engaged and stable talent sources that deliver quality work with low attrition rates while simultaneously meeting their sustainability requirements and goals. As talent shortages continue to make headlines, businesses are aggressively turning to these non-traditional talent pools to find needed skills.

But what are the best tools and techniques to drive larger-scale adoption of impact sourcing both internally and externally?

Join this virtual roundtable and take part in conversations with our experts and your peers about how to grow impact sourcing in your organization, including:

  • What are the best strategies to drive larger-scale adoption of impact sourcing, and what are the barriers?
  • How are providers and GBS organizations advocating for the sourcing model internally?
  • How are buyers getting involved in the growth of impact sourcing?
  • What is the impact sourcing “Commitment to Action,” and how will joining it benefit your program?

Who should attend?

  • Chief sustainability officers
  • Sustainability leaders
  • Corporate social responsibility leaders
  • Workforce and talent strategy leaders
  • CHROs and heads of HR
  • GBS leaders
  • Heads of outsourcing
  • Global sourcing managers


Virtual Roundtable Guidelines

The only price of admission is participation. Attendees should be prepared to share their experiences and be willing to engage in discourse.

Participation is limited to enterprise leaders (no service providers). Everest Group will approve each attendance request to ensure an appropriate group size and mix of participants. The sessions are 90 minutes in duration and include introductions, a short presentation, and a facilitated discussion.

Sustainability and the CIO’s Office: A Powerful Connection | LinkedIn Live


Sustainability and the CIO’s Office: A Powerful Connection

View the event on LinkedIn, which was delivered live on Thursday, November 1, 2022.

What did sustainability look like from the CIO’s office? Everest Group was honored to have Niklas Sundberg, SVP and CIO at ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, joined us to answer this question ♻️.

Niklas is a leader in sustainable digital transformation and firmly believes in the diversity of people and the power of technology to positively change the world. He also recently authored a book presenting sustainability and its connection to the CIO’s office.

As a CIO himself, Niklas provided valuable insight into building an optimal sustainability strategy for 2023 💻.

Our speakers explored:
✅ How should CIOs view the sustainability puzzle?
✅ How can the diversity of people and power of technology strengthen your sustainability strategy?
✅ What were the best tips to optimize your sustainability strategy for 2023?

Meet the Presenters

Sustainable Moderation: The “Impact” of “Sourcing” on Trust & Safety | Webinar


Sustainable Moderation: The “Impact” of “Sourcing” on Trust & Safety

To ensure Trust and Safety in content moderation, human moderators must sift through egregious and non-egregious content to make sure that online platforms remain safe and suitable for us.

With the demand for this skill skyrocketing, it is now imperative that organizations look to emerging geographies to source talent. Sustainable sourcing practices in content moderation have never been more vital to ensuring Trust and Safety.

Join this webinar to hear how sustainable sourcing can impact content moderation, the importance of monitoring the wellbeing of human moderators in content moderation, and how these fit into Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) priorities for companies.

The webinar will answer key questions, including:

  • Why is there a need to think about sustainability principles in content moderation? How will this improve trust and safety?
  • How do sustainable sourcing practices impact content moderation?
  • Why is moderator wellbeing important for ESG policies for organizations?

Who should attend?

  • Head of Trust & Safety
  • Head of content moderation
  • CHROs and heads of HR
  • Sustainability leaders
  • Head of outsourcing
  • Global sourcing managers
  • BPO leaders

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