Infosys Confluence — October 23-24 | Event

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Research EVP and distinguished analyst Sarah Burnett will chair a panel at the 2018 Infosys EMEA Confluence held on October 23-24 in Rome, Italy. The panel will focus the impact of digital transformation on business process management and customer experience.

Digital transformation with deep domain, process and the latest technology, can create robust and innovative solutions to provide the ultimate customer experience. How can the next generation BPM get amplified in this new era of digital revolution? You’ll hear perspectives from some of the very best in the business.

About the Event

Confluence is all about helping enterprises navigate from where they are to where they aspire to be. The digital revolution, cascading across every industry, is redefining our expectations as consumers, and enabling disruptive market offerings. And by extension, traditional business models are giving way to digital business models. Enterprises need new and intelligent systems to be built with next-generation technologies. And they need the right talent, the right partner to help them through that journey.


October 24, 2018


Rome Cavalieri
Rome, Italy


Sarah Burnett, Executive Vice President and Distinguished Analyst, Everest Group

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Infosys’s Contract Wins Zoom in July-September Quarter | In the News

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Infosys appears to have just concluded one of its best quarters in a long time, and coming as it does after the previous relatively good three months, it indicates that the company is getting its positive rhythm back under CEO Salil Parekh.

Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of IT advisory Everest Group,said Infosys’s improved performance is due to two factors — the first, a favourable economic environment in which digital transformation is unlocking large amounts of capital for IT projects, and the second, improved execution from Infosys.

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Analysts See Infosys’ Digital Deals Hovering around $35 Million | In the News

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Infosys’ digital deals remain small at $20-35 million as large contracts such as those won by Tata Consultancy Services and Wipro remain elusive, say analysts, attributing this primarily to smaller gains from its new technology platforms.

The company won $1.1 billion worth of deals in the fiscal first quarter ended June, but a majority of these were to build and maintain applications for clients, an area in which Infosys has built expertise over three decades. Infosys has not disclosed the sizes of its digital deals. TCS won its first $50 millionplus digital deal in the October-December quarter. Overall, the company secured five long-term deals worth more than $5.5 billion early this year, with nearly half of the work involving digital-technology based services.

“What we are seeing, to a large extent, is that Infosys is focusing on digital implementation deals that tend to be in the $25-40 million range,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, chief executive of Everest Group, a global IT research firm and advisory. “They do not seem to be landing the mega deals… they don’t have the (intellectual property) platforms that TCS has and they are not leveraging their balance sheets as HCL (Technologies) and Wipro do.”

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Former Staffer Files Lawsuit against Infosys | In the News

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Bangalore-based tech major Infosys is embroiled in a fresh lawsuit in the US. Anuj Kapoor, a former Infosys employee of the company, who worked on a project for CVS Health Corporation, a retail pharmacy and healthcare company based in Rhode Island, filed a suit against Infosys in June, alleging the company made him work more than 1,000 hours of overtime without any remuneration.

As per Peter Bendor-Samuel CEO of Everest Group, “Overtime is paid for hourly workers, salaried workers do not get overtime. Most of the employees of lead IT firms would qualify as salaried and hence not qualify for overtime. The type of hours described here makes me think that this and the other roles were in programing or system integration. Typically these roles are seen as salaried. There has been some move by labour unions to characterise these as hourly, but to date it has achieved little traction. I would note that in this case the Indian firms are well inside generally accepted industry practices and any change by the courts to this would impact all US firms.’’

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Did Infosys CFO Exit over Financial Strategy Differences? | In the News

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Infosys CFO MD Ranganath’s recent resignation took almost all by surprise — employees, clients and investors. The impact was such that the stock fell by over 3 per cent on the first day of trading after the news broke.

This led to conjecture — some wild, some prosaic – on what could have triggered the exit. The man in question is not speaking and neither is the company. The official position is that it is an amicable separation with the CFO staying for three months to help with transition and with ‘Ranga’, as he’s popularly called, quitting to pursue other opportunities, having been with Infosys for 18 years.

Everest Group CEO Peter Bendor-Samuel said, Infosys is on the horns of a dilemma with market and internal expectations to maintain their extraordinary margins while leading the industry in growth.

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Infosys Creates a Unit to Respond to Call of the Telecom Billions | In the News

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Infosys chief executive Salil Parekh has carved out a separate business that will increase focus on telecom companies that look to leverage their network and subscriber base to transform themselves as content providers and retain their customers.

“The communications services segment is poised for strong growth over the next few years and will likely emerge as a strategic segment in which strong performance will be essential,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel, chief executive, Everest Group, a global IT research and advisory firm. He added that implementation of 5G networks itself would be a big opportunity, which will only increase with the convergence of “telecom and media”.

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Infosys draws up a 4-pillar plan to meet clients’ needs | In the News

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With its four-pillar strategy that pivots around “Digital”, Infosys is refocussing on its client’s needs and has chosen to shift away from products, which was Vishal Sikka’s legacy.

At its fourth-quarter results announcement, CEO Salil Parekh revealed the final contours of a four-pillar strategy, which to a lot of industry watchers had resembled predecessor Sikka’s gameplan.


So, what has changed? Jimit Arora, Partner, Everest Group, explained that as part of the strategy review, the leadership has been decisive in terms of what aligns with Agile Digital. In this regard, Skava and Panaya were not fitting in strategy and hence being divested. This clear articulation of what the company seeks going forward seems to have convinced industry watchers.

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Infosys abandons annual strategy session STRAP | In the News

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Infosys will not be holding its annual strategy brainstorming session Strap (strategy, action and planning) this year. Instead, new CEO Salil Parekh has chosen to make it an ongoing exercise with a smaller group of internal leaders.

Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of IT consulting firm Everest Group, believes Parekh is trying to set his stamp on the organization. “He is also committed to avoiding the division and acrimony which has been the recent hallmark of Infosys. Hence he is attempting a more low key approach to internal communications and the canceling of Strap is one such example,” he says.

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Under Salil Parekh, Infosys looks for clarity on growth strategy | In the News

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Infosys may offer clarity on growth strategies this week as the company gears up to announce its results for the first quarter under new CEO Salil Parekh. The Bengaluru-headquartered software services exporter will announce October-December quarter results on January 12. While equity analysts foresee a muted growth for Infosys in a seasonally weak quarter, they will keenly look forward to Parekh and management’s commentary on future growth drivers and articulate on status of the digital transformation journey at the $10.2-billion company.

While commentary on those decisions are important, the company’s revenue share from software plus services and platforms will, analysts say, be key to set the focus areas for management under Parekh. Peter Bendor Samuel, CEO at global IT research firm Everest Group, has broadly underlined the prospective strategies Parekh may look at.

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Infosys Welcomes New CEO Salil Parekh From Jan 2 | In the News

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The newly appointed Infosys CEO and MD, Salil Parekh takes charge today as the Indian IT major aims to create a positive work culture, revive growth and boost revenue under his aegis.

It will be interesting to look out for whether Parekh strategizes on any ambitious revenue and margin target, something Sikka could not establish. “It will be important that he should not over promise on growth or margins when he does this. A major problem of past Infosys leadership has been setting unrealistic expectations at a time of industry change. He will need flexibility on margins as he builds the new digital Infosys and flexibility on growth as the new digital business cannibalizes the legacy book of business,” ET quoted Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO of Everest Group, as saying.

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