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Helping sourcing and vendor management leaders – category managers, vendor managers, and business leaders – unlock value from outsourcing.

Comprehensive live deal pricing insights to help you track trends, manage your transactions, and negotiate optimized contracts.
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Our Pinnacle Model® analyses quantify performance and identify the leading organizations’ outcomes and capabilities, which enable you to assess your strategic outsourcing and benchmark against peers.

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Our PEAK Matrix® reports provide evaluations of service providers’ market impact, vision, and capability that provides the insights you need to make critical decisions about global services providers, products, and solutions.


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Building Effective Category Strategies

Amy Fong, Vice President

Category management is complex. Learn how our research can help you design an effective strategy in this video series.


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Data, insights, and benchmarks

For those with the resources and skills to advance their journeys, yet would benefit from external intelligence and expertise to inform their strategies.

Strategic workshops

For those who need an intense effort to develop a strategy or make a decision in an accelerated period of time.

Guided execution

For those who can design and drive their journey but need consistent support in advancing outcomes.

08 13 2024 Mitigating Supplier Risks JOINUS 1200x628

Mitigating Supplier Risks: The Power of Advanced Tools and Technologies

05-02-2024_Sourcing Leaders’ Key Priorities_GTP_1200x628

Sourcing Leaders’ Key Priorities: Accelerating Growth Through Global Services

02-27-24_Decoding Supplier Relationship Management Technologies_GTP_1200x628

Decoding Supplier Relationship Management Technologies: What Are the Best-in-Class Functionalities and Features?

Supplier Diversity

Adding Diverse Outsourcing Partners to Global Services Categories: Why Supplier Diversity Matters


Driving Social Transformation: The Power of Impact Sourcing on India’s Rural Economy

software defined

How a Recession Will Affect Software-defined Operating Platforms

Scenarios in Which a Hybrid Copilot Strategy Might Make Sense for Enterprises
Market Insights™

Scenarios in Which a Hybrid Copilot Strategy Might Make Sense for Enterprises

European Languages Availability Across the Globe 1 1024x536 1
Market Insights™

European Languages Availability Across the Globe

Applications of the Metaverse in Healthcare Services
Market Insights™

Applications of the Metaverse in Healthcare Services

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Application Services in 2021: Rate Hikes, Productized DevOps and More?

Webinar image

5 New Ways to Drive Strategic Results from Procurement Outsourcing


Trends in Rising Prices Affecting Companies Using Third-party Services

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