Analyst Relations Newsletter Q2 2019: Key Highlights from Custom Research

Key highlights from recent custom research projects by Everest Group

Case #1: A large U.S.-based health insurance payer needed help in building an internal business case to seek funding for a new IT platform.

Everest Group’s approach: We took a two-pronged approach to the project:

  • Developed a framework to correlate investments in platform modernization with business, operational, and cost impact
  • Conducted peer assessment research to compare our client’s maturity with a select group of industry peers. We assessed the client and 12 other health insurers on the parameters identified and created a strong case for impact through investments

Our client realized a couple of key benefits from the research. First, the information helped the client to assess, compare, and benchmark its investments and the impact created. Second, using the information we provided, we identified gap areas, quantified differences from peers, and suggested a concrete road map for future investments.

Case #2: A leading U.S.-based healthcare services vendor engaged us to identify a select group of health systems and build account-specific insights not only enhance their understanding of each health system but to identify their propensity to adopt the vendor’s analytics-based value proposition.

Everest Group’s approach: We developed an account prioritization model to assess 4,000+ hospitals and 500+ health systems, which we down-selected to 15 based on five criteria and the vendor’s inputs. From there, we conducted deeper analysis to understand the extent each health system’s investment in value-based care, including the existing technology landscape, underlying infrastructure, value-based initiatives, and relationships with other vendors and/or service providers. With that information, we evaluated each account on six parameters/factors to determine which accounts were most amenable to adopting analytics.

The benefits for our client included the identification of account-specific insights for each potential opportunity and several detailed approaches to each account including account-specific explicit need, a CXO-level talk track, and/or account-specific investments.

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