Unlocking digital workplace opportunities in 2023

I have a great respect for incremental improvement, and I’ve done that sort of thing in my life, but I’ve always been attracted to the more revolutionary changes.” – Steve Jobs

As we step into 2023, we are witnessing an age of disruption, from high inflation in developed countries and tech giants facing recession to ChatGPT-led technology transformation. It is time to embrace these disruptions and convert them into opportunities for revolutionary digital workplace changes.

At Everest Group, we are excited to guide you forward on your digital journey with practical insights and the latest data that will help you “Unlock Digital Workplace Opportunities in 2023.” Our experts will share their market recommendations and top digital workplace predictions to answer questions such as, what is the roadmap to XLA-adoption, how can organizations create sustainable digital workplaces, and will investment in the metaverse create value for businesses? Join us as we explore the future of the digital workplace together. Watch our social channels for more insights into the digital workplace. #digitalworkplace #workplacetransformation #futureofwork #workplace2023

Shift resilience based value based workplace

ChatGPT to kickstart the Virtual Agents Era 2.0

Buzz around the large language model-based virtual agent, ChatGPT, is inescapable, and it seems as if it will soon solve everything from world peace to overcoming procrastination. If you have been wondering the same, then join us in this exciting first episode of our video series, “Unlocking Digital Workplace Opportunities in 2023.” This episode will leave you informed, provoked, and inspired to think about the future possibilities with virtual agents in workplace. 

Metaverse frenzy calms down

Attention viewers, the metaverse hype train is slowing down and we’re heading into the reality station. But fear not, as there’s a silver lining: industry-specific use cases are finally taking center stage! Forget about dancing avatars and virtual real estate, we’re talking about real, tangible value being created in the Metaverse. Join us as we dive intro true potential of Metaverse-based solutions and use cases.

Workplace Communication and Collaboration (WCC): Enabling Employee Engagement and Belongingness with Metaverse Adoption | Report

Charting the XLA journey

If you’re associated with employee experience in any way, you would have likely come across the term – Experience level agreements (XLAs), which has taken the world of employee experience by storm. Despite the hype around XLAs, it is still marred with a lot of confusion, with many of us not knowing enough to fully take advantage of them. If this sounds familiar to you, then join us for the 3rd episode of ‘Unlocking Digital Workplace Opportunities in 2023’ where we connect the dots and discuss about the immense possibilities that XLAs hold. 

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