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Price Benchmarking

A simple comparison of your organization’s metrics to others in the market will reveal differences. But that's not enough. It's critical to understand why the metrics differ. To this end, our approach to price benchmarking is to drill down into the details to understand the whys, so you can take practical action.

Our industry-leading price benchmarking analysis helps clients benchmark prices and contracts for a wide array of services from contact center service IT to business processes. We utilize our leading analytics and expertise to uncover the drivers of pricing variations.

Price Benchmarking: How to Go Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg

The volatility of the global economy has made buyers cautious, and they want to squeeze every last cent from their outsourcing contracts. It has become increasingly important to focus on spend management and review supplier pricing to maximize outsourcing returns.

While standardized price benchmarking is good to understand if the existing/proposed rate cards align with the market, it does not address the underlying reasons behind the problem and may fail to provide a comprehensive solution.

Our price benchmarking insights highlight the importance of an overall contract assessment (Strategic Engagement Review) and underline the key pitfalls one may encounter while conducting a standalone price benchmarking project.

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Price Benchmarking: Cloud Benchmarking and Migration

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