Service Optimization Technologies

Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Cognitive, Analytics, and other technologies are transforming how services are delivered

Domain expertise in pricing, locations, GICs and service delivery technologies

Service Delivery Automation and More

Organizations are looking for step-change improvements in service delivery to create additional efficiencies, but also to enhance service quality and capabilities. Robotic Process Automation, Cognitive tools, and others are now providing great promise – but what can they truly deliver?

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Our Service Optimization Technology (SOT) subscription offering provides ongoing analysis of the adoption of new automation technologies and profiles of the leading players. Access to reports and our analysts is available as an annual subscription



Everest Group helps you benchmark global services


Our industry-leading analysis can help you benchmark how service delivery economics and performance are impacted by automation and other technologies





Education, Assessments and More

As organizations look to adopt emerging service optimization technologies, we can assist in a range of ways. Need to help educate stakeholders on the art of the possible? Wanting to select the tools or vendors which best fit your needs? Seeking to understand best practices from leading adopters? We can help



Strategy, Execution & Optimization

Everest Group’s consulting practice provides clients with services to achieve major performance breakthroughs in the following key areas:

  • Strategy: Insight to help clients conceive and devise plans that achieve performance breakthroughs
  • Execution: Driving insight to action – with speed to impact and thought to repercussions
  • Optimization: Insight and grit to guide you in unleashing your company’s value


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