Did Infosys CFO Exit over Financial Strategy Differences? | In the News

Infosys CFO MD Ranganath’s recent resignation took almost all by surprise — employees, clients and investors. The impact was such that the stock fell by over 3 per cent on the first day of trading after the news broke.

This led to conjecture — some wild, some prosaic – on what could have triggered the exit. The man in question is not speaking and neither is the company. The official position is that it is an amicable separation with the CFO staying for three months to help with transition and with ‘Ranga’, as he’s popularly called, quitting to pursue other opportunities, having been with Infosys for 18 years.

Everest Group CEO Peter Bendor-Samuel said, Infosys is on the horns of a dilemma with market and internal expectations to maintain their extraordinary margins while leading the industry in growth.

Read more in The Times of India


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