Analyst Relations Newsletter Q1 2019: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Key highlights from recent custom research projects by Everest Group


Case #1: Competitive intelligence and identification of niche potential partnership / acquisition targets (D&A providers) for a large professional services provider

Client overview and background: Our client, a leading global professional services provider, wanted to understand the competitive landscape in the Data & Analytics (D&A) space, and to strategize its investment priorities. Specifically, the provider wanted to identify innovation in the D&A space, driven by niche system integrators operating in the data management and data compliance space, to plan its partnership/acquisition strategy.

Everest Group’s approach: We employed a comprehensive and structured approach to develop a thorough competitive landscape and detailed profiles of the niche system integrators. We assessed competitors on their services portfolio, market presence, investments and partnerships, talent investments, market messaging, and value proposition. The assessment resulted in detailed assessments of niche system integrators based on the client’s parameters.

Ultimately, we provided recommendations on the suggested approach (“bolt-on” vs. “string of pearls”) and key targets for partnership/acquisition. The client used the analysis and recommendations to strategize its investment priorities.

Case #2: Identification of high potential analytics use cases to shape a D&A go-to-market strategy

Client overview and background: Our client, a global provider of IT/BPO services, including digital, technology, consulting, and operations services, wanted to assess the opportunities available in the D&A market to help it to shape its go-to-market strategy. The client sought to identify high potential analytics use cases in Finance & Accounting, Healthcare, Contact Center, and Banking and Financial Services segments based on market attractiveness/opportunity and alignment to their overall strategy/vision.

Everest Group’s approach: Everest Group employed a comprehensive and structured approach to assess D&A market attractiveness and identify potential use cases:

  • Provided an overview of the D&A market and service provider landscape in the identified segments to help our client to build a business case
  • Built a list of analytics use cases in the identified horizontals/verticals and conducted relative assessments of each use case based on its current market opportunity, future potential, applicability to different customer segments, competition play, and business impact
  • Shortlisted and prioritized 30 high potential use cases across segments based on market attractiveness and alignment to the client’s vision

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