Former Staffer Files Lawsuit against Infosys | In the News

Bangalore-based tech major Infosys is embroiled in a fresh lawsuit in the US. Anuj Kapoor, a former Infosys employee of the company, who worked on a project for CVS Health Corporation, a retail pharmacy and healthcare company based in Rhode Island, filed a suit against Infosys in June, alleging the company made him work more than 1,000 hours of overtime without any remuneration.

As per Peter Bendor-Samuel CEO of Everest Group, “Overtime is paid for hourly workers, salaried workers do not get overtime. Most of the employees of lead IT firms would qualify as salaried and hence not qualify for overtime. The type of hours described here makes me think that this and the other roles were in programing or system integration. Typically these roles are seen as salaried. There has been some move by labour unions to characterise these as hourly, but to date it has achieved little traction. I would note that in this case the Indian firms are well inside generally accepted industry practices and any change by the courts to this would impact all US firms.’’


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