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Contact Center Outsourcing Annual Report 2015: Incumbents Beware – There’s No Place for Complacency | Market Insights™

CCO Annaul 2015, I1

Signs of emerging anti-incumbency in Contact Center Outsourcing

CCO Annaul 2015, I2

Contact Center Outsourcing contract TCV is both shrinking and growing

CCO Annaul 2015, I3

Contrary to popular belief, the email channel in Contact Center Outsourcing is not dead

CCO Annaul 2015, I4

Adding value in Contact Center Outsourcing

CCO Annaul 2015, I5

3 indicators of the increasing preference for onshoring in contact center outsourcing

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Banking BPO Annual Report 2015 | Market Insights™

Banking BPO Annual 2015, I1

Banking BPO growth has been revitalized, driven by a wide variety of factors

Banking BPO Annual 2015, I2

North America spends the most on BPO, but the bulk of future growth is expected to come from Continental Europe and APAC

Banking BPO Annual 2015, I3

The impact of automation on Banking BPO

Judgement-intensive services rising in banking BPO

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Market Vista™ Q1 2015 | Market Insights™

MV Q1 2015, I1

Visa-related lawsuits may have significant impact on buyers and providers

MV Q1 2015, I2
Global outsourcing market activity trends, Q1 2015

MV Q1 2015, I3

Nearshore benefits continue to attract GICs as Europe overtook Asia for the first time in new center set-ups*, with approximately a third of all GIC activity

MV Q1 2015, I4

Central and Eastern Europe delivery center operating costs

MV Q1 2015, I5

Global Locations Risk and Opportunity Dashboard

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Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) – Market Report 2015 | Market Insights™

MCPO Annual 2015, I1

While North America and Europe are the largest markets, other regions are experiencing faster growth

MCPO Annual 2015, I2 />

Payroll outsourcing, traditionally single country in nature, is among the most mature outsourcing markets, standing in stark contrast to multi-country payroll

MCPO Annual 2015, I3

In addition to the key source geographies of North America and Western Europe, MCPO providers are present in emerging markets as both source geographies and for offshoring

MCPO providers are making significant investments in in-country capabilities, dashboards, and reporting capabilities

MCPO Annual 2015, I5

Multi-country payroll outsourcing (MCPO): Three principal categories of service providers

MCPO Annual 2015, I6

Among multi-country payroll outsourcing (MCPO) operating/technology models, integrated hybrid solutions are most common

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