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Optimising Your Organisation with Intelligent Automation | Webinar

Automating business processes is the new normal. Companies must ride this wave of modernization or get left behind. Even though automation talent is in short supply, there are opportunities for office workers to learn about Intelligent Automation (IA,) upgrade their skills, and get access to a host of emerging career opportunities.

As part of the Women in Technology series, in this webinar, Sarah Burnett will provide an overview of IA technologies, their applications in business, the opportunities that they bring for office workers and businesses, IA use cases, and free sources of resources to get you started.


April 28, 13:30 – 14:30 BST

Who should attend and why?

  • Anyone who is interested in business process automation with IA and wants to explore the opportunities
  • Leaders who want to learn the fundamentals of IA; what they can automate in their enterprises and how
  • Office workers who want to understand career opportunities that IA brings

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Sarah Burnett


The UK’s Perfect Storm: Brexit, EU Workers Returning Home, IR35 Changes, and Coronavirus | Blog

Businesses in the UK are facing a spate of challenges; there’s the specter of new Brexit-driven red tape on trade, a staffing shortage as some EU workers are returning to their home countries, and UK changes to the IR35 contract worker tax legislation, which is making it very difficult for companies to hire contractors. A Coronavirus pandemic could be the final straw that breaks businesses’ backs. Let’s face it – there is a perfect storm ahead.

With Brexit and the EU trade negotiations still going on, there is little certainty about the red tape that businesses will face in order to trade with each other across the English Channel. Yet, with the transition period set to end on 31 December 2020, there is little time for businesses to prepare for whatever the new trade requirements may ultimately be.

Because adherence to the as yet unclear regulations will increase businesses’ workloads, a natural response would be to hire more staff. But unemployment is at record low, and many skilled EU workers are leaving the UK and returning to their home countries. Furthermore, the UK Office of National Statistics (ONS) reports that EU immigration to the UK is at an all-time low.

The HMRC’s new IR35 rules, which come into effect in April 2020, are exacerbating the problem. Many companies have had to adopt no-contractor hiring policies and cannot fill temporary vacancies. They are already feeling the impact of the regulation. If they can’t hire staff or contractors, where are companies going to find resources to handle the extra workload of trade red tape?

Additionally, widespread cases of the Coronavirus could lead to prolonged periods of sick leave, further reducing the number of staff who are available to help with the increased workload of trading with the EU. While cases are still far and few between in the UK, the impact of the spread of the disease in China has been great. Empty offices and factories in Chinese cities and manufacturing heartlands are already leading to a shortage of parts for cars and other products that are much in demand in the UK.

Clearly, UK businesses are facing a perfect storm.

Investing in digital and Intelligent Automation (IA) technologies can help them tackle some red tape issues, particularly if they use IA for what I call Red Tape Automation (RTA). This could be automation of compliance form-filling and reporting requirements, weights and measure conversions, or making changes to transaction or product-related data and synchronizing them across multiple systems such as those used for sales and revenue to record value added taxes and other duties. Companies that trade with both EU and non-EU countries could automate the red tape for all of those, using rules engines to fill in the right forms and apply the correct rates.

IA is not a perfect solution, as people will be needed to implement technology, and there is a growing talent shortage. Nonetheless, UK businesses will be well served by investing in learning the art of the possible with IA. While the final details of any trade deals with the EU, or new deals with the rest of the world, will not be known for a while, knowing how to implement the requirements quickly using IA can help them weather the impending storm.

For more information about IA, please check out Everest Group’s Service Optimization Technologies research.

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Intelligent Automation Week Chicago 2019 – August 5-8 | Event

Intelligent Automation Week Chicago 2019 conference in Chicago is the leading event in RPA, Cognitive Intelligence, and AI bringing together hundreds of executives spanning multiple functional areas such as shared services, IT, process improvement, operations and more. This year’s event will cover a wide gamut of Intelligent Automation technologies including RPA, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive, and much more.

The program includes deep-dive and interactive Workshops, informative Case Studies, stimulating Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs), and supplementary track sessions.

Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst Sarah Burnett will present a session titled, “Unlocking the Power of MultiFormat Data,” featuring exclusive Insights from Everest Group’s Ground-Breaking Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Playbook.


August 5-8, 2019


Sheraton Grand Chicago


Sarah Burnett will be speaking at the event.

Learn more about the event

Intelligent Automation Exchange — June 11-12 | Event

Chief Research Guru Michel Janssen will be a featured speaker at the 2019 Intelligent Automation Exchange held on June 11-12 in Miami, Florida.  Michel will join other leading industry experts on a panel to discuss what enterprises need to know about pursuing successful digital transformation in a session titled “Stay Ahead of The Future of Work: How to Buy Digital”.

Session description

Specific key topics to be discussed include:

  • Examining digital transformation beyond simple robotic process automation to identify what your layers of digital should look like
  • Assessing the tools and technologies your enterprise will need to drive digital transformation
  • Reviewing and optimizing your processes and fueling demand for greater process intelligence and insights
  • Investigating what your digital transformation toolbox requires to stay ahead of the future of work


June 12, 2019 (9:00 a.m.)


Intercontinental Miami


Michel Janssen, Chief Research Guru, Everest Group

Learn more about the event

Intelligent Automation to Replace RPA, Suggests AntWorks | In the News

Intelligent automation, it’s meant to be the next big thing in automation, at least that was the gist of what AntWorks told analysts, press and customers at an extravagance in London, recently. They likened themselves to a tortoise, winning the RPA race over the hair, talked about an elephant in the room, and boasted that they have moved RPA up a gear.

Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Everest Group, said: “We all want automation of business processes to be easier, and we want to automate more of them. Antworks with AntsteinSquare is aiming to address these requirements: one integrated platform for multi-format data ingestion and processing, a lo- or no-code environment, an integrated stack, and more.”

Read more in Information Age

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