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Accenture drives digi-innovations via worker seed funds, small acquisitions | In the News

The United States -based information technology firm Accenture Plc has started funding innovative ideas from employees on emerging technologies to drive faster growth in the digital segment. Aggressive innovation moves such as $2,000 for best ideas can outweigh Indian peers in gaining digital revenue.

The IT major has received 13,700 ideas from employees of its Indian technology delivery centres on digital technologies such as design thinking, machine learning (ML) and the best ones are being implemented for its customers across India and global markets. The two key themes for these ideas were disruptive businesses and Digital India.

Accenture has started offering $2,000 for 40-50 shortlisted ideas to turn them into prototypes.

“What sets them (Accenture) apart from their Indian competitors are not the programs, which companies such as Wipro, TCS and Infosys have also adopted and in some instances been even more aggressive, but when the early lead they gained by being the first mover and establishing industry credibility from this early mover role. The second big thing they have done is that they are far more aggressive in buying digital firms, which bring with them the IP and innovations,” said Peter Bendor-Samuel.

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Enterprise Sourcing Executives, Everest Group to Gather July 21 in NYC to Share Insights on Unlocking Outsourcing Value | Press Release

Second event in “On Point | Summit Series 2016” to feature Rod Bourgeois of DeepDive Equity Research; topics will include sourcing models, next-generation IT, and contracting for business outcomes.

The global outsourcing industry has matured into a slower growth pattern, but strategic outsourcing solutions can still add dramatically more and different value to organizations. Discovering the keys to unlocking this outsourcing value will be the focus of the day as enterprise sourcing executives and senior leaders gather in New York City on July 21 at the On Point Summit to network and share insights on optimizing their global sourcing strategies.

The half-day summit—hosted by Everest Group and themed “Succeeding in Outsourcing 4.0: Imperatives for Strategic Sourcing Executives”—is a forum designed for enterprise attendees to learn from each other and featured industry experts and leading practitioners.

Special guest speaker, Rod Bourgeois, head of research and consulting at DeepDive Equity Research, will present, “What are the Winning Models? An Investor’s View.”

“We launched the ‘On Point | Summit Series 2016’ because our clients and others in the industry wanted a safe forum where they could exchange ideas with peers and engage with us in person,” said Eric Simonson, managing partner – research at Everest Group. “Based on feedback from our first event, our format of intimate interaction with peers, an opportunity to hear provocative thought leaders, and a chance to have detailed discussions with us on key issues is exactly what these business leaders are looking for. The takeaways from the event offer an excellent ROI on the time invested.”

The July 21 agenda will feature a panel of leading outsourcing practitioners who will engage participants in a lively discussion about incorporating next-generation capabilities into outsourcing solutions. Other highlights will include “Bring Your Own Topic” (BYOT) roundtable discussions and insights on contracting for business outcomes, offered by Everest Group.

Everest Group hosts for the event include Simonson; Jimit Arora, partner and leader of IT services – research; and Sarthak Brahma, vice president, pricing assurance – research.

This is the second installment of Everest Group’s by-invitation-only “On Point | Summit Series 2016.”  The first event, held in May, focused on emerging technology and talent trends in the banking, financial services and insurance industry. Guests enjoyed active dialogue with peers, insights from Everest Group research analysts, and a presentation by guest speaker, Chitra Dorai, IBM fellow and CTO of cognitive services, who shared her thoughts on “Cognitive Computing for Process Re-imagination in Financial Services.”

The third event in the “On Point | Summit Series 2016” will be held in October. Everest Group recently announced that, due to popular demand, the “On Point | Summit Series” will be extended with a full slate of events in 2017.

***Learn more and request to attend the July 21 event in the “On Point | Summit Series 2016” here. (Enterprise companies only; no service providers.)

Everest Group Experts to Headline “Go Digital or Die” Event for CIOs | Press Release

Taking the message a step further, Everest Group cites recent research in warning, “No DevOps, No Digital.”

No longer a peripheral facilitator of business operations, technology must now be at the heart of every enterprise. It is time to “go digital or die,” according to Everest Group, a consulting and research firm focused on strategic IT, business services and sourcing. To become truly digital, enterprises need to develop a holistic applications and infrastructure strategy, with DevOps as the pivotal enabler.

Everest Group experts Sarah Burnett, vice president, and Eric Simonson, managing partner, will discuss these findings at an exclusive event, “Go Digital or Die,” to be co-hosted by Professional Outsourcing magazine and Nasscom on June 23 in London.

Burnett and Simonson will join R. Chandrashekhar, Nasscom president, in discussing technology from the capital point of view, disruptive technology, and making the digital transition.

***More information about this exclusive networking dinner and presentation at the Royal Horse Guards Parade Hotel is available here.***

According to Everest Group’s Application & Digital Services research conducted in Q1 2016, over three-fourths of enterprises believe in leveraging digital technologies to achieve competitive differentiation.

“Enterprises that embrace digital adoption are using technology to create new business, not just enable it. For example, enterprises are discovering how IoT and mobility can dramatically improve user experiences, which is unlike the traditional role of technology for driving efficiencies in back-office operations,” said Yugal Joshi, practice director and lead on the recently published report, “Application Services – Annual Report 2016: ‘No DevOps No Digital.’”

“Digital enterprises are those that employ emerging technologies throughout the enterprise—across internal and market-facing operations,” continued Joshi. “This requires an integrated applications and operations strategy with DevOps as its pivotal element.”

Everest Group also reports that though enterprises are keen to adopt DevOps principles, most organizations struggle with them and require hand-holding on their journey. Nevertheless, this has not resulted in higher engagement with service providers, as enterprises themselves are scaling up their portfolio to meet this demand.

Other Key Takeaways from Application Services Annual Report

  • Enterprises have begun adopting Agile and DevOps principles by themselves. However, they are struggling with scaling up their pilot projects to an enterprise-wide adoption.
  • Many enterprises already have adopted Agile approaches in the application development and testing phases of the lifecycle and are now experimenting with ways to integrate the crucial operations phase to embark on a truly DevOps journey.
  • While in some cases enterprises lack executive leadership commitment to institute cultural change, in other cases, enterprises overemphasize technology without getting the pre-requisite peripherals in place.
  • The Application Services market grew by approximately 5 percent in 2015, higher than the overall IT services industry growth of 3 percent.
  • Demand for consulting services spiked in the last year, driven primarily by enterprise adoption of digital technologies.
  • Anti-incumbency is gaining traction among buyers as they are increasingly seeking newer engagement constructs.
  • The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) segment led overall deal activity with 26 percent share. Healthcare and life sciences enterprises increased their spending proportion to 14 percent share.
  • As for the outlook for 2016-2017, Everest Group predicts that digital adoption will continue to witness increased traction, but the bulk of enterprise spending will be on traditional application services that take up the majority of legacy application portfolios. Application services will begin to take up a slightly larger share of the market as demand for digital technologies and connected systems will necessitate development of ecosystems across multiple channels.

***Publication-Quality Graphics***

High-resolution graphics illustrating the key takeaways from the “Application Services – Annual Report 2016: ‘No DevOps No Digital’” may be included in news coverage, with attribution to Everest Group. Graphics include:

  • No DevOps No Digital
  • Signs of anti-incumbency in Application Services deals
  • Consulting scope rising in Application Services deals
  • Application services deal sizes see deep decline

Download graphics here.

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