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Locations and Workforce Strategy 2024: Insights, Trends, and Key Priorities

What crucial insights from last year can locations and workforce strategy leaders apply to 2024, and what will be the critical priorities this year and beyond?

In this webinar, our experts explored the anticipated trends shaping 2024’s workforce and locations strategies. We discussed the impact of geopolitical and macroeconomic changes on locations, as well as the potential future direction of shoring strategies.

Attendees gathered beneficial insights into strategic workforce decision-making for 2024 and ongoing, with a focus on methodologies for creating an optimized, balanced locations portfolio.

What questions did the webinar answer for the participants?

  • What are the key learnings from 2023 in the locations and workforce strategy space?
  • What are the top strategic priorities for locations and workforce strategy heads in 2024?
  • Which locations offer untapped talent potential?
  • How can locations and workforce strategy leadership leverage key trends for 2024 to achieve an optimal locations portfolio?

Who should attend?

  • Location strategy heads
  • Workforce strategy heads
  • Delivery heads
  • GBS strategy heads
  • Global sourcing heads
  • CHROs
  • HR heads
  • SVM teams
Jain Parul
Vice President
Everest Group
Kumar Sumit
Practice Director
Everest Group
Kumar Santhosh
Aniruddha edited

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