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Introduction to Everest Group’s Pinnacle Model™

What measures do organizations use to determine the impact of their IT, business services, and shared services functions? Two of the most prominent: achievement of strategic business objectives and increased value

Recently Completed Pinnacle Model™ Analyses

Enterprise Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Adoption

Can a robot replace a human? In some cases, absolutely yes. And many pundits suggest we are just beginning. But where does the hype diverge from reality?


Digital Maturity in  GICs

The rise of next-generation technologies, such as mobility, analytics, cloud, automation, and other enabling technologies, offers GICs a unique opportunity to drive their enterprises’ digital agendas.


Digital Transformation Readiness

Your IT organization must be ready to reinvent the enterprise through digital technology that dramatically alters their customers’ experience and their business processes. To do so requires first a reinvention of the IT organization itself.


Understand what drives top performance in Pinnacle Enterprises™

Our Pinnacle Model research identifies and details what the best, or Pinnacle, enterprises are doing to achieve outstanding outcomes.

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Know your position versus other organizations

Our Pinnacle Model analyses help organizations gain deep insights into where they are on the path to realizing strategic objectives and increasing holistic value.

Leverage the research findings and analysis to support decision-making and planning

By detailing what the best – Pinnacle Enterprises™ – are doing, these performance studies help you define and customize a journey from your current position to where you want to go. The insights that you’ll gain will help you:

  • Prioritize where to invest your time and resources for the greatest speed to impact
  • Accelerate your change journey – whether that means incremental change or broad transformation
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Methodology & Output

Our Pinnacle Model analyses go far beyond dots plotted on a chart. We understand and believe that executives need relevant context to make informed decisions that result in short- and long-term success.


In our analysis of input from executives from leading Fortune 1000 companies, we compare outcomes to associated capabilities – detailing implications, priorities, and trade-offs.


Our Pinnacle Model analyses, which include standard and customized versions:


  • Provide insights into the key enablers to achieve success
  • Highlight alignment with business outcomes – beyond cost
  • Detail insights for developing a differentiated strategy

Enterprise Digital Adoption

Implementing a digital strategy is important to stay competitive in today’s market, but many organizations do not have a well-defined, cross-enterprise digital investment strategy; our analysis explains the key investment areas


Enterprise RPA Adoption

While Robotic Process Automation (RPA) adoption is still new to many, some enterprises have developed a combination of differentiated capabilities that has produced superior outcomes; this analysis describes the essential capability areas for RPA


Digital Maturity in GICs

As Global In-house Centers (GICs) face increasing cost and margin pressures, digital leverage is vital to their ability to thrive and drive value in their organizations; this research reveals the essential capability differentiators for leading digital GICs


All Pinnacle Model™ Analyses

Understanding how an organization’s IT, business services, and shared services achieve strategic business objectives and increase value is key to accelerating their impact; our Pinnacle Model™ analyses offer insights into what the best-performing companies do


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