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Price benchmarking support can vary depending on the outsourcing services of interest. In our experience, new and evolving services require customized price benchmarking support that often includes use cases, solutioning approaches, and delivery models for added context.

However, when the services in question already have a high level of maturity in the industry, organizations require access to price benchmarks that are best-in-class and contemporary, reflecting the latest trends in the market. Everest Group’s price benchmarking catalog is built on practical, forward-looking research and provides business leaders with a clear path forward, making it the preferred price benchmarking source for the industry’s leading organizations.

Price benchmarking catalog: industry’s most comprehensive repository of pricing and solution insights

Everest Group’s price benchmarking catalogs cover competitive market pricing for the most prominent locations across the globe across offshore, onshore and nearshore markets in North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America and Africa. They are available in four variants, covering IT Applications, IT Infrastructure, BPO and Cybersecurity services respectively. The catalog variants cover not just FTE rate benchmarks, but also have an extensive coverage of output based or transaction-based benchmarks such as price per minute of call, price per server managed, price per ticket resolved, etc.

Some of the additional features include:

  • A rich and comprehensive set of bolt-on analysis covering contemporary pricing and solutioning insights on key factors that impact outsourcing deal fees such as staffing pyramids, shoring ratios, effort ratios, contemporary SLA benchmarks, etc.
  • A bi-annual refresh cycle
  • Ongoing pricing SME access
  • Flexibility to choose between the full catalog or carve-out specific areas within any of the above variants (such as Contact Center Outsourcing benchmarks only within BPO catalog or Digital Workplace services only within the IT Infrastructure catalog)

Client Quote:

Having subscribed to Everest Group’s IT Infrastructure Price Catalog for 3+ years now, I can certainly say you guys are head and shoulders above any firm I have ever worked with” – Head of competitive pricing team at a Large Tier 1 Global system integration firm

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